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08 November 2005

Australia's Howard Says Fanatical Islam Behind Terror (Update1)

Nov. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Australia's Prime Minister John Howard said ``perverted fanatical Islam'' is the common thread behind the threat of international terrorism.

``The utterances of people involved in terrorism all go back to their conception of jihad (holy war) and their desire to have some kind of Islamic caliphate, their desire to see the triumph of Islam over other religions,'' Howard told Radio 2UE in Sydney, ``That is a perversion of the religion.''


Australian police yesterday arrested 17 people for allegedly stockpiling explosive chemicals for use in a terrorist attack. A force of 400 police and intelligence officers used helicopters with searchlights in raids on 22 properties in Sydney and Melbourne after a 16-month investigation.

Australia's largest anti-terrorism operation came after the government passed tougher laws to combat terrorists through parliament last week. The government has warned that a major terrorist attack in the country is a possibility. Australia has supported the U.S.-led war on terrorism, sending soldiers to serve in Afghanistan and Iraq.

``The possibility of home-grown terrorism has emerged,'' Howard told Sydney Radio 2GB. ``The idea that terrorists are people that are flown in from another country to do their wicked deeds and then flown out is completely altered.''

Seven men charged in Sydney are in police custody and are scheduled to appear via video link in a Sydney court on Nov. 11. They have each been charged with preparing or planning a terrorist attack. Another man shot by police during yesterday's raids is under police guard in hospital.

Sydney Raid

Police raided another home in Revesby, in southwestern Sydney early today, although no-one was arrested, according to an e-mailed Australian Federal Police statement.

``The operation is ongoing,'' Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio. ``It's a lengthy operation.''

Abdul Nacer Benbrika, 45, Ezzit Raad, 23, Aimen Joud, 21, Fadal Sayadi, 25, Amer Haddara, 26, Ahmed Raad, 22, Shane Kent, 28, Abdullah Merhi, 20, Hany Taha, 31 were charged with being members of a terrorist organization and refused bail today in Melbourne Magistrate's Court, according to court charge sheets e- mailed to Bloomberg.

Benbrika has been charged with directing the activities of a terrorist organization, which carries a 25-year jail sentence, court spokeswoman Prue Innes said. Benbrika, also known as Abu Bakr, made headlines in August when he publicly stated his support for al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

The chemicals found in Sydney were similar to those discovered in explosives used in attacks in London on July 7, New South Wales Police Commissioner Ken Moroney said yesterday.

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wow, this is interesting, i cant believe he had the guts to blast Islam, its about time to.

Posted by: Joseph Michaels | 13 November 2005

See the item at http://www.livejournal.com/users/dfrankfurter/68278.html
(Written by an Australian living in Israel)

The link to the report referred to can now be found at http://www.paulasays.com/writings_of_others/human_rights_of_christians.html

Posted by: David Frankfurter | 17 November 2005

Australia will not sit still while the wolf is at the door. I talk to a few Aussies online and if the Muslims believe that Australia is remotley like France, they are indeed mistaken. It takes a long time before "Westerners" become awake. But when we do, we won't stop. The internet is a valuable tool in this war against Islam, and daily, people are seeing the persecution of Christians and Jews and all non Muslims, in the name of Islam.


Posted by: Jeff | 21 November 2005

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