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19 October 2006

Censoring ideas

medium_Geno19.jpg(boston.com)  DID THE Ottoman Turks commit genocide against the Armenians in 1915?  Careful -- in some places you can be arrested if you give the wrong answer to that question. Under Article 305 of the Turkish Penal Code, for example, those who...

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Multicultural madness needs such antidotes

medium_10101011111.jpg(theaustralian.news.com.au)  In another sign of predictable cultural capitulation, a check-in employee with British Airways is banned from wearing a small Christian cross but...

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18 October 2006

School bans Christian chastity ring but allows Muslim and Sikh symbols

medium_chastityG171006_228x160.jpgA secondary school has come under fire for banning Christian pupils from wearing rings symbolising a belief in chastity until

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medium_musulmani_lezioni_20in_20strada03--133x198.jpgParis, 17 Oct. (AKI) - A European Muslim university will be inaugurated in the northern French city of Lille at the beginning of November. The Avicenne Institute of

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17 October 2006

2nd warning for Muslims to leave U.S. before attack

medium_oMbP7r4QXY3CEIkmoC2Xfdned7WTIKRN00EC.jpg'Because Allah's punishment would fall on America in the month of Ramadan'

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16 October 2006

Sulawesi Christian priest killed

medium_00000000000.3.jpg(news.bbc.co.uk)  A Christian priest has been shot dead on Indonesia's Sulawesi island, where religious tensions are high after the execution of three Catholic militants.  The..


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medium_EweidaCO131006_461x700.2.jpgmedium_veil.2.jpgIT is smaller than a 10 pence piece and all but invisible to people standing just inches away

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15 October 2006

The Greatest Manipulator and Sadist of the World!

Phillip K. Hitti’s remark that “though the only one of the world prophets to be born within the full light of history, Muhammad is but little known to us in his early life: of his struggle for a livelihood, his efforts towards self-fulfillment and his gradual and painful realization of the great task awaiting him we have but

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Over 15 Million Indonesian Muslims back violent jihad-poll

medium_sriimg20060203_6437131_0.jpg(news.yahoo.com)  Around one in 10 Indonesian Muslims support jihad and justify bomb attacks on Indonesia's tourist island of Bali as defending the faith, a survey...

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14 October 2006

Christian British Airways employee to take legal action over suspension for wearing cross

medium_EweidaCO131006_461x700.jpg(dailymail.co.uk)  A committed Christian said today she planned to take legal action against her employers British Airways after the airline ruled that displaying her crucifix breached uniform rules  Heathrow check-in worker...

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Non-Muslim students at Islamic school forced to wear headscarves

medium_scarveAP131006_228x252.jpgFemale students at a new Islamic school will be made to wear head scarves regardless of their religion, it was revealed yesterday

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