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11 October 2006

Egyptian Christian Girl Escapes Muslim Kidnappers

medium_lorans_wageah_emeel.jpgCWNews.com – (Compass Direct News) – An Egyptian Christian teenager escaped her Muslim kidnappers last week hours after they had drugged her on a public bus. While holding her captive, they threatened to rape her and convert her to

Islam if her family did not leave their Nile Delta city of El-Mahala el-Kobra.

At 10 p.m. last Tuesday (October 3), Laurence Wagih Emil, 15, escaped the ground-floor room where she was being held in Cairo’s southern Helwan suburb while her captors were away breaking their Ramadan fast with an evening meal.

The girl asked Helwan area residents to help her contact her parents in El-Mahala el-Kobra, 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of Cairo. Earlier that day, El-Mahala el-Kobra Christian community had staged a demonstration, 1,000 strong, to demand Emil’s immediate recovery.

Emil was able to call her parents with the help of Helwan area residents. One resident then took her to police, and officials escorted her to Helwan’s branch of the State Security Investigation (SSI), Egypt’s security police.

The girl’s aunt and uncle, residents of Cairo, immediately drove to Helwan to locate her, but they were forced to wait at the SSI station while police met with Emil from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. on Wednesday (October 4).

According to Emil, the officers were friendly and offered her a sandwich and a soft drink. But 15 minutes later, she said, she was unable to move though fully conscious.

“You should say that you took the bus to Tahrir Square [located in central Cairo] and met a guy named Fady, who took you to sleep at his house with his mother,” Emil said police told her. “Say that; otherwise you won’t see your parents again.”

After Emil had regained use of her limbs, police had her sign a statement that she had met a male friend in Cairo and spent the night at his house, Compass confirmed. She was then reunited with her family.

“Laurence was in an awful state,” said Helwan lawyer Nader Amrousi Saleh, who was with Emil when she signed the statement at the state prosecutor’s office. Saleh told Egyptian weekly Watani, “We wanted her out. She’s fine now.”

According to Watani, the Christian girl’s parents made similar comments. “My daughter is back unharmed. That’s all that matters. We’ll do what State Security asks us to do,” said Laurence Emil’s father, Wagih Emil.

Text Message Threats

While his daughter was held captive, Wagih Emil had received several text messages from her mobile phone demanding that he and his family vacate the city.

“Take the rest of your daughters and leave the city, or you will lose them one by one,” read one of the text messages shown to Compass. “The girl [Laurence] is not accepting easily, but she will embrace Islam for sure.”

According to Watani, one of the messages told Wagih Emil to close up his textile importing business to “give us a chance,” indicating that the kidnappers were business competitors.

But Wagih Emil told Watani that he had no enemies and was “just a textile merchant like so many” in El-Mahala el-Kobra.

The message also demanded that Laurence Emil stop resisting and convert to Islam. “‘If you refuse [to move out of the city], we could send her back to you a Mrs.’ – a direct threat of raping the girl,” reported Watani.

At 10 p.m. that evening, Wagih Emil received a call from his daughter on her telephone saying that her captors had left her alone to break their fast. Throughout the month of Ramadan, which began this year in late September, Muslims are required to fast during daylight hours.

Half an hour later, the Christian father received another phone call from a man named Soub Sa’ad, who said that Laurence Emil had come to his door asking for help.

But by the time Laurence Emil’s aunt arrived, Sa’ad had taken the Christian girl to the police, fearing that her captors might trace her to his house.

Watani reported that the police also detained Sa’ad, releasing him on Thursday morning (October 5), 24 hours after Laurence Emil had been returned to her family.

 Police Complicity

The Coptic Orthodox family’s account of their daughter’s disappearance greatly differs from the official statement that she signed.

In her second year of high school, Laurence Emil said that she boarded a public bus last Monday (October 2) to attend a tutorial in Mansheyet el-Bakry district of her hometown, El-Mahala el-Kobra.

There were four men already on the bus. Emil said she had just noticed the driver deviating from the normal bus route before someone grabbed her from behind and pressed his hand over her mouth.

The Christian girl regained consciousness in a dark room with four men and a woman. They beat her, she said.

Back in El-Mahala el-Kobra, her family began to worry when she had not returned home by 6 p.m. They consulted a Coptic Orthodox priest, Father Athanasius from the nearby St. George Church, who advised them to report the incident to the police.

Having already called many of their friends in an attempt to find their daughter, the Emil family went to the local police station with a large group of Christians. Wagih Emil said that police were uncooperative but eventually filed a report about his daughter’s disappearance.

News of the disappearance spread throughout the city’s Christian community, and Copts began to gather outside the police station during the night.

By 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, the crowd moved to the courtyard of St. George’s church. Two hours later, their numbers having surpassed 1,000, the group began to demonstrate, chanting slogans and holding up signs calling for the girl’s safe recovery.

Reports of kidnappings and the forced conversion of Christian girls are common among Egypt’s Coptic community. Some Christian girls romanced by young Muslim men voluntarily leave their families and convert to Islam in order to escape poverty and unhappy family situations.

In recent years, both Muslim and Christian families in rural Upper Egypt have, in the name of “honor,” abused and at times killed daughters they believed had been sexually compromised.

But “there have been credible reports that government authorities have failed to sufficiently cooperate with Christian families seeking to regain custody of their daughters,” the U.S. State Department said in its latest annual International Religious Freedom Report on Egypt.

Without police cooperation, families find it difficult to verify the motives for each conversion. Unless the convert is under 18, the legal age for conversion, police can refuse to recover the missing woman by claiming that she does not want to see her family and that because she has converted to Islam, her Christian family no longer has any right to see her.

To many in Egypt, Laurence’s case appears to be clear evidence of police complicity in the kidnapping of Christian girls.

“If Laurence went to Cairo with a friend as police claim, how could this have threatened Egyptian State Security in any way, and why was Mr. Sa’ad detained for two days?” asked Watani writer Nader Shukry in an October 8 article.

Shukry reported that 12 Christian girls under the age of 21, the age of majority for most legal transactions other than conversion, have disappeared in 2006. The list includes 17-year-old Dina Amin, who disappeared from her family’s home in El-Mahala el-Kobra on the same day as Laurence Emil.

Coptic Christians make up at least 10 percent of the Egyptian population. While it is illegal for Egypt’s Muslims to convert to Christianity, “kidnap conversions” to Islam have long been the subject of debate in the country.

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And the rest of the Christian world turns a blind eye whilst the islamic world sit and watch in awe...

Posted by: Jozka Morozov | 11 October 2006

BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 6 — The United States ambassador and the top American military commander here together issued an unusual apology on Thursday for the rape and murder of a young Iraqi woman and the killing of her family, saying that the crime, in which at least four soldiers are suspects, had injured the “Iraqi people as a whole.”


Posted by: American Soldiers Arrested For Rape/Execution Of 14-Year Old Girl And Her Family | 12 October 2006

Israeli soldiers shot dead a 13-year-old Palestinian girl in the southern Gaza Strip yesterday.

The girl was shot dead on her way to school. She was wearing her school uniform and carrying her book bag.




Posted by: Israeli snipers shoot girl 20 times as she was walking to school | 12 October 2006

Four eyewitnesses describe the murder of Rachel Corrie
Tom Dale, Greg Schnabel, Richard Purssell, and Joe Smith, International Solidarity Movement, 19 March 2003

American peace activist Rachel Corrie was murdered by an Israeli bulldozer driver on 16 March 2003 while attempting to defend a Palestinian doctor's home from demolition.


