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10 October 2012

Man accused of driving at Christian protesters accepts plea, gets probation

DEARBORN — Mike Mohamad Agemy, who drove his SUV at a group of Christian demonstrators in front of the Islamic Center of America on June 17, won’t be headed to trial.

Instead, he chose to enter a no-contest plea to two lesser charges during a preliminary examination of the evidence against him Monday before 19th District Judge Mark Somers.

It was a continuation of the hearing that started Aug. 3 and included two witnesses from the “Bible Believers,” who were protesting in front of the mosque, 19500 Ford Road.

Had Agemy not agreed ahead of time to accept the plea, seven “Bible Believers” would have been flown in from the Western U.S. for Monday’s hearing. The two who testified Aug. 3 are from New Mexico.

Agemy pleaded to two lesser charges of aggravated assault, which each carry a sentence of up to six months in jail. Somers sentenced him two years’ probation, an anger-management class of about 12 weeks and $1,150 in fines and court costs. Agemy will have to report to a probation officer for six months; if he has to continue to report after that, the fee will be $25 per month.

Agemy, 47, initially was charged with seven counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of reckless driving. The $2,000 bond he previously posted will be applied to his fines and court costs, meaning he’ll get $850 back. He’ll also be credited with three days he spent in jail.

Agemy’s attorney, Christopher Andreoff, and Kal Najar, Wayne County assistant prosecuting attorney, worked out the deal ahead of time. The attorney for the “Bible Believers’” leader also agreed to it.

The nine “Bible Believers” were protesting at about noon June 17 when Agemy drove by, saw them, turned around and drove to the mosque. Two police officers who were monitoring the protest wrote in a report that Agemy pulled his Explorer onto the circle drive in front of the mosque and spoke with a man. Agemy later told officers that the man said he wanted the protesters to stop. The protesters also had been exchanging words with a group of mosque supporters.

According to a Police Department dashboard camera, Agemy drove across grass toward the protesters, swerving to his right about 8 feet in front of them and not hitting anyone. He stopped the SUV on a driveway next to a patrol car and was immediately arrested.

A photo introduced as evidence Aug. 3 showed a sign that a protester was holding that said the Prophet Muhammad was a “liar” and a “child-molesting pervert.” Continued...


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