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17 April 2013

Muslim execute a 20 years old Christian boy in Punjab

(The Voice) Allah Ditta a 20 years old domestic worker of Meo hospital was living in a small village named talab Sarae at Manga Mandi. There are about 150 Christian families residing in this small village. Allah Ditta 

as earning to support his family of five sisters among which one is physically handicapped, a younger brother and old parents of about 70 years of age. on the day of occurrence i.e. 4th April 2013 at about 7:00pm in the evening when he came back from his duty, he went to the street after having his meals. a gang of Muslim boys aged about 17-19 years were sitting in the street and were passing awful and filthy remarks to the women and boys of the Christian colony. This gang included (1) Amjad Alias Kala s/o Wali Muhammad, (2) Shan s/o Muhammad Afzal caste Rajpoot, (3) sabar s/o Muhammad Suba and (4) Sadam s/o Shoukat Caste Jatt. They all resided in the same village but in the Muslim Colony. They saw Allah Ditta and started passing filthy remarks about his disabled sister. Allah Ditta in return abused them and asked them to leave the colony. Shan and his friends got offensive, Shan elevated a contention to shut the tongue of Allah Ditta saying that he is a Christian and he should not dare to abuse or stop us. We are supreme Muslims and all other Human beings are our slaves. Mean while other Christian people started listening to the dispute. Sadam put out his gun and shot Allahditta in his head. Allha ditta died at the spot and the gang escaped firing the shots. A source from the village informed the Voice Society about this incidence. The Voice Team included, Advocate Aneeqa Maria, Khurram Akhtar (Research Officer) , Napolean Qayyum, Shahid Anthony and Gohar, reached the village. 

“It is a pity that in the country of over 180 Million people, Christians are living their lives in fear and under the shadows of death. Our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters including the children are living like cattle. Nobody knows when his time is coming up for being slaughtered/murdered. Law enforcing agencies and police are looking for such incidents so that they can make money as a bribe from the offender, making this appalling confrontation a catastrophe” Said the Voice Chief Aneeqa Maria Advocate

The Voice's Fact Finding: 

The Voice team reached the village, the whole village was distressed on the death of a young man who was the only source of earning for his poor family and five sisters among them one is physically disabled. Allah Ditta's parents were unable to speak anything. His 70years old mother was carrying his picture and could not conceal her woe and pain. the villagers told that Allah Ditta was a gentle man and was helping his poor family by doing job in Meo Government hospital Lahore. He came back from his work on the day of occurrence and after having his meals at about 7:00pm in the evening he went out in the street for a walk. The Muslim boys named above were sitting in the street and were teasing and hooting every women and boy passing by in the street, they also told that it is general practice for the Muslim boys that they often come in the Village and use to tease and hoot the women and girls of the Christian Village."Nobody ever stopped them because they always carry guns and pistols with them", The Muslim boys named above started hooting Allah Ditta as usual and they teased him about his disabled sister and said filthy words about her. Allah Ditta couldn't bore this and he told them harshly to leave the village at once. They could not bear this rude attitude of Allah Ditta. Amjad Alias Kala stood up and said, catch this grimy Christian and shoot him. Shan stood up and hold Allahditta from back so that he could not run for his life. Sabar instigated Sadam to kill him and Sadam took out his gun and fired allah ditta in his head. Allahditta died at the spot but the villagers took him to the hospital in a private car. They called the police but police as usual came after one hour and filed an FIR u/s 302. Sarwar Pervaiz the Sub-Inspector of the Police station Mange Mandi is the Investigation officer of this case said that it was an accident. The Muslim/accused boys came to the Christian village to but the bullets and were checking the bullets, Allahditta accidently came on their way and died". 

The Voice Lawyers prepared a supplementary statement on the behalf of Allah Ditta's Father, and nominated all of the four boys and submitted the Statements of the Evidences under sec 161 PPC. 

The Voice is dealing with the case and we will make sure that the murderers will be hanged and the Family of Allahditta find Justice.

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