Posted by: Rachel | 12 October 2006


Posted by: ZACK | 12 October 2006

^I'm glad someone has a brain, just to annoy and frustrate people, the most important thing is that they see the article and maybe one day the European and American Politicians do something about it.

Posted by: Jozka Morozov | 12 October 2006

Christians killing Christians
BATON ROUGE, La. - A man opened fire Sunday morning at a church, fatally wounding four people before abducting his wife

Posted by: Reality | 12 October 2006

Incest Charges On Local Preacher


A pastor has turned himself in and is charged with incest of a child under the age of 16.


Posted by: Pastor charged | 12 October 2006

A Johnston youth pastor has been charged with sexual exploitation of a child. Police Reverend Mike Hintz was fired October 30th from the First Assembly of God Church on Merle Hay Road. He had been the senior youth pastor there for the past three years.

Posted by: sexual exploitation of a child. | 12 October 2006

Springfield Pastor Charged With Molesting Girl, 4

An associate pastor at a Springfield church has been charged with molesting a 4-year-old girl, Fairfax County police said yesterday.

Posted by: Karin Brulliard | 12 October 2006

Springfield Pastor Charged With Molesting Girl, 4

Posted by: WASHINGTON POST | 12 October 2006

Shocking news has rocked the congregation at Real People Church of God.
The founder and pastor of the church, 52-year-old Rubin Thankful Thompson Jr., has been charged with five counts of incest for allegedly fathering his own grandchildren with his daughter.


Posted by: Stunning allegations in Polk County | 12 October 2006

Yes as a muslem,I am so ashamed of my faith and its history. Yes,Islam has violence in deep in blood shed. Most of my people are blind and now Iam attending a christian church in Canada. I am able to accept Jesus as God and soon thinking becoming a christain and find true peace in Jesus.

Posted by: alie islam | 12 October 2006

A very important Christian missionary converted to Islam and became a major herald for Islam, he was a very active missionary and was very knowledgeable about the Bible.


Posted by: Eila Malsi | 13 October 2006

The purpose of this website is to share stories of ex-apostates (murtads) that have returned back to Islam (Alhamdulillah), as well as new converts that have embraced Islam as their way of life. ... Prominent Converts. Muslim Celebrities. Misconceptions. Free Islamic Softwares. Question & Answers. About Islam ... and mercy. Lo, herein indeed are signs ... K.Cheynene and J.S.Black, editors ...

Posted by: Big Brother | 13 October 2006

Sitting here reading articles, of horror and terror around The world, and the persecution of christians. you think This is bad well, you haven,t seen nothing yet it is going To get worst. blesseth are those who suffer in the name OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. haters of our LORD YAHWEH will have their day the bible has already spoken about this your days or numbered. people these days Rather believe a lie then the truth. can you tell time is Winding up? John 3;16 for God so loved the world that He Gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 17th for GOD sent not his son into the world to condemn the world But that the world through him might be saved. 18th he That believeth on him is not condemned; but he that Believeth not is condemn already, because he have not Believed in the name of the only begotten son of GOD. Any so call teaching that goes outside the word of GOD is false no matter what it is! christians will have to standup For truth even if their life is being theaten. GOD haters Will sought for their life. don,t be afraid of them who can Destroy your body but remember that GOD can destroy The body and the soul. so stay faithfull untill the end. you Lose your life here on earth for his name sake GOD promise you will gain it Eternally. John 14;6 JESUS said unto him. I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE; NO MAN COMETH UNTO THE FATHER BUT BY ME!! well i,m Not sorry to tell the world this but there is no other way. No false gods from different ethnic groups or some dead Man religion that he left for others to follow that is bring destruction and terrorism is not the way. people mock GOD all the time because he is so loving and mercyful to US all. yet he allowed us to be our own agent to choose Him or the devil. the articles above none of that is surprising to me evil exist any where possible even in the some so call churches today. immority apostasy MOLESTATION you Name it. i put my trust in GOD and Not what man choose to do. I CHOOSE JESUS TO BE MY LORD AND SAVIOR. I,M NOT A SHAME OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST FOR IT IS THE POWER OF SALVATION. GOD will judge the church as he promised. i will continue To pray for my brother and sisters in CHRIST. and pray For those who or not christians also. i forgive those who Persecute us for his name sake.

Posted by: Discernment | 13 October 2006

To understand Trinitarian Christianity, you need to understand its founder, Rabbi Paul of Tarsus. Young Saul/Paul of Tarsus was the enemy, the persecutor, the relentless pursuer of Christians.

What would Jesus himself have thought of Paul? We must remember that Jesus never knew Paul; the two men never once met. Paul was a self proclaimed Apostle,
never was he appointed by Jesus.

Paul was carefully positioned by Satan to lead the masses astray.
The Most High allowed it as a way to test HIS people. Satan's plan
has worked out rather well for him throughout the years, thanks to

Paul said;

"but if the truth of God hath more abounded through my lie unto his glory; why yet am I also judged as a sinner?" Romans 3:7


Posted by: Paul of Tarsus the confessed liar | 13 October 2006

May Our Lord Jesus Christ always be with you alie islam and one day all Muslims of this world may see the light.

As for those articles, molestation case is a henious crime and is being dealt with the laws of the country, do you see any muslim convicted of kidnapping, raping, torturing or murdering a Christian? But hey, it's allowed since its within the accordance of islamic customs and laws.

Posted by: Jozka Morozov | 13 October 2006

I am really stunned at Jozka's false statement implying that all Christian Child molesters are dealt with by the laws of their country especially given the practice of the Church to simply relocate priests against whom accusations have been made.

Basically the Church settles with complainants, then send the molesting Priest off to another church. You really could not have a more blameworthy actor.

" ....crimes were covered up by Church authorities and the perpetrators moved to another location, sometimes repeatedly. In the worst cases these involved pedophile priests with continued access to children as a result (see, for example, the Ferns report). Criticism of the Church and its leadership followed, especially as some high-ranking Church clergy failed to disclose information about certain sex abuse cases involving law breaking to government authorities."


Posted by: Jozka exposed as a liar | 13 October 2006

You stupid Muzzie, Christians are forgiven for having sex with little boys. Islam actually expects a man to be responsible for his sins? What a foolish thought it is a given fact that we Christians have homosexual leanings but it is all forgiven by Jesus, and besides the alterboys don't complain.

Posted by: Jozka Morozov | 13 October 2006

I 'm a 24 year old anglo saxon female and i am about To convert to islaam. I am non political, remember terrorists are terrorists, TERRORIST NEVER DO IT FOR THE RELIGION, THEY DO IT FOR POLITICAL REASONS!! that idiot Jozka just convinced me with his last post that the church = curuption. How can he think like that?


Posted by: Marlee Milton | 13 October 2006

Good for you Marlee, make sure you don't marry a muslim since he may already have three wives as the chances of finding one who hasnt are slim.

As for the sex abuse scandal, you say it has been covered up, is that why the Catholic Church has paid off so many people who apparently are victims of child abuse? Is that what you call a cover up?

The Catholic Church should challenge each case because as everyone is aware that there are liars as well, those who lie to make money.

Killing the 'non-believer' is allowed in islam, can you tell me which other religion instructs, by it's books, the killing of anyone who does not follow their faith as well as forcing conversions?

Look at today, who are the shia and sunnis fighting? Each other, both of the muslim faith who hate each other. Do you see Catholics and Orthodox Christians fighting each other? No, who are committing the terrorist attrocities in the far east, asia and europe? Those of the muslim faith, case closed... again.

