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14 September 2006

CAIR's Congressional Candidate

medium_hooper2.2.jpgmedium_ellison.jpg(news.yahoo.com)  Today's Democratic primary in Minnesota's very blue fifth Congressional district could prove historic. If he wins, Keith Ellison would be all-but-assured to be the first

Today's Democratic primary in Minnesota's very blue fifth Congressional district could prove historic. If he wins, Keith Ellison would be all-but-assured to be the first Muslim ever elected to the U.S. Congress. It would also mark the first time that someone ascended to Capitol Hill courtesy of key support from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).


Ellison has received financial and other help from executives at CAIR, which has deep connections to supporters of Islamic terrorism. Also among those who have contributed money to the candidate are an official from a group that participated in a "tribute" to the Iranian despot Ayatollah Khomenei and leaders of what is considered the political front in the U.S. for the Muslim Brotherhood.

While Ellison could be genuinely ignorant of the disturbing records of some his supporters, he at least owes voters an explanation--and hopefully, an apology. Assuming he does, though, he needs to re-build his credibility by being more forthcoming about the true extent of his past with the Nation of Islam.

It appears he's not ready to apologize anytime soon, however. Though his campaign staff initially gave assurances that Ellison would be available for interview, the candidate for reasons unknown never returned this columnist's repeated phone calls.

Awad's assistance

At a fundraiser two weeks ago that the campaign estimates raised approximately $15,000 to $20,000, one of two speakers besides Ellison was Nihad Awad, the founder and executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

This wasn't Awad's first assist. A month earlier, he apparently delivered to the campaign "bundled" checks amounting to just over $10,000. ("Bundling" is the practice of one person soliciting multiple checks for a campaign.) The campaign denies the contributions were bundled, but seven checks from residents of Virginia, Awad's home state, and Texas, where Awad has strong ties, were received by the campaign on July 22. One of the checks was for $2,000 from Awad himself, and on the next day, the campaign logged a contribution from CAIR's Director of Government Affairs, Corey Saylor.

Though it claims to be simply a civil rights group for Muslims, CAIR is at best agnostic on Islamic terror, and at worst, a cheerleader for it. Two of its officials have been convicted on terrorism charges, and as an organization, while CAIR forcefully attacks critics of radical Islam, it has yet to condemn by name any Islamic terror organization other than al Qaeda--which it denounced only reluctantly several months after 9/11.

CAIR's former communications and civil rights coordinator was convicted in 2004 on terror-related charges of plotting to wage violent jihad against the U.S., and the founder of its Texas branch last year was convicted of terror-related charges.

Given CAIR's history, though, the convictions are not exactly surprising. The parent organization of CAIR is the Islamic Association of Palestine. Though CAIR bristles at that characterization, its two founders, Awad and Omar Ahmad, were both high-ranking IAP officials when they founded CAIR in 1994, and they maintained close relations for years afterward. IAP, which appears to have ceased operations within the past two years, was an openly anti-Semitic organization long believed to be Hamas' political front in the U.S. A civil court judge in Illinois last year confirmed those suspicions when he declared that there was "strong evidence that IAP was supporting Hamas."

Both of CAIR's founders have given rhetorical support to Islamic terrorism. In a speech at Barry University in Florida in 1994, Awad declared, "I'm in support of the Hamas movement." Addressing a youth session at the 1999 IAP annual convention in Chicago, Ahmad praised suicide bombers who "kill themselves for Islam": "Fighting for freedom, fighting for Islam, that is not suicide. They kill themselves for Islam." (Transcript provided by the Investigative Project.)

Although CAIR has repeatedly condemned "terrorism," it has pointedly refused invitations to do so by naming specific Islamic terrorist organizations. In November 2001, the Washington Post asked a CAIR spokesman to condemn Hamas or Islamic Jihad. He refused, explaining, "It's not our job to go around denouncing." Given a similar opportunity to denounce Hamas and Hezbollah by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in February 2002, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper called such queries a "game," and added, "We're not in the business of condemning."

But for those unfamiliar with the group, CAIR is very much "in the business of condemning"--but only when it comes to TV shows,

Israel, or U.S. policy.

