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18 September 2012

Senior radiographer 'repeatedly groped junior hospital colleague's bottom and told her she should be his second wife'

article-2204637-150FB39D000005DC-166_306x423.jpgA senior radiographer accused of groping a junior colleague threatened to make a counter claim of sexual harassment when she complained, a hearing was told.

A senior radiographer accused of groping a junior colleague threatened to make a counter claim of sexual harassment when she complained, a hearing was told.

Ahmed Omar repeatedly touched the woman’s bottom and joked that she should become his ‘second wife’ during a leaving do at Newham University Hospital in east London.

When the woman, referred to only as S1, threatened to report him, he warned her that he would tell bosses she touched his ‘willy.’

Giving evidence from behind screens at the Health and Care Professions Council the woman told how she flew into a rage when Omar touched her bottom.

Speaking behind screens she said: ‘He just grabbed my arse, and I went ballistic.

‘I kicked him, and said what the f*** are you doing? I said are you going to stop touching me? He made me so angry, I’m still upset about it.’

Julia Matherson, for the HCPC, told the hearing how Omar targeted the woman soon after she started working for the trust.

‘He worked at a relatively senior position within the trust,’ she said. ‘S1 had been working at the Newham University hospital for two years.She noticed when she started working at the trust that when that when he went passed her he would touch her on the bottom.

‘He would say ‘Oh sorry’ as if he had just brushed passed her by mistake. This would make her feel very uncomfortable, and if she asked him to stop doing it he would giggle and walk away. He would also joke and make inappropriate comments, such as he was looking for a second wife.

‘This continued to make her feel very uncomfortable, but whenever she asked him to stop touching her he didn’t take her seriously and continued to say similar things.’

Describing the first occasion when Omar touched her inappropriately in December 2010, Ms Matherson added: ‘Mr Omar was fixing a computer at the request of S1.

‘Once he was finished he reached out and squeezed her bottom. She reacted by turning around and kicking him in the shins and swearing at him.
Over a year later, she was working on a computer. She was sat at the computer when she became aware that someone was in the room, and touching her sides. She turned around to see if was Mr Omar. She told him to stop touching her or she would report him to HR.


He replied that it was his word against hers and he said ‘I’ll just say that you touched my willy.’


A colleague overhead her shouting during the incident and the matter was reported. But describing Omar’s behaviour at a colleague’s leaving party Ms Matherson said: ‘Mr Omar made close body contact at BT’s leaving do.


‘Her evidence will say that after leaving the do to pick up some lunch, Mr Omar was right behind her, and she realised that due to his proximity he was touching her back.


‘Mr Omar would also make inappropriate comments to other colleagues in the radiography department about them becoming his second, third of fourth wife.’


Omar denies all the allegations against him at the south London hearing.


If found guilty of misconduct he faces being struck off. The hearing continues.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2204637/Ahmed-Oma...






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