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12 July 2007

Ex Terrorist Says ‘If Islam Produces Them, then Islam is the Problem’: True?

ac002a1d8142836b6dd29372bd73d48e.jpg“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.”

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Homosexual Mafia Attacks Christians Who Oppose Their Agenda To Prohibit Any Speech Directed Against Anti-Family, Filthy Sexual Behavior

7b36b966aa90771901d1df9c3def77d6.jpg(cnsnews.com)  As the Senate prepares to vote on legislation that would expand the...

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Iran: 21 women arrested in Ghazvin over Islamic dress codes police say

523df385a19f3c1d92f772f3e576b614.jpgTwenty one women have been arrested in the Iranian city of Ghazvin, 100 km north of Tehran, since 21 May and 3,264 reported to the authorities for failing to respect strict Islamic dress codes, police officials said Thursday.

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Sweden: Veils used in muggings

510168b6f5ce3cdcd640efbf338d5d2c.jpgOver a period of four months six girls aged between 17 and 20 robbed fourteen elderly women in the Tensta, Rinkeby, Sundbyberg and Hässelby suburbs of Stockholm. On

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Insurgents kill elderly couple in South

(BangkokPost.com) - Insurgents shot dead an elderly couple in Narathiwat on Thursday morning

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09 July 2007

Injured Pakistani Christians talk about Muslim attack

FAISALABAD, PAKISTAN — Describing an attack launched by Muslim residents of a Pakistani village in the province of Punjab, the Christian residents have said that Muslim residents mounted the attack in a bid to force them to cancel an Salvation Army evangelistic convention that was scheduled for June 17th

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07 July 2007

Muhammad and Islam - Stories not told before (part-1)

f8af92f12456f92f9f4017c7c4510a2e.jpgAuthor’s note: Though Muhammad took birth in the full light of history, but we do not know much about his childhood or how he grew up. Nor do we know for sure if he was the actual author of the Quran. We have, therefore, been depending on conjectures, all of which have came to us from different sources to make ourselves familiar with what he had, or had not, done in his lifetime. We ask readers to read this presentation keeping this fact in their mind).

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Bombing Anniv. Marked Amidst New Terror

f0019d48eddb0f3e2d75cc321f22718d.jpgLONDON - Britain marked the second anniversary of the London suicide bombings Saturday, a grim reminder as the country confronted a new wave of terrorism, and an Iraqi doctor appeared in court on charges linked to the most recent foiled attacks.

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Exploding the Myths of Islamic Terrorism

f47a752c3e91b7fc3effbd2924080fe1.jpgThough the bombs failed to detonate, this week's attacks in London have exploded persistent myths about Islamic terrorism. These myths—perpetuated by the politically correct, the unreasonably optimistic, and the willfully ignorant—have crippled the West's ability to(By

Christian Post Guest Columnist)

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06 July 2007

Islamic Group Driving Christians Away From Mosul

a304bb1704794c0b9b6a7012ea1a970c.jpgA statement by an Islamic group that calls itself the Islamic Emirate of Mosul threatened to kidnap or

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Malaysia adds to penalties for conversion from Islam

(CWNews.com) - AsiaNews is reporting that in northern Malaysia, the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party has stiffened penalties for

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