Cash from Awad's Associates

Also of concern are other contributors to Ellison's campaign.

· Shahzeb Gaziani gave $500 on July 22. He is an official with the Peace and Justice Foundation, whose president was a featured speaker at a December 2004 event titled, "A tribute to the great Islamic visionary Ayatollah Khomenei." Khomenei, of course, called America the "Great Satan," was responsible for the kidnappings of Americans at the Embassy in Tehran, and his regime helped create Hezbollah.

· Esam Omeish, who gave $500, is president of the Muslim American Society, which authorities believe is the political front in the U.S. for the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the ideological forerunner of al Qaeda and many other Islamic terrorist organizations.

· Samir Abo Issa gave $500 on July 22. In 2003, he helped post bail for Abdelhaleem Ashqar, who is now facing trial on terror-related money laundering charges.

Ellison's defense

In a written statement, Ellison's campaign said, "As part of Keith's overarching philosophy of peace, he supports reaching across the ideological and religious barriers." What barriers? The ones that divide those who don't support Islamic terror from those who do?

Keenly aware that Awad's embrace of Ellison is creating controversy, the campaign claims it was local Minnesota Muslims who invited Awad, even though it is Ellison who has known him for almost two decades. Communications Director Jim Leinfelder defended the relationship with Awad, noting that CAIR's executive director was at a Presidential gathering shortly after 9/11. But it was precisely because of that incident that outcry over Awad and CAIR skyrocketed. And after IAP shuttered in the wake of being found liable in a civil court in 2004 for supporting Hamas, focus on Awad has only intensified.

Credibility problems

It's not just his refusal to explain his relationships with Awad and others that is troubling. Ellison's credibility is thin, considering his lack of candor this spring when he apologized to the Jewish community for his past "ties" to the Nation of Islam. He appears to have understated both the duration and nature of his affiliation with the NOI.

Though Ellison claims he didn't recognize NOI's anti-Semitism while involved with the organization, news accounts from 1997 suggest otherwise. According to the Star-Tribune, Ellison served as the NOI spokesman at a public hearing concerning anti-Semitic comments allegedly made by then-executive director of the Minnesota Initiative Against Racism Joanne Jackson. Reading the NOI's statement at the meeting, Ellison said he and his colleagues were there to "stand by the truth in the remarks attributed to her." Even though Jackson claimed she was misquoted, Ellison added that she "had every right to say that some of the most racist whites she has ever met were Jewish."

Ellison's claims of ignorance ring hollow given some of the NOI's anti-Semitism came out of his own mouth.

Which brings us back to his current company. Awareness of Awad's true nature has sharply increased in recent years. A simple Google search would have made Ellison's campaign leery of any affiliation.

Unfortunately, local press coverage has been appalling. Almost nothing about CAIR or Ellison's ties to Awad have been reported in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. National Democrats, though, should know all about CAIR, as leaders from the party, such as Sen. Dick Durbin and Sen. Chuck Schumer, have denounced the organization.

But if Ellison wins today, the media could begin showering "the first Muslim ever elected to Congress" with tremendous affection, creating a ripe opportunity for Democrats to pander to a new minority group.

How will the Democrats respond? Will they shun the politician who accepted CAIR's embrace, or will they join in the celebration and sacrifice principle in the process?


The bottom line is simply the Christian religion is going to have to clean up its act. While many Christians attack islam, their ranks are full of mystics, con-men, and right-wing fanatics that have turned Jesus into a joke. Much of what is passed off as "Christian" is the rantings of self-proclaimed mystics. www.ahmed-deedat.co.za - 2k - Cached - More from this site

Posted by: Raheem | 18 September 2006

The Christian religion has to clean up its act?? Filled with conmen ? What drug are you on Raheem? Did Christians fly civilian aircraft into trade towers or sneak bombs in shoes, in briefcases, up their asses or any other way to destroy innocent people? No MUSLIMS did that buddy. Why dont you ask that "Islam clean up its act"? Arent there enough hezbollah,muslim brohterhood,alqhaida,etc etc cults around for you to ask that question too? When was the last time a Christian group bombed innocent people? Are there milions of Christians training in illegal camps to board planes to Egypt and Saudi Arabia so they can take over the plane and smash it into Mecca? Well are there? Get a clue REPENT of your evil and moronic mindset. Oh and puleeeeeeeeeeease lay off the Oklohoma bombing thing will you (I can see it coming). The rebel group involved in that claimed no religion (unlike muslim psycho terrorists who regularly leave notes behind saying they did what they did for Allah and the chance to score with 21 whores..er..virgins...) So puleeeeease spare me your idiotic whining about Christianity or Judaism etc and focus on your own will you?