Posted by: Jozka Morozov | 13 October 2006

Well, let me catagorically refute this idiot called Jozka. I will start by reminding you that their are more polygamist in America than in any other country, the only difference is you Christians do not marry the other woman so I guess technically you are fornicators not polygamist.

Polygamy can be found several places in your bible, for instance; Solomon the wise had a thousand wives and concubines (a) "And he (Solomon) had seven hundred wives, and three hundred concubines: and his wives turned away his heart (towards other gods). "KINGS 1 1:3 (b) Abraham the friend of God had more than one wife; and so had Israel (Jacob) and David the king. There is not a single word of reproach in the "Book of God" the Holy Bible against polygamous marriages.

There more Christian fornicators and pimps in America than there are Muslim polygamist I can assure you, and with the divorce rate amonst Christians at 50% I see why Marlee left your cult.

Posted by: Refuting Jozka on polygamy | 13 October 2006

Well, let me categorically refute this idiot called Jozka. I will start by reminding you that there are more polygamist in America than in any other country, the only difference is you Christians do not marry the other woman so I guess technically you are fornicators not polygamist.

Polygamy can be found several places in your bible, for instance; Solomon the wise had a thousand wives and concubines (a) "And he (Solomon) had seven hundred wives, and three hundred concubines: and his wives turned away his heart (towards other gods). "KINGS 1 1:3 (b) Abraham the friend of God had more than one wife; and so had Israel (Jacob) and David the king. There is not a single word of reproach in the "Book of God" the Holy Bible against polygamous marriages.

There more Christian fornicators and pimps in America than there are Muslim polygamist I can assure you, and with the divorce rate amongst Christians at 50% I see why Marlee left your cult.

Posted by: Refuting Jozka on polygamy | 13 October 2006

Please click this link and go to the 5th paragraph of this nonbiased encyclopedia to verify my statements on the Catholic cover up that Jozka is desperately trying to.....COVER UP!


Posted by: Exposing Jozka's cover up | 13 October 2006

Only stupid people like Jozka believe that Islam teaches the murder of all Non-Muslims... The Quran says kill the nonbelievers who were at a war back then with muslims... so it's same like "kill the enemy" which is natural at war.
And the Bible is also full of such things like....

Kill People Who Don't Listen to Priests
Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents the LORD your God must be put to death. Such evil must be purged from Israel. (Deuteronomy 17:12 NLT)

Posted by: Refuting "kill all nonbelievers | 13 October 2006

As for Jozka saying Muslims are the only ones who kill each other, let me remind him that the IRA a Christian group has killed more Christians in terror attacks in the UK than all Muslim so called terrorist combined.

And in America the KKK another Christian group killed enough black Christians to make 911 pale in comparison.

Jozka, your arguments are not only weak but old.

Posted by: Another exchristian | 13 October 2006

dear/Refuting "kill all nonbelievers( where you get at war from)
Then Fight and slay the Pagans (every non-muslims) * wherever ye find them, and Seize them (altawba 9:5)
**Allah told them to kill non Muslims any where and they will get many Virgins Girls (from 41 to more than 12 500 Virgins Girls for each Muslim man ) in their Paradise as a Reward for obeying Allah and killing the non Muslims people in there Holy War: i.e. THE JIHAD
***(V.2:105) Neither those who disbelieve among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) nor Al-Mushrikûn (the disbelievers in the Oneness of Allâh, idolaters, polytheists, pagans, Christians how worship Jesus as God, etc.) like that there should be sent down unto you any good from your Lord. But Allâh chooses for His Mercy whom He wills. And Allâh is the Owner of Great Bounty. (albaqara 2:105)
****Muslim have to fight on until there is "no more tumult or oppression" Quran 2:190-193, Q. 9:5 (Yousuf Ali
*****Perhaps the greatest proof that Islam is not a religion of peace is the interpretion of Quran 4:89 that says if anyone wants to leave Islam (turns renegade) he is to be put to death. This makes it the religion of fear, not peace.

There will be war in the world as long as people believe in Muhammad, his example and his teaching.

The Islamic concept of peace, meaning making the whole world Muslim, is actually a mandate for war.

Submitted by a long-time resident in the Muslim world.

Posted by: zack | 13 October 2006

Zack is obviously someone who learned Islam from a non-Muslim. Allah commanded the people in Sura 9 verse 5 to be killed not because of there paganisms but because they had Muslims. The very next verse, that Zack conveniently neglected to post shows that all Pagans are not to be killed;

9:6 And if any of those who ascribe divinity to aught beside God seeks thy protection, grant him protection…


Posted by: Exchristian | 14 October 2006

Was saul laid by satan ? at first he was but didn,t relized it like so many others today. saul was an executionist and a terrorist he held Roman citizenship. saul was the first enermy of the christians. all this because of false doctrine he was taught by the Roman Government, he thought he was doing the right thing that is why he did it with such passion. Rome respected saul, the executioners laid their cloak at his feet for his enthusiasum to kill christians. he had great man power Rome was certainly behind him all the way. saul was present at the stoning of stephen. after stephen death saul was on his way to Damascus, the gorly of the LORD shone upon him he was struck to the earth and made blind for three days. Acts 9;4 and he fell to the earth and heard a voice saying unto him, saul, saul, why persecutest me? Acts 9;5 and he said who art thou, LORD? and the LORD said I,M JESUS WHOM THOU PERSECUTEST: IT IS HARD FOR THEE TO KICK AGAINST THE BRICKS. Acts 9;6 and he trembling and astonished said LORD, what wilt you have for me to do? and the LORD said unto him arise, and go unto the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do. Act 9;7 and the man journeyed with him stood speechless, hearing a voice and but seeing no man. Acts 9;8 and saul arose from the earth; and when his eyes were opened he saw no man: but they led him by the hand and brought him to Damascus. Act 9;9 and he was three days without sight, and neither did eat nor drink. after his recovery paul was converted and became an Apostle. under the inspiration of the HOLY SPIRIT make up much of the New Testament of the Bible. his last days in Rome Apostle Paul suffered martydom and by the orders of Emperor Nero Apostle Paul was beheaded with a sword. the LORD said this to An-a-ni'as Act 9;15 But the LORD said unto him, GO THY WAY FOR HE IS A CHOOSEN VESSEL UNTO ME, TO BEAR MY NAME BEFORE THE GENTILES AND THE KINGS AND THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL: Acts 9'16 FOR I WILL SHOW HIM HOW GREAT THINGS HE MUST SUFFER FOR MY NAME SAKE. An-a-ni'as was afraid of paul so GOD had assured him that he is no longer saul executionist. notice his name changed. paul was no longer that old man saul. because of the wonderful conversion of JESUS CHRIST he became a new creature and behold old things are pass away. True christians do not kill other christians and non -believers if they take part in murder and say their are christians they lied! you will know them by their fruits Galatians 5;22-23 But the fruit of the spirit is love.joy,peace, longsuffering gentleness goodness faith 23rd meekness temperence against such there is no law. many peopel say they are christians and don,t live it. i pray that i will be counted worthy. Is polygamy wrong? it sure is, is it in the Bible ? yes. Eph 5;28 so ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. he that loveth his wife loveth himself 29th for no man ever yet hated his own flesh and of his bones. Eph 5;31 for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and shall be joined unto his wife and they two shall be as one flesh. King Soloman was the richest man that ever lived full of wisdom. 1 kings 4;34 men came from all peoples to hear the wisdom of Solomon and from all the kings of the earth who had heard of his wisdom. the LORD give Solomon awesome wisdom. Solomon started good but unfortunately don,t end well he became unfaithful to GOD. strange foreign women was his weakness, and with them came their false gods (pagan women). Solomon began to conduct devil worshiping ceremonies and offering incense to devils GOD warned him a few times about worshiping false gods, for Solomon to return back to him. he choose not too, so the LORD split the kingdom in two. there were other events that taken place thereafter. Solomon lived under the old testament and having many wives back then was common. but under the new testament this is wrong.

