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11 August 2006

Christian Beaten For Drinking Water From Public Facility

medium_pakistan_MD.jpgCWNews.com – LAHORE, PAKISTAN (ANS) -- A Christian stone mason received critical injuries, including dislocation of his shoulder after he was seen drinking water from a public facility, by a Muslim man on June 6 (Tuesday) just outside the eastern city of Lahore, the Pakistan Christian Post (PCP) has reported.

Nasir Ashraf, the Christian mason was working at the construction site of a school. The trouble for him began while he was returning to the site. Confronting him with anger the Muslim man asked him as to why he drank water from the public facility by using a glass that was placed at the water tank.

“Why did you drink water from this glass since you are a Christian?” the PCP quoted the Muslim man as asking Nasir.

“The man accused the mason of polluting the glass and proceeded to destroy it. The Muslim man then summoned a crowd by shouting, “This Christian polluted our glass,” and encouraged them to beat him up”, the PCP report said.

“The crowd began beating Nasir, eventually pushing him off a ledge. The fall dislocated his shoulder, broke his collarbone in two places and knocked him unconscious,” it said

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tell me. Do you really, without any doubt belive that israel is doing the right thing?
You do not respect the UN, Human Right Wathc, RedCross Internationa,Amnesty international, UN security council - ??
I My country, the christians 100% supporting israel is considerd excremists by our democratic country - because we have humanitarian wiewpoints, and we try to follow the International Laws the rest of The World are comitted too.
This is THE ONLY reason why Christian Exctremists are being QUESTIONED in norway. NOT harassed, or followed - but QUESTIONED!!
Do you deny that christian extremists groups also exists?
I DEAR YOU to answer.

Posted by: muslimtrolletc | 12 August 2006

i will ignore the first part of the statment and focus on the second in my reply.

forgetting about the crusades for a moment, how many christian extremists--ACTING ON BEHALF OF ALL CHRISTIANS AND ACTING ON THE WORD OF GOD--have committed crimes resulting in DEATH in the past 10 years? hundred years? 200 years?

that's right, brother, not a ONE. why? because christianity teaches love, brotherhood, and turning the other cheek.
islam, on the other hand, tells us to 'slay the infidel where we would find them' and keeps us from being friends with christians and jews.

if you are a muslim and you allow me the freedom to be a christian, then you are no muslim at all.

isn't it sad how the 'bad muslims' are generous, decent and GOOD humans, and the 'good muslims' are evil, bloodthirsty and downright BAD humans?

may God bless you and teach you his Gospel of Love. (i DARE you to consider it..)

Posted by: christianextremist | 12 August 2006

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