George Astro
ISLAM= NAZIS (and you KNOW it)

Posted by: George Astro | 20 September 2006

the moment that Christianity was adopted by the political power structure of the Roman Empire it stopped being a pacifist Gnostic cult, and became a methodology for control. The racism that was inherent within an empire that thought nothing of enslaving foreign peoples has continued within the Roman Catholic Church right up to the present day.

Historically christians have been the agressors not Islam look at how they attack like wolves in this chat room.:...
The first true crusade was launched by pope Urban II at the Council of Clermont in 1095 when he gave a dramatic speech urging good Christians to swarm towards Jerusalem later...
In 1122 Christian crusaders swept over Jerusalem and slaughtered men, women and children, 'until their horses were knee deep in blood. We then went to the church to thank the Lord for his mercy.' Protestant ministers jumped on the Ku Klux Klan bandwagon. Possibly as many as forty thousand fundamentalist ministers joined the Klan. Many of them became Klan leaders in their communities.W. C. Wade, The Fiery Cross (OUP, 1989.)

When extremists from predominantly Moslem countries commit violence, many in the media refer to them as "Islamic terrorists." ... wing" and "anti-government," but these hate groups, like the Ku Klux Klan, all have bible-based agendas.:...Terrorism in Northern Ireland which is a direct result of a sectarian conflict between Catholics and Protestants and is often supported by the religious leaders, has probably killed more children and innocent people than Middle East terrorism.

There is no doubt that many of the soldiers responsible for the recent death and destruction in Fallujah are Christians. And there is no doubt that many Americans who call for more death and destruction in Iraq and elsewhere are Christians as well.

The US [A Christian country] produces more serial killers than any other country. Up to 85% of the world's serial killers are in America. According to an FBI Behavioral Unit study serial killing has climbed to an almost 'epidemic proportion'. At any given time there are an estimated 20 - 50 active serial killers. Those who change their targets, methods, are often never identified. Experts speculate on what happens to unsolved cases of murderers. Some may commit suicide, die, be incarcerated, in mental institutions, relocate, or stopped killing, a few turn themselves in.

Posted by: Raheem | 22 September 2006

Raheem er "exhristian" have you ever lived in a "moslem" country (its "muslim" you should spell it correctly if you are going to defend them and in this post act as if you are a muslim!) Only westerners write "moslem". sheesh. Anyway there are more MASS MURDERS and serial killers in muslim countries then you can quote . In the muslim countries most such killings are honor killings against relatives so are not counted as regular "serial killing" as they do in the states.

As for the Klan and such can you honestly compare them to AlQueda and hamas and hezbollah? Your kidding right? The massive ongoing carnage of the muslim terror machine has pushed our nation to adopt outrages acts like the Patriot Act and has meant we have to empty our pockets anytime we want to travel and you are harping about the klan? buddy you have got to get a life.
America is in trouble and its the muslim terrorist machine that is doing it. You know it and I know it.

Posted by: to "Raheem" yeah right | 26 September 2006

Thanks to Johnny Blaze for the tip. TO: "exchristian"/raheem (an angry muslim who hates Christians):

I have noticed your responses are a perfect example of "lying to the infidels in order to support Islam is okay" doctrine so im wasting my breath talking with you . Unlike you I have a very busy life (fighting islam in real life not just online!) so I will end this with a link to those who are interested. Its for a website created by exmuslims (this is not a Christian site most of the writers are secular now). And it reveals all the evil that is Islam TODAY (not "Christianity yesterday as muslimes love to harp on!)


bye for now
George Astro

PS exchristian I dont hate you thats your dept . Thats where you and I are different.