Posted by: Discernment | 14 October 2006

Zack, It is important to know that when Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him started preaching Islam, he had to deal with 360 Arab pagan tribes at first, and he and his followers had to go through a lot of battles that were imposed upon them by the pagans who were threatened by the new System and Wonderful Religion of Islam.

Jews and other Arabian tribes attacked the Prophet and Muslim community. The Muslims while defending their city and religion lost many men, this is why the Quran said kill the non believers, it is referring to the people at that time who were murders.

The tribe of Quraish consolidated all of their resources in an effort to stamp out Muhammad's message They tortured his friends and did their best to constantly abuse him. They would throw thorns and sharp objects in his path, dump camel entrails on his head while he prayed to God, curse and swear at him whenever they saw him, starve him and his companions, and even attempted to kill him.

Holy Quran Verse 8:61 "But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace, and trust in God: for He is One that heareth and knoweth (all things)."

In this Noble Verse, we clearly see Allah Almighty ordering us, the Muslims, to incline toward peace when the enemy inclines toward peace. This proves that Islam is not a religion for wars, but for peace.


Posted by: Kenyatta | 14 October 2006

I,m a christian we do not serve the same god allah is not my god YAHWEH is. muslims are commanded to believe in and obey the taurat (torah) muhammad did not preach kindness towords anybody let alone live it he was assassinated by some woman he angered , she poisoned him. and just think one billion muslims and growing fast only maybe 15 percent of these could be Arabs Ishmael descendents. muhammed people were already warlike just like the god they worshipped allah. muhammed taught that JESUS did not die on the cross nor go to the grave he taught a look alike died in his place and the real JESUS was taken up to the heaven. wow!! sounds like a fales prophet. i wonder if muslims ever wonder why GOD took JESUS and not muhammed???? sounds strange, that is because it is a lie!!!! allah is a demon!!!!

Posted by: DISCERNMENT | 14 October 2006

Allah is the God of the Muslim,The God of the Christian He is the God of the jew he is the God for those who believe in him and even the God of those who do not believe in him

"Allah" in Arabic is "Elaw" in Aramaic. The Jews and Christians before Islam called GOD Almighty as "Allah" in the Middle East. "Allah" means the GOD Almighty that is above all gods (idols, humans, etc...). "Elaw" in Aramaic means "God" or "GOD", and it means the same thing that the Arabic "Allah" means.



Jesus preached in Aramaic, and parts of the Old Testament and much of the rabbinical literature were written in that language.The Aramaic word for God is "ALLAH".

El-law" or "El-lawh" in Aramaic means "GOD", while "Eloi" in Aramaic means "My GOD" as Jesus used the word "Eloi" when he was put on the cross and said "My GOD My GOD why have you forsaken me? (Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachtani?)....(Mark 15:34)"
In Arabic, "GOD" means "Allah", and "My GOD" means "Ilahi" or "Elahi" which is derived from the word "Allah".

Posted by: Fact checker | 15 October 2006

We shall prove that Muhammad was not false for consuming poison, The Prophet lived for four years after the poison! According to the Gospels, Jesus was given a sponge full of vinegar, and immediately died seconds later.

This proves Jesus was poisoned the vinegar killed Jesus instantly!

According to the Bible MUHUMMED (pbuh) is a true prophet of God (a) " . . Every spirit (meaning every prophet) that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in flesh is of God 1 JOHN 4.2

Compare with Holy Qur'an 3:45 and many other Qur'anic references where Jesus (pbuh) is referred to as the CHRIST.

Of all the world's greatest men none has been so much maligned as Muhammad [PBUH.]. The Holy Prophet Muhammad and his followers were persecuted in Makkah for 13 years and never was the sword raised. Muhammad pbuh was commanded to forgive.

"I have been commanded to forgive, so do not fight." (Hadith collection Nasa'i, Book of Jihad). Even during years of brutal torture and persecution, the Holy Prophet Muhammad was offered by the Quraish kingship, wealth and luxury, and maidens, which he refused!

Examples of the Prophet
Muhammad’s [PBUH] Sayings

{The merciful are shown mercy by the All-Merciful. Show mercy to those on earth, and God will show mercy to you.}


Posted by: About Muhammad | 15 October 2006

I know YAHWEH names and allah is certainly not one of these. the GOD of Isaac is the true GOD. not the god of Ishael allah. the LORD blessed the world thru Isaac line the JEWS. Ishmael was cast out of the family. however because Ishmael was Abraham son the LORD YAHWEH did blessed him, but his covernant was with Isaac, Israel.

Posted by: DISCERNMENT | 15 October 2006

Britannica.com - the grand daddy of them all is available online [CONFIRMS THAT THE OLD TESTAMENT USED ALLAHS NAME!]
Arabic: “God”), the one and only God in the religion of Islam. Etymologically, the name Allah is probably a contraction of the Arabic al-Ilah, “the God.” The name's origin can be traced back to the earliest Semitic writings in which the word for god was Il or El, the latter being an Old Testament synonym for Yahweh. Allah is the standard Arabic word for “God” and is used by Arab Christians…http://www.britannica.com/eb/article?tocId=9005770&query=ALLAH&ct=

Posted by: http://jesus-or-allah.com/ | 15 October 2006

Allah is the Arabic word for God, used by both Muslims and Christians. However, you need to examine the Allah in the Qur'an and Allah in the Holy Book to see if they are the same. Look at the 99 names of Allah and look at the names of Allah in the Holy Book.
Examine if almasiH, Messiah (pbuh) in the Qur'an is the same Messiah (pbuu) in the Holy Book. Hindus say they believe in Jesus, but they also believe in thousands of other gods. We know Hindus have many idols.
So, it is not just the word or name used, but the actual person or deity described. Then, you can decide if they are the same or not. You have to read all the Holy Books.

As for the continued kidnapping of Egyptian Christian girls and forcing them to convert and marry against their will, this is a travesty and a shameful thing for Muslims to do. "There is no coercion in Islam." For police and officials to assist in this is even worse. They are responsible for maintaining justice and peace.
It shows that there is an evil virus in the religion which must be eradicated. Why do moderate Muslims not speak out? Why is they silent? All i see and hear are the militants, extremists, fundamentalists, and jihadists. The others quietly sit back in fear. Where are the thinking people?
May God's peace be upon you all!

Posted by: abdulkarim | 15 October 2006

Abdul, you may also want to ask, where are the voices of those who would argue the merits of this new war against Islam? The airwaves and newspapers only ratchet the fear factor upwards each day, with little or no effort to hear the many thoughtful Americans who are asking themselves, "Do I really need to give up my freedoms in order to save them?"
So with flags flying on the antennae of our gas-guzzling vehicles and love of country pulsing in our hearts, we march off to yet another war for oil.

As Muslims, we condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. Ours is a religion of peace. We are sick and tired of extremists (Christians,and Muslims) dictating the public face of Islam.

