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08 January 2017

Italy: Muslim sets fire to church Nativity scene

Why did he want to destroy Christian symbols? Because “they have certainly disbelieved who say that Allah is Christ, the son of Mary” (Qur’an 5:17): as far as this Muslim is concerned, the statues are

idolatrous in themselves, and are celebrating false and idolatrous beliefs. But as far as Italian authorities are concerned, it is because he was suffering from a “visible psycho-physical crisis.” It’s all just part of the global outbreak of mental illness.

“Muslim migrant who wanted to destroy Christian symbols sets fire to church Nativity scene,” by Joey Millar, Express, January 3, 2017:

A MUSLIM migrant who ‘wanted to destroy Christian symbols’ has been arrested for setting fire to a church Nativity scene.

The homeless man was caught in the act by the church’s priest, who notified authorities. 

They rushed to the scene and fought to restrain the man, who was suffering from a “visible psycho-physical crisis”. 

According to local reports, the 25-year-old Gambian told police he was a Muslim and wanted to destroy Christian symbols. 

As well as setting fire to the scene, he destroyed a statue of Mary. 

The authorities eventually got the man under control and brought him to jail. He has been accused of damage to private property, arson and resisting arrest. 

The man, who holds a legal residency permit, has been living in Italy for two years.

At the time of the incident, which took place in the parish of Madonna del Rosario in Foggia, southern Italy, he was living rough….

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