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12 May 2006

A Message to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Building Churches and Other Houses of Worship
In Wahabi Saudi Arabia
Your Majesty
Greetings to you.
Pursuant to our letter to Your Majesty, as the Crown prince of the kingdom, dated May 5, 2005, and which was reiterate in a second message dated September 7, 2005 after you ascended the

throne, regarding the construction of a new megalopolis, we were very please to see Your Majesty’s response as reported in “Al Shark Al Awssat” newspaper issue of May 5, 2006 that reported your intention to build   a new city stretching for 35 kilometers on the Red Sea shore, that will be called King Abdullah’s City.

This is certainly a wise visionary project in anticipation of the repatriation of the Moslem terrorists that you exported to all corners of our planet during the last three decades following the oil embargo of the early 1970’s.

And now, may I hope that Your Majesty seriously considers taking reconciliatory steps to correct the Kingdom’s serious past mistake, by building churches, synagogues and temples for the Christian, Jewish and Hindu workers and who shall inhabit this big city that will commemorate your name for long times to come. Your city will then be a place where for all faiths, monotheistic and otherwise, to meet and be represented.

It is wrong to believe that these houses of worship will desecrate the land of Saudi Arabia as you claim, for there is already an abundance of deeply rooted defiling and sin in your palaces and the life styles, including the five thousand princes of the kingdom. This corruption has nothing to do with the “Cross”, for the Cross has nothing to do with the innate corruption that is dwelling inside you.

Your declaration to allow the building of non-Moslem houses of worship in your new city will inaugurate an era of reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and its Wahabi Islam and the rest of the world that learned to hate Islam and the Moslems after September 11, 2201 and the killings, explosions, and other terrorist events that followed it. That lead the world to consider Your Majesty and your kingdom the prime sponsors and promoters of world terrorism with your petrodollars and bribes.

This way, by improving the ugly picture that the world holds in its mind, you would have performed your duty towards Allah, His messenger, the Saudi people, and Islam.

“Allah does not change the sorts of a people unless they change what is inside them.”
“You don’t guide who you like, but Allah guides whoever he wishes.”

Engineer Adly Abadir Youssef
President of Copts United

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