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22 August 2012

France: Woman Beaten By Uncle for Not Observing Ramadan

Saturday, around 9.15 pm, rue François-Cordon, in Kerourien, Brest, police were called by a young woman, 18, who took refuge in her bedroom to protect herself from her violent uncle.

The family, originally from Mayotte, is celebrating the end of Ramadan.

But the uncle, who is passing through on the occasion of the celebration, violently rebukes his niece for not having observed this religious fast. He strikes her several blows with his fist and a broom. The police intervene. They are met by around 15 members of the family, mostly men, who try to prevent the police from entering.

After negotiations, the police manage to recover the young woman and bring her to safety in a hotel. She is suffering from injuries requiring two days off work. The uncle, who has left without further ado, is to be interviewed by the police in the near future.


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