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21 November 2005

Does The American Embassy In Cairo Discriminate Against Coptic Christians?

If you are a Coptic Christian, try to apply for a visa at the American Embassy in Cairo, once you pass through the gate, you will feel as if you are inside a mosque in Afghanistan. Posters of "Islam is a religions of Peace", "Islam means peace", "The life of Muslims in the US", "Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US", in addition to images of American mosques are posted everywhere in the American embassy in Cairo.

If you are not a Muslim, try to apply for a job at the US embassy in Cairo, you will wait and wait forever without a response, because - according to an embassy employee - your application will be shredded in pieces and thrown in the garbage by the director of the embassy HR, who is a veiled fanatic Muslim woman.

Over the past few years, the percentage of Coptic employees at the US embassy in Cairo has markedly declined , and on the other hand the percentage of Muslim employees has markedly increased, not only that but according to visa applicants, embassy consular officers would sometimes ask them if they are going to the US to talk about the Muslim persecution of Christians in Egypt!

Just today, a Coptic applicant for a visa was asked if she wants to go to the United States to talk about the persecution of Christians in Egypt! Then she was denied the visa. ( name of the individual is available with us).

If the US has declared a war on terror, it ought to look into its own backyards, and at its gates overseas. We believe that an investigation is long overdue over the behavior of some 'fanatic' and "extremist" employees at the US embassies overseas and how did such individuals pass a background check !

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the story uo talk about I hav same one we need to do some thing

Posted by: magdy selwanes | 30 November 2005

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