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29 October 2006

14 Year Old Assyrian Boy Decapitated By Muslim Group

medium_handschar-emblems_1.jpg(AINA) -- According to the Assyrian website ankawa.com, a 14 year old Christian Assyrian boy, Ayad Tariq, from Baqouba, Iraq was decapitated at his work place on October 21.

Ayad Tariq was working his 12 hour shift, maintaining an electric generator, when a group of disguised Muslim insurgents walked in at the beginning of his shift shortly after 6 a.m. and asked him for his ID.

According to another employee who witnessed the events, and who hid when he saw the insurgents approach, the insurgents questioned Ayad after seeing that his ID stated "Christian", asking if he was truly a "Christian sinner." Ayad replied "yes, I am Christian but I am not a sinner." The insurgents quickly said this is a "dirty Christian sinner!" Then they proceeded to each hold one limb, shouting "Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!" while beheading the boy.

Translated from Arabic by AINA

© 2006, Assyrian International News Agency.  All Rights Reserved

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In shaa alllah the Muslim faithful will all live under Islamic law. One day all Muslims will feel the justice of the sword of Islam. Mohamed said in one hadith that 99% of Muslims are also infidels. Today its Christians, tomorrow it will be Muslims. The only difference is, Muslims would have no one to blame but them selves. This would be a kind of poetic justice.

Posted by: micasto | 30 October 2006

Micasto is unlikly a Muslim because he not only spelled Insha' Allah incorrectly but he spelled Allah with a small "a" something no Muslim would do. Notice he also used the Christian spelling of Muhammad, another tell tell tale sign of desparation. But in 2 CORINTHIANS 12:16 Paul of Tarsus did teach you to lie if necessary didn't he?

Nice try though.

Posted by: Exchristian | 30 October 2006

Decapitate Them!
"And Israel joined himself unto Baalpeor: and the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel. And the LORD said unto Moses, 'Take all the heads of the people and hang them up before the LORD against the sun, that the fierce anger of the LORD may be turned away from Israel.'" (Numbers 25:3-4)

Decapitation is not ordered in the Quran, Muslims who decapitate are astray but Christians who decapitate are following the Bible.
According to the Bible those worship other gods must die, and even more horribly, their heads displayed publicly. Either God never said anything so cruel, or we truly live in a cursed universe, ruled by a maniac.
Millions of people, today, switch their religions to Islam. If God has any interest in your church, there appears no evidence of this.

Posted by: Decapitation in the bible | 30 October 2006

i dont know what muslims talking about ...i get it you mean christians people bad as you muslims are ...okay even if i agree about that ..but why muslims are killers
*2.178]...retaliation is prescribed for you in the matter of the slain... [2.179] ...there is life for you in (the law of) retaliation, O men of understanding, that you may guard yourselves
**[2.190] ...fight in the way of Allah with those who fight with you...[2.191] And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers.
***193]...fight with them...[194]...whoever then acts aggressively against you, inflict injury on him according to the injury he has inflicted on you...
****2.216] Fighting is enjoined on you...[2.217]... fighting in it. Say: Fighting in it is a grave matter...persecution is graver than slaughter... [2.218]...strove hard in the way of Allah...
*****Allah will afflict you with punishment from Himself or by our hands... i can keep going and going for forever

Posted by: zack | 02 November 2006

Dennis L. Rader, 59...AKA BTK [BIND TORTURE,AND MURDER] was an active member of a Lutheran church, It took 31 years, but jubilant Wichita police have named a Lutheran Church leader as the notorious BTK strangler.


Posted by: Christian Killers | 03 November 2006

Christian Killers :Jeffrey Dahmer was born to fundamentalist Christian ...Dahmer drilled holes in some of his victims heads and poured acid into their skulls while they were still alive.

Christian Killers :Charles Milles Manson (1934- ) is a person with an unusual ability to dominate others. He assembled a destructive, doomsday cult around himself, which the media later called The Family. Charles Manson found sections within the Christian Bible which he felt referred to a devastating future ...The Family was a group with Christian beliefs. Total body count (1969): at least 8.

Posted by: 99% of serial killers in America have Christian blood in their veins | 03 November 2006

Rwanda Massacres:
In 1994 in the small CHRISTIAN African country of Rwanda, in just a few months, several hundred thousand civilians were butchered, apparently in a conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups. Rumours circulated that Catholic clergy were actively involved in the 1994 massacres

Posted by: Crossfire | 03 November 2006

So much hate is spewed on the basis of religion. If Allah is truly God then would he sponsor the cowardly torture and mutiliation of innocent children? If so then why would you want to spend your afterlife with such a monster?

Posted by: Jose | 04 November 2006

First, please know that I LOVE Jews and Christians and I have nothing against them.

Jihad (Fighting for the Cause of GOD Almighty) started with the Bible!

The Golden Rule is nothing but a lie in the bible - killing of children and non-virgin women, enslaving, maiming of enemies, and so much more!

MASSACRE: At the hands of the Jews— (a) "Now therefore KILL every male among the little ones, and KILL every woman (female) that hath known man by lying (having sex) with him. "But keep ALIVE for yourselves all the GIRLS and all the women who are VIRGINS." NUMBERS 31:17-18 "And the Jews salvaged for themselves 32,000 virgins, verse 35; see also verse 40. (b) But of the cities of these people, which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou (o Jews) shall save alive NOTHING that BREATHES. DEUTERONOMY 20:16 (c) 'And they (the Jews) UTTERLY DESTROYED all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, ox and sheep, and ASS, with the edge of the sword " JOSHUA 6:21 (Even donkeys were not spared) (d) "He (Joshua) let NONE remain alive." Joshua 10:28

Posted by: Jihad part 1 | 06 November 2006

The rules of Jihad according to Islam:..
Innocent people should not be killed.

Women, children, or old people should not be killed or hurt.

Women must not be raped.

Enemies must be treated with justice.

Wounded enemy soldiers must be treated in exactly the same way as one's own soldiers.

The war must stop as soon as the enemy asks for peace.

Posted by: The Prophet Prohibited The Killing of Women and Children! | 06 November 2006

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