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10 July 2006

Pentecostal Church Burned by Hindu Radicals in India

medium_churchburning_MD.jpgCWNews.com INDIA (ANS) A Pentecostal Church in India has been burned to the ground by Hindu radicals.

According to Salem Voice Ministries, the alleged arson occurred on June 30. The alleged arsonists also destroyed 150 Bibles and hymn books. The pastor of the church, Salem Voice reported, Jaidi Khan, escaped unhurt.

Another anti-Christian incident occurred a few days earlier, Salem Voice reported, when a group of medical doctors from Gandhi Medical College in Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, allegedly beat up a Dalit Christian laborer for several hours, cut his hair and reportedly forced him to drink his urine. The doctors apparently suspected the laborer of stealing a wristwatch.

The man was savagely beaten, Salem Voice reported. He somehow managed to escape from his attackers and rushed to the nearest police station. The police filed a complaint against “unknown persons” on charges of wrongful confinement and assault.

The victim was not able to say how many doctors beat him up. He would identify them if they were brought before him, Salem Voice reported police sources stated.

About a month prior to this assault there was also an alleged gang rape and naked parade of Christians in Madhya Pradesh.


In another situation, dozens of Hindu activists reportedly beat up Christians attending a weekly prayer meeting. Salem Voice reported that the alleged attack reportedly occurred on June 25 about 30 miles west of Raipur, the capital city of Chattisgarh. While believers were praying, more than a dozen Hindus surrounded the house, shouting anti-Christian rhetoric. Then they stormed the house and attacked everyone inside.

The Hindus also punched and kicked an eight- month pregnant woman who had to be rushed to hospital after complaining of terrible pain. Since the hospital did not reportedly have adequate facilities, Salem Voice reported medical personnel said they were unable to assist the woman and dubbed her injuries as “internal.” Salem Voice commented that the police took advantage of the statement made by the hospital authorities, and refused to pursue any action against the alleged perpetrators.

Salem Voice reported that the six Christian families in the village had been receiving threats for a month prior to the incident that they needed to renounce their Christian faith or be willing to suffer the consequences. When some of the Christians reported the incident to the police, Salem Voice reported they began to be harassed by the Hindu activists. According to Salem Voice, “police are hardly paying attention to reports and complaints lodged by Christians regarding these assaults.”


On June 22, Salem Voice reported, about 150 Hindu extremists forcibly entered a Christian orphanage and tortured the young residents and their pastoral care givers. Fifty-three have been taken care of in this orphanage. The alleged incident occurred in the Belgaum District in Karnataka.

The Hindus reportedly conducted a Hindu worship ceremony and placed vermilion pigment (http://webexhibits.org/pigments/indiv/overview/vermilion....)  on the forehead of each child. This was not the first time the assistant pastor had been attacked by the same people, Salem Voice reported.

The owners of the house who allowed its use for the orphanage were threatened and told not to allow its use for that purpose any longer. Salem Voice reported that the pastors, along with the children, have moved to a smaller house and are struggling with reduced space and serious financial needs.


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