Posted by: Apostate Baptist | 15 October 2006

this is so funny. Everytime a muslim autrocity occurs against a person the muslims come on here and flood the comments section with comments on how they are being persecuted instead of focusing on the story. The kidnapping and raping of nonmuslim women in muslim countries has been happening for hundreds of years folks. Whose dictating? Its right in your koran bub!

oy vey.

Posted by: Roy | 16 October 2006

yes yes we all know Christians regularly kidnap nice muslim girls on buses and force them for sex and to convert to Chrisitanity.
and of course Jews do the same and hindus and buddhists and sikhs... NOT

Thank GOD (the real one not 'allah') that I left Islam with my head on my shoulders and live far away from Egypt today!

Posted by: no name needed | 16 October 2006

Fellow muslim brothers and sisters do not believe the lies of unbelievers. It is not wrong to kill them. Allah has allowed us to kill and rape these kafir and you must not shun it. Unless they admit to Allah and his Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) we must kill, rape and destroy them for they have not accepted the only religion of peace.

Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal sternly with them. Hell shall be their home, evil their fate. - 66:9

When the sacred months are over, slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. - 9:5

Posted by: American Muslim | 16 October 2006

Fellow muslim brothers and sisters do not believe the lies of unbelievers. It is not wrong to kill them. Allah has allowed us to kill and rape these kafir and you must not shun it. Unless they admit to Allah and his Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) we must kill, rape and destroy them for they have not accepted the only religion of peace.

Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal sternly with them. Hell shall be their home, evil their fate. - 66:9

When the sacred months are over, slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. - 9:5

And you "no name" if I find you I will kill you praise Allah.
Allah Ackbar!

Posted by: American Muslim | 16 October 2006

Sick bastards. Instead of seeing that their "religion" islam is a perverted cult of obvious and extreme sociopathic inclinations they will dive in to it all the more, like this sick 'american' muslim creep. Get out of America you evil bastard.

Posted by: American Agnostic | 16 October 2006

I challenge any Jew or Christian to produce ONE, JUST ONE Noble Verse from the Muslims' Noble Quran that condones killing of innocent children, women or even hostile enemy men who drop their weapons before Muslims (surrender).
NOT A SINGLE NOBLE VERSE in the Noble Quran Commands Muslims to kill innocent children! The Bible can not live up to this challenge.

Numbers 31:17-18
"Now kill all the boys [innocent kids]. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man."

According to the historical elaborations about Numbers 31:17-18 Biblical Verses in the Jewish Talmud, the girls in "every girl who has never slept with a man" were AS YOUNG AS 3 YEARS OLD, and were forced into SEX!

Posted by: Watch my challenge go unanswered by the Christians. LOL!! | 16 October 2006

Hi my Muslim freinds i love you in the name YAHWEH, this is about numbers 31 the killings. here is what i found out. the conquest of caanan. Numbers 25 tells how the Midianites specifically the women, led Israel astray into worshipping the baal or peor. the LORD,s anger burned against Israel and he struck them with a plague. the plague ended when Phinehas the grandson of Aaron. killed an Israelite man and the Midianite woman brought into his family. numbers 25:6-9 the relations with Midianites women were in direct violation of GODS commands in deuteronomy 7:3- Neither shalt thou make marriages with them: thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son. deuter 7:4 for they will turn away thy son from following me, that they may serve other gods : so will the anger of the LORD be kindled against you, and destroy thee suddenly. Numbers 31 explains that the army brought back the women, it was in direct violation to GODs, order numbers 25 to destroy Midianites who would lead Israel to apostasy. the young boys were not spared. if the male childred were spared allowed to muture they would have followed the pagan ways of their forefather (parents) they would have taken vengeance on Israel. and also battle with them later. the girls were spared. but not for rape!!! these girls were servants. the young girls have not known a man. it is more logical that they wanted these girls for servants only not sex slaves. GOD YAHWEH WAS AND STILL IS AGAINTS THIS HORRIBLE SIN!!! OF RAPPING YOU GIRLS OR WOMEN. he specifically advised Israel NOT to go unto these people because they choose to worship baal or peor. Because of their disobedience these events toke place. man hardly can blame GOD and his word for the awful consequences of sin rather then himself to blame. the youngs girls did lived, not spread apart to rap. people want to say GOD was and is some evil monster for order Israel to destroy the canaanites they were evil they were destroy because of their wickedness. Deutr9:4 they could have repent but they choose not too. by the way JESUS said he gave his life and no man can take it away. vinegar did not kill him he gave it away on the cross, for the shedding of blood for our sins.

Posted by: Discernment | 16 October 2006

Discernment, the only thing that you have proven is that your God Yaweh (Jesus) does indeed kill women and children under certain circunstances this fact was already established. The challenge was to show a single verse in Quran were the Prophet Muhammad killed children, if he was such a terrible man why did he have higher morals pertaining to war than your Own bible?

Posted by: Another Exchristian | 17 October 2006

Repeatedly in mainstream you hear the story of the American soldiers had been charged in the rape of a 13-year-old Muslim girl in Iraq.
She was raped and murdered with her family by Christian American soldiers.
My question is, how does this bogus website manage to be so outraged by obscure stories that are far from the media eye or attention because of there social irrelevance,
yet totally ignore mainstream stories that hit the press on a daily basis? Everyday soldiers in Iraq with Christian backgrounds murder and rape you can see this on CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX,BBC, and yes Aljeezerah, why do all the news stories on this web come from news stations with a Christian agenda?

Here is a story from a nonbiased source exposing the everyday sickness that Christianity produces. If you guys want to be see as credible post your stories from credible sources;

Top U.S. bishop accused of sex abuse
A woman has accused the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops of sexually abusing her more than four decades ago when she was a child.

Posted by: Musa James | 17 October 2006

I wish not to read the Quran for i,v seen what this false religion has done to people such as yourself. lord YAHWEH is real, when i was sick in sin and on my way to hell that name JESUS was the only name that has the power to save me. i,m blessed because JESUS has revealed himself to me. i was very much a sinner untill one day i almost died. the sin i committed was fornication. after the sinful relationship ended i began to bleed out of my private parts. till almost no blood was left in me. during that time GOD was dealing with me to repent of my evil ways. nightmares begin i would dream seeing myself in the mirror with long ash hair and busted front teeth half of my face was gray the other side was light ash , smiling wearing robe of biblical error, for days untill i repent. mean while demons i can hear them heavy footed dragging chains coming to get my soul, while my family was in the other room sleep i could hear demons chatting in night of how they were going to destroy people in the world. that how close to death i was when i repented i gave my live to YAHWEH all that horror was gone and the bleeding stop. the world would have still called me a goody to-shoes, YAHWEH word judged me which was right and just. there was a struggle for my soul because satan said i was his and the LORD had no rights to me, he didn,t want the LORD to give me another chance. you don,t think satan knows the bible? of course he does so that he can cheat you out of salvation, and bring you into confusion to worship and to go after that which is false. the LORD YAHWEH DON,T NEED NO MATCHES HE IS FIRE BY HIMSELF. muhammed name couldn,t save me at all nor allah. above if you would read it carefull you would know why this happen. but you want to believe other wise isn,t that right? GOD is omnipotent, omniscient, and all righteous he is the (I AM) he may do what ever he wishes GOD YAHWEH does everything for a reason. and his work is perfect. ignorance of biblical knowledge. you hear what you want to hear. forget the facts. i don,t say that GOD DIDN,T ORDER IT HE HAD REASONS, AND I EXPLAIN WHY GET IT!!!