Posted by: George Astro | 26 September 2006

PPS I notice on your website a free exchange of ideas is NOT allowed while on this christian site the christian owner allows your comments AND mine. in your site www.turnto islam.com all comments contrary to islam are NOT allowed. What you are exchristian (and people like you) is so obvious by your being contrary to freedom of speech on your site unlike this site where anyone can comment even if they are against Christianity and post lies about it (like you do!) How come you cant do that on your muslim sites? your hypocrisy is showing ...

Posted by: George Astro | 26 September 2006

I 've left Islam. Having been born and raised a Muslim, I realized I didn't know anymore about Islam than Americans did. However, 9-ll changed all of that. I started researching on the Web about Islam. T

However,even though I am aware that religion is nonsense. I still felt the yearnig to believe in something. I guess you can call me an Athetist with a security blanket. I need some kind of Mythos. Again through studying/researching, I reverted to the religion of my ancestors- Zorostrianism. I know what you're thinking- Oh, God! Another religion. Yet I will tell you. When I renounced Islam and reverted back to Zorostrianism, I felt all the ugly and mean leave my body. I found myself -can it be-being more humane, more tolerant. I even allowed a little pooch to take up residence in my house! My, oh my!

I decided that I had to bring the truth about Islam to family. My oldest brother was the first. His reply was, No. don't give up on Islam. Read about your religion. Learn about your religion. I told him, thats' exactly what I did. Presently, he is avoiding me.

Next, was my mother. She has a huge picture of Ali hanging up in her apt. I very gently told her that Ali and his cronies murdered Iranians by the tens of thousands, sold woman and children into slavery and looted our vast tresures. Her response was I can't give my beliefs, I'm too old. I understood this. She is elderly. It would be very difficult for her to change. Then, she started to ask questions. She was distrubed by my answers. She could no longer hide away from the truth. Still the picture of Ali hung on her wall.

Then a few weeks ago, she went to Iran. She called me from Tehran and excitedly told me that Iranians were wearing the Faravahr (Zoro. symbol of divine radiance). she was giggling like a little girl and then she said, Saeed! I am telling you the truth. I swear on ALI! then she stopped mid breath and stuttered. Oh, the hell with Ali. I meant to say, I swear to Ahura Mazda. Guess that picture of Ali will be going into the garbage soon as my mother bought a picture of Zarathrustra at the bazaar!

Who says that old dogs (old people, ect) can't learn new tricks. lol

Posted by: birthoffire | 26 September 2006

Well, I am a "Muslim" born in the US and my parents are from Bangladesh. They are about as conservative as they get. As the days go by, I question religion and Islam in particular all the time. You are the first person that I have seen that has challenged Islam with so much info. to back it up, it is mind-blowing. Over the last few years, I have been struggling with the weirdness of Islam and it is something that I wish more people would open their mind to and explore. I was raised in a muslim household, went to Sunday school, go to Eid prayers, etc. It wasn't until college and beyond that I started to really analyze Islam for what it really is. Lately, it has been a real big issue with me. A couple of years ago, I married a non-muslim and my family went crazy. She is a normal girl, kind, etc. yet my family considers her the devil himself who ruined the entire sanctity of their convoluted little world. Well, this is a typical example of how intolerant Islam truly is. I know of so many muslim guys who are in a mixed ethnic/religious marriage and it is nothing short of a roller coaster ride from hell! I ask any of the so-called pious muslims to ask themselves, if Islam is so tolerant, bring home a nice white boy or girl to your house, and see what happens. I seriously doubt they would accept them with open arms, or they would force them to convert.

