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22 November 2016

Convicted of sexual assault in Stockholm We are - defense: "I do what I want"

Convicted of sexual assault in Stockholm We are - defense: "I do what I want"

Mohammed came to Sweden during asylkaosets worst days of 2015, when tens of thousands of so-called refugee children pouring into the country. He claims to be 17 years old.

He is one of thousands of immigrants who flock to Stockhom Festival We are Stockholm in August. Evening of August 17, he goes on Harbour Street with a bunch of buddies. He sees the 21-year-old woman he decides to grope.

Mohammed goes up to the woman and "take a real grip between her legs. He takes her on her crotch with his hand," reads the police report. The woman screams and when refugee child trying to escape from the place she follows and a friend to her after and confronts him.

- Why are you doing this to me, why do you do this to girls? she asks.

- I do what I want! Mohammed responds in broken Swedish, laughing.

Stewards and police who are in proximity to known and grabs tafsaren. The abused woman says that the event is unpleasant, but would not initially make any notification.

- There will still be no, she says to the police.

She is sad and says she suffered sexual past. After a moment of speaking, she goes anyway on to make a complaint.

Last week, the verdict against 17-year-old Afghan. He must pay 1500 crowns in fines and 5,000 kronor in damages to the woman. Something expulsion request is not included in the indictment.

According to documents from the judiciary as Free Times studied the moves of 21-year-old woman in a multicultural environment where drugs and crime are common. She is self-convicted of more serious violent crimes, including aggravated assault and robbery.

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