Posted by: DISCERNMENT | 17 October 2006

I was raised in a religious Christian family. At that time, Americans were more religious than they are now—most families went to church every Sunday, for example. My parents were involved in the church community. We often had ministers (Protestant “priests”) in the house. My mother taught in Sunday school, and I helped her.

I must have been more religious than other children, although I don’t remember being so. For one birthday, my aunt gave me a Bible, and my sister a doll. Another time, I asked my parents for a prayer book, and I read it daily for many years.

When I was in junior high school (middle school), I attended a Bible study program for two years. Up to this point, I had read some parts of the Bible, but had not understood them very well. Now was my chance to learn. Unfortunately, we studied many passages in the Old and New Testaments that I found inexplicable, even bizarre.

For example, the Bible teaches an idea called Original Sin, which means that humans are all born sinful. I had a baby brother, and I knew that babies were not sinful.

The Bible has very strange and disturbing stories about Prophet Abraham and Prophet David, for example. I couldn’t understand how Prophets could behave the way the Bible says they did.

There were many, many other things that puzzled me about the Bible, but I didn't ask questions. I was afraid to ask—I wanted to me known as a “good girl.”

Al-Hamdulillah, there was a boy who asked, and kept asking.
The most critical matter was the notion of Trinity. I couldn’t get it. How could God have three parts, one of which was human? Having studied Greek and Roman mythology at school, I thought the idea of the Trinity and powerful human saints very similar to the Greek and Roman ideas of having different so-called “gods” that were in charge of different aspects of life (Astaghfir-Ullah!). The boy who asked, asked many questions about Trinity, received many answers, and was never satisfied. Neither was I. Finally, our teacher, a University of Michigan Professor of Theology, told him to pray for faith.
I prayed.

When I was in high school, I secretly wanted to be a nun. I was drawn to the pattern of offering devotions at set times of day, of a life devoted entirely to God, and of dressing in a way that declared my religious lifestyle. An obstacle to this ambition, though, was that I wasn’t Catholic. I lived in a Midwestern town where Catholics were a distinct and unpopular minority! Furthermore, my protestant upbringing had instilled in me distaste for religious statuary, and a healthy disbelief that dead saints had the ability to help me.
In college, I continued to think and pray. Students often talk and argue about religion, and I heard many different ideas. Like Yusuf Islam, I studied the Eastern so-called religions: Buddhism, Confucianism, and Hinduism. No help there.

I met a Muslim from Libya, who told me a little about Islam and the Holy Qur’an. He told me that Islam is the modern, most up-to-date form of revealed religion. Because I thought of Africa and the Middle East as backwards places, I couldn’t see Islam as modern.

My family took this Libyan brother to a Christmas church service. The service was breathtakingly beautiful, but at the end, he asked, “Who made up this procedure? Who taught you when to stand and bow and kneel? Who taught you how to pray?” I told him about early Church history, but his question made me angry at first, and later made me think.
Had the people who designed the worship service really been qualified to do so? How had they known the form that worship should take? Had they had divine instruction?

I knew that I did not believe in many of the teachings of Christianity, but continued to attend church. When the congregation recited pieces I believed to be blasphemous, such as the Nicene Creed, I was silent—I didn’t recite them. I felt almost alien in church, almost a stranger.

A shocker! Someone very close to me, having dire marital problems, went to a curate of our church for advice. Taking advantage of her pain and self-loathing, he took her to a motel and seduced her.

Up to this point, I had not considered carefully the role of the clergy in Christian life. Now I had to. Most Christians believe that forgiveness comes through the “Holy Communion” service, and that an ordained priest or minister must conduct the service. No minister, no absolution.

I went to church again, and sat and looked at the ministers in front. They were no better than the congregation—some of them were worse. How could it be true that the agency of a man, of any human being, was necessary for communion with God? Why couldn’t I deal with God directly, and receive His absolution directly?

Soon after this, I found a translation of the meaning of the Qur’an in a bookstore, bought it, and started to read it. I read it, off and on, for eight years. During this time, I continued to investigate other religions.

I grew increasingly aware of and afraid of my sins. How could I know whether God would forgive me? I no longer believed that the Christian model, the Christian way of being forgiven, would work. My sins weighed heavily on me, and I didn’t know how to escape the burden of them. I longed for forgiveness. I read in the Qur’an,

“…Nearest among them in love to the Believers you will find those who say, ‘We are Christian’: Because amongst them are Men devoted to learning, and men who have renounced the world and are not arrogant.

“And when they listen to the revelation received by the Messenger, you will see their eyes overflowing with tears, for they recognize the truth. They pray, ‘Our Lord! We believe. Write us down among the witnesses.

[And what (reason) have we that we should not believe in Allah and in the truth that has come to us, while we earnestly desire that our Lord should cause us to enter with the good people?] (Al-Ma’idah 5:84)

I began to hope that Islam held the answer. How could I find out for sure?
I saw Muslims praying on the TV news, and knew that they had a special way of praying. I found a book (by a non-Muslim) that described it, and I tried to do it myself (I knew nothing of Taharah, and did not pray correctly). I prayed that way, secretly and alone, for several years.

Finally, about eight years after first buying my Qur’an, I read:

[This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favor for you, and chosen Islam as your religion.] (Al-Ma’idah 5:3)

I wept for joy, because I knew that, way back in time, before the creation of the Earth, Allah had written this Qur’an for me. Allah had known that Anne Collins, in Cheektowaga, NY, USA, would read this verse of the Qur’an in May 1986, and be saved.

Now, I knew that there were many things I had to learn, for example, how to pray properly, which the Qur’an does not describe in detail. The problem was that I didn’t know any Muslims.

Muslims are much more visible in the US now than they were then. I didn’t know where to find them. I found the phone number of the Islamic Society in the phone book, and dialed it, but when a man answered, I panicked and hung up. What was I going to say? How would they answer me? Would they be suspicious? Why would they want me, when they had each other and their Islam?

In the next couple of months, I called the mosque a number of times, and each time panicked and hung up. Finally, I did the cowardly thing: I wrote a letter asking for information. The kindly, patient brother at the mosque phoned me, and then started sending me pamphlets about Islam. I told him I wanted to be Muslim, but he told me, “Wait until your are sure.” It upset me that he told me to wait, but I knew he was right, that I had to be sure because, once I had accepted Islam, nothing would ever be the same again.

I became obsessed with Islam. I thought about it, day and night. On several occasions, I drove to the mosque (at that time, it was in an old converted house) and circled it many times, hoping to see a Muslim, wondering what it was like inside.

Finally, one day in early November 1986, as I was working in the kitchen, I suddenly knew, knew that I was Muslim. Still a coward, I sent the mosque a letter. It said, “I believe in Allah, the One True God, I believe that Muhammad was his Messenger, and I want to be counted among the witnesses.”

The brother called me on the phone the next day, and I said my shahadah* on the phone to him. He told me then that Allah had forgiven all my sins at that moment, and that I was as pure as a newborn baby.

I felt the burden of sin slip off my shoulders, and wept for joy. I slept little that night, weeping, and repeating Allah’s name. Forgiveness had been granted. Alhamdulillah.

*The statement a person makes when accepting Islam (and many times a day thereafter: I testify that there is no deity other than Allah, and I testify that Muhammad (SAAWS) was a Messenger of Allah.