One of the problems with Islam is that it is not a religion that is compatible with the 21st century. I get so pissed off when I have some sort of discussion on the fallacies of Islam and some ignorant muslim will go on and on about stuff that happened centuries ago. There's their argument. On things that happened so long ago and which are so poorly documented, who knows what is the truth. Islam hasn't flourished past the 14th century. Technology in this day and age are so far ahead and leaves most muslim counties in the Dark Ages. I ask the readers out there......tell me one country where Islam actually works...where everyone is living in peace and harmony, by the guidelines set forth in the Quran. NONE. The only one that comes close is America and that is because Islam to most families is a watered down version of its true self. Islam does not work in a modern society. Islam has contributed so little to mankind, I wonder how so many people still embrace it. Whether it is science, technology, music, sports, fashion, etc. they are mostly contributions from non-muslims. Go to NASA and see how many muslims are thinking up brilliant things. If there are any, they are ones that have been educated in a Christian or modern society.

The other huge problem in Islam is the fact that in poor nations, people have nothing to do but be poor and feel miserable and just sit around and ponder the worlds problems. I have been to many muslim nations visiting family and friends and most are poor and have nothing to do but sit around and recite the Quran and don't have a clue what they are reading. Then they read the paper, or watch the news, assume they know about foriegn policy, and then blame the US or Europe for all the problems in the world. These terrorist that commit atrocities like that of 9/11, they don't have much going on in their lives. If they were business owners, making good money, contributing to the education system or society, I doubt they would blow themselves up. Americans or most modern societies are just too cool for that. We got things going for us. We are too damn busy for anything else. I know so many people in Bangladesh for example that find nothing wrong with what the terrorists did. They feel that because their lives are so bleak, that at least they got one for the hometeam....they got the best of a rich nation that can spare lives and afford it. Well, here in America or other civilized nations, we don't think about these things. I am too busy wondering why the hell my cable bill is so freaking high...not about my roles as a good "muslim" That is what the Taliban is all about. A bunch of uneducated Mullahs who are so close minded and have read nothing further than the Quran or Hadiths. Ask them if they have read any Hawthorne or Shakesphere. They have no clue of what is going on in the world or the evolution of mankind outside of their little world. And unfortunately, in countries like my parents country of Banglasdesh, people are so backwards and have such a polluted, folktale version of religion, it just filters down and gets passed on from generation to generation.

But what is scary is the fact that the most f'd up muslims are the ones from the "Mother Land" Saudi Arabia. My parents just came back from Hajj and let me tell you......Arabs hate Americans......period. They treated my parents so poorly, and my parents are super religious. They blast and badmouth America so much but embrace our technology and our oil buying capacity. If they were so bright and if Allah was on their side, why didn't a muslim get to invent the internet?? Why arent' any of the wonderful technological advances in humanity from one of Allah's crew? And you would think that the Saudis would be the ones who really know the religion because they speak, read and write the language. Look at the terrorists of 9/11, all Arabic speaking. They are not a bunch of wackos, they actually understand the true meaning of what it is to be a Muslim. For all the people who write in and complain about this site......how many of you actually understand the Quran. True it is written in some sort of weird poetic high Arabic, but still, those who speak Arabic have a hell of an advantage over someone who doesn't speak the language. For those who practice Islam and don't speak Arabic.....don't you wonder what the hell you are saying when you pray or recite the Quran? Just because it sounds divine doesn't make it right. For all you know, it could be saying "kill, rape, slaughter, maime,!" Well, according to you, it does so I apologize!

Anyways, I could go on and on. I just hope someone reads this and at least question themselves..what are they suscribing to. If one feels that Islam is the way to go, then they should not be afraid to play devils advocate. It will only make them stronger. As for me, who the hell knows what is in store. We all wonder what religion is right.....Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc. When it is all said and done, for all we know, we have been wasting our time trying to get bonus points for our front row seats in heaven and then we die and realize....there is nothing....it's lights out.....The sad fact is that the only way you can find out THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH is to see it first hand and be dead. But if all you find is worms are going through your skull, well.....your're S.O.L. Where the hell's my remote, I hear there's something good on HBO tonight!

Posted by: the absolute truth | 26 September 2006

if you do not convert to Islam you will burn in fire I ask all of you to accept the truth of Islam. if you do not you will burn and we will kill you even if it means our death. we have to die as much as you have to live. if we die a martyr we inherit paradise what do you inherit nothing! Islam is the future of the West all other religions must convert or be killed by our swords!

Posted by: islam is the future | 26 September 2006

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