Posted by: Sister Anne | 17 October 2006

You poor soul, because you have not seen GOD you know him not. it sounds like you look for deception and got it. my LORD YAHWEH has allow you to see illusions because you accepted that much more then him. people problem is they look to man for answers, when JESUS said LOOK AT ME FOR I, HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD, oh wait a minute, WITH YOUR FALSE religion you don,t believe in JESUS as the son of GOD. muhammed himself didn,t believe he was either. allah is not called YAHWEH once in the koran. from what i study allah means moon goddess so when you pray you must pray towords Mecca. allah has no biblical roots in the bible. allah say men by nature or good being. YAHWEH says, ALL MEN FALL SHORT OF HIS GLORY. Romans 3:20-24 allah can do whatever he willed even if it means lying and killing, in the name of his god (satan). YAHWEH CAN NOT LIE. Terror is the way for muslims because they were told that allah anger towards they sins will ease if they would kill the christians and the jews. their inheritance to gain heaven with beautiful-women who can full they itimate desire. kidnapping a christian girl was a form of terror for fear to non believers , christian and jews to be on the look-out. thats right pick off as much as you can, to denounce YAHWEH and go to your false god allah.

Posted by: DISCERNMENT | 17 October 2006

New Testament Influenced by Pagan Philosophy

CHRISTIANS ONLY "COPIED THEIR ALREADY EXISTING PAGAN RELIGIONS" The Son of God and the Sun of heaven enjoy the same birthday! Dec. 25TH !!!!!!


Posted by: The Muslim convert from America | 17 October 2006

Yahweh-Elohim's Historical Evolution (Pre-Biblical)


Posted by: Pastor Beale | 17 October 2006

CHRISTMAS IS A PAGAN HOLIDAY for which i take no part in santa claus as well as halloween and the easter bunny for i know the truth.. but you worship the black kaaba stone, which your allah claim can cleans men sin away, which is a lie.. what can wash away my sin nothing but the blood of JESUS what can make me whole again nothing but the blood of JESUS oh precious is the flow the make me white as snow nothing not other name i know nothing but the blood of JESUS.

Posted by: DISCERNMENT | 17 October 2006


Posted by: DISCERNMENT | 17 October 2006

Does Jesus bare the sins of man??? Not According to The New Testament ===>Galatians 6:5 (King James Version) For every man shall bear his own burden.

The Black Stone - Hajar al- Aswad - is NOT mentioned in the Quran. The Stone is not be worshipped or regarded as anything but a marker.


Posted by: Exchristian | 18 October 2006

If Jesus the only way to get salvation according to Christians, and if this opportunity to be saved was in front of the disciples, why did they _forsake_ (abandon) Jesus and remain in hiding? Read:Matthew 26:56


If Jesus literally meant that the only way to be saved is to drink his blood then why didn't any of those who knew him do such a thing? *-:)

Posted by: Fact_checker2000 | 18 October 2006

Dear Muslims, you will find answers to your questions at answering-islam.org. You will know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!

Posted by: Care | 18 October 2006

Christian organization that calls itself "Answering Islam" Forced To Admit:
And We Have It On Tape.
www.ExamineTheTruth.com [-X shame on them! [-X
Ali Sina of faithfreedom.org on the run!! ... online debate, in which Ali Sina was publicly humiliated and exposed as a atrocious liar, he has refused to post the .. www.examinethetruth.com/sina_on_the_run.htm

Other interesting tid-bits:Rebuttals to Craig Winn's "The Prophet of Doom" book (69 articles): http://www.answering-christianity.com/prophet_of_doom_book_rebuttal.htm



Posted by: Great Islamic Links, with tons of materials and references, that I highly recommend reading. | 18 October 2006

Galatians 6:5 means you carry the responsibility for your own actions. actions that affect others you will carry that burden, like what you are doing now!!! Galatians 6:7 BE NOT DECEIVED; FOR GOD IS NOT MOCKED: FOR WHATSOEVER A MAN SOWETH, THAT HE SHALL REAP ALSO. you have no biblical knowledge because your heart is evil. you are not born again by the precious bleed of the lamb JESUS CHRIST. wisdom does not make herself available to evil men, they have no discernment for the truth at all. you can be a nice muslim and say you do not condone war and still be under this false doctine. you are no better then the one that are waring to the extreme. examine the truth.org should say examine the lie.org. can you see the struggle for your soul GOOD VERS EVIL? because your soul is valuable.. it is all that you own. and you must decide where you will spend eternity. you take bits of scriptures out of the Bible and thinking satanically (cult) program by man to believe it was meant for war. when the Bible is the book of truth.

Posted by: DISCERNMENT | 18 October 2006

Matthew 26:56 was YAHWEH devine purpose for us the whole world....Matthew Henry couldn,t have said it better. 26:47-56 No enenmies are so much to be adhorred as those professed disciples that betray Christ with a kiss GOD has no need of our services, much less of our sins, to bring about his purposes. though Christ was crucified through weakness, it was voluntary weakness; he submitted to death. if he had not been willing to suffer, they could not conquer him. it was a great sin for those who had left all to follow JESUS; now to leave him for they knew not what. what folly, for fear to death to flee from him, whom they knew and acknowledged to be the fountain of life.

Posted by: DISCERNMENT | 18 October 2006

Kill People for Working on the Sabbath
The LORD then gave these further instructions to Moses: 'Tell the people of Israel to keep my Sabbath day, for the Sabbath is a sign of the covenant between me and you forever. It helps you to remember that I am the LORD, who makes you holy. Yes, keep the Sabbath day, for it is holy. Anyone who desecrates it must die; anyone who works on that day will be cut off from the community. Work six days only, but the seventh day must be a day of total rest. I repeat: Because the LORD considers it a holy day, anyone who works on the Sabbath must be put to death.' (Exodus 31:12-15 NLT) WWW.ICNA.COM

Posted by: Kill People for Working on the Sabbath? | 18 October 2006

"To be a Christian, you must "pluck out the eye of reason."

[Martin Luther founder of the protestant church]

Posted by: THE EMPTY PULPIT | 18 October 2006

I JUST VISIT WWW.WHY-CHRISTIANS-COVET-TO ISLAM.COM Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit he didn,t make it up, no one can demonically persuade me that JESUS didn,t give his life on the cross FOR MY SINS my life is evidents of it. if i go by mans evil point of view, instead of what the biblical scripture really mean, it would rob me of my salvation to which is freely given through CHRIST JESUS. now i more so relize why the LORD SAID, THEREFORE HELL HATH ENLARGED HERSELF AND OPENTH HER MOUTH WITHOUT MEASURE;AND THEIR GLORY, AND THEIR MULTITUDE, AND THEIR POMP, AND HE THAT REJOICETH, SHALL DESCEND INTO IT. Isaiah 5:4 why because so many people or going to perish. for the road to heaven is narrow and the road to hell is wide. for people rather a lie!! false doctrine, then the truth. you was brain wash, bewitch and program to believe that terrorizing and killing christian and jews and rapping young girls and woman and kidnapping is righteous for your reward is in heaven in your false allah....

Posted by: DISCERNMENT | 18 October 2006

Sabbath is a perpetual covernant between YAHWEH and Israel. it is a direction violation against YAHWEH if they was disobedient to the covenant . YAHWEH said they deserved death. YAHWEH claim LORDSHIP over that day only, because he made the earth in six days and rested on the seventh day. the sabbath is also part of the ten commandments. JESUS OWNS IT HE IS OUR REST. SABBATH MEANS FOR THE RESTLESSNESS AND WORRY, IN LUKE 23:56 JESUS regarded the commandments of the sabbath so important that he obeyed it in death to keep it holy. YAHWEH WILL INFORCE HIS COMMANDMENTS not some terror (cult) group that call themselves christian organization. see why JESUS DIED for your sins and mine? if CHRIST didn,t come we all would be dead because we are born in sin and shape inequities!! YAHWEH adhorred sins of any kind. YET YOU ARE A SINNER CHRIST STILL DIED FOR YOU!!! REPENT AND TURN FROM FALSE GODS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!!!

Posted by: DISCERNMENT | 18 October 2006

To understand Trinitarian Christianity, you need to understand its founder, Rabbi Paul of Tarsus. Young Saul/Paul of Tarsus was the enemy, the persecutor, the relentless pursuer of Christians. The New Testament gives us a choice; either we follow Jesus Christ, or the anti-Christ Paul of Tarsus: Each one demands his followers to accept his teachings

What would Jesus himself have thought of Paul? We must remember that Jesus never knew Paul; the two men never once met. Paul was a self proclaimed Apostle,
never was he appointed by Jesus.

On the road to Damascus why did no one hear the voice of Jesus except Paul? ==> ACTS 22:9 And they that were with me saw indeed the light, and were afraid; but they heard not the voice of him that spake to me.

Paul was carefully positioned by Satan to lead the masses astray.
The Most High allowed it as a way to test HIS people. Satan's plan
has worked out rather well for him throughout the years, thanks to

There is throughout Paul's writings an irrational or pathological element which could not but repel the disciples of the Rabbis. Possibly his pessimistic mood was the result of his physical condition; for he suffered from Epilepsy.an illness which often caused him to realize his utter helplessness, and made him an object of pity and horror (Gal. iv. 13)


Posted by: Apostate Baptist | 18 October 2006

What shall we Christians do now with this depraved and damned people of the Jews? ... I will give my faithful advice: First, that one should set fire to their synagogues. . . . Then that one should also break down and destroy their houses. . . . That one should drive them out the country."

[Martin Luther founder of the protestant church]

Posted by: Evil Christian quotes | 18 October 2006

Recent events in the Holy Land have plunged Jewry worldwide into unprecedented soul searching. The conflicts to which the creation of the State of Israel gave birth continue to plague Jew and Gentile. Tragically, no end appears to be in sight. Various and contradictory solutions have been offered for the current travails.

However, all the solutions offered in so-called mainstream sources have failed. It is our belief that they are inherently doomed to fail. All of them make one fatal assumption. They find it axiomatic that the State of Israel must exist. And, in contrast to the plain evidence of history, they see its existence as a positive development for the Jewish people.

We offer a real alternative to this herd like mentality that has produced fifty years of war and suffering for both Jew and Arab.

We, affirm the simple belief, once universally held amongst Torah Jews, that Jewish sovereignty over the Holy Land before mankind's final redemption is wrong.

It is wrong spiritually because it denies that the Jewish exile is a metaphysical state that can be altered only via the practice of our ancestral faith.

It is wrong materially because it has consistently led to war, oppression of other peoples and the general exacerbation of anti-Semitism throughout the world.

History is written by its victors. Zionism -- by which we mean not the love of Zion shared by all believing Jews but political and military machinations to grab the Holy Land before G-d chooses to redeem mankind -- wields tremendous power over world opinion. All who question its dogmas are subjected to severe blacklisting and, at times, life threatening terror.

This near total historical censorship has blinded both Jew and non-Jew in our era to the universal Torah opposition to Zionism up to 1948.

In all schools of European Jewry -- ranging from the writings of German Orthodox leader Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch to the Lithuanian perspective found in the works of Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman to the Hasidic views of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Reb Sholem Dov Ber Schneerson -- we find scathing critiques of Zionism.

It is this long-standing tradition of our people that we represent here today.

We present the millennia old perspective of the Torah.

Its message has been distorted and ignored by Zionism.

However, intimidation cannot forever suppress truth.

Zionism is bankrupt. Its leaders war with each other as well as with the Arab world. With a near hysterical obstinacy they demand that America finance and support their failed enterprise.

The hour of Zionism is passed. Its victims wander about searching in its darkness for solutions. They will not be found there.

Arms and politics cannot solve the Jewish "problem" which Herzl set about "solving" a century ago. Our exile and the sufferings of all humanity are contingent upon repentance and good deeds. That is the only Jewish agenda worthy of the name.


Posted by: Shlomo | 18 October 2006

Zionism is wrong, just like Islamism, who is consider a jew? when did judaism started with Sarah or Rebecca? sounds like racism to me.

Posted by: DISCERNMENT | 18 October 2006

Since Jesus was a Jew, all of his Apostles were Jews, the New Testament was written by Jews, and the Gospel was preached first by Jews, Israel must guile the Christians into a war agaist Mozlems, and zionism will be the victor. VIVA ISRAEL!!!

"It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah." TALMUD: Coschen Hamischpat, Hagah 425

Posted by: Gush Emunim | 19 October 2006

hey guys we are all humans and humans make mistakes never judge a religion by its people but judge it by its book, i'm a muslim and my dearest friends are christians and my uncle is a muslim and he is married to a christian, what is the problem...we are living in harmony and in peace, you know what people i think that everyone should read the bible and the quor'an and choose his way and after all God is in the heart, he never asked us to kill each other niether in the quor'an nor in the bible, leave it to the day of judgement it's for god to decide who is right and who is wrong enough that u believe and love everyone around u...
i want to tell everybody here one last thing i'm a 20 years old muslim girl and i've never insulted anybody and i don't like killing and terrifying people and i love everyone around me ...and i'm still a muslim
u know what is my favourite prayer each night:
i wish that God may embrace me and take me in his arms so that i can sleep well
Can't we stop hating each other...believe me we are all humans..MANKIND PEOPLE MANKIND..Muhammed was a man and Jesus too and they both loved God and they both asked us to believe in him so please love God and forget about your hatred it will lead to nothing.
God bless all the sons and daughters of ADAM

Posted by: mona | 24 October 2006

Saul of Tarusus was a prosecutor of the Early Christians. He later converted and changed his life for the better. Muslims need to read the new testament of the Christian bible to fully understand the teachings of Christ. The Gospel of John was written by Jesus's apostle John. It is not a made up version because John was a witness to Christ. Nowhere in the teachings of Christ does he ever advocate the killing of others , especially those who disagree with him. He did not steal . He did not lust after other men's wives nor sleep with little girls. He respected his parents. He did not lie to cover up bad behavior or change religious edicts to cover up his behavior. Jesus led an exempliary life of goodness and righteousness. Jesus never had doubts about his Mission of salvation. Can the prophet mohammed say the same?

As for the those who convert to Islam, I feel sorry for you. You are being misled by the deceiver. Jesus warned of false prophets who would lead many astray. Why would anyone believe Mohammed? I guess many muslims are affraid to speak or question the validity of mohammed's teachings. Fear of death hovers those who question the prophet. What kind of religion is that??

True, there are christians in the world that act in UnChristian ways, but no one can say that Jesus ever acted in an immoral, hateful, deceitful manner. That is why I follow Jesus not Mohammed.

Posted by: denie | 01 November 2006

Do not think that I have come to send peace on earth. I did not come to send peace, but a sword. I am sent to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law" (Matthew 10:34-35)

Posted by: Bible and NT Terrorism | 01 November 2006

History shows that you can never stomp out faith with the sword, and he (Rabbi Paul of tarsus) knew that..he was a learned man and this "new cult" as he called it, was threatening his standard as a chosen person ( a Jew).. so since Paul could not destroy the true teachings of Jesus by the sword he faked conversion and tried to destroy it by the pen.

Posted by: Exchristian | 01 November 2006

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