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10 November 2011

Who is Turkia Awada Mullin?: What Happens When Muslims Run an American County

charleneelder.jpgThe story of Turkia Awada Mullin and Robert Ficano is a stark example of what happens when vocal, whining Muslims run an entire county in the United States of America. And it isn’t pretty. Corruption, fraud, forgery, lies, self-dealing, blatant conflicts of interest, and

large suspicious payouts and wastes of taxpayer money are just some of the consequences. Hey, just like back in the Muslim Mid-East! The video below tells a tiny sliver of the story. Disregard the fact that the video is by Charlie LeDuff, the former New York Times reporter caught in plagiarism scandals at two newspapers where he worked, and whose phony, made-up articles for the Detroit Newsistan bought them a defamation lawsuit which they were forced to admit had merit and had to resolve to the satisfaction of the plaintiff. The stuff in this videotape, below, has already been reported by other sources. LeDuff’s producer just did a good job packaging it.



2 Muslims & a Dhimmi Ran a U.S. County & a Major Airport: Azzam Elder, Turkia Awada Mullin, Robert Ficano

FOX 2′s Charlie LeDuff Digs into Turkia Mullin’s Past: MyFoxDETROIT.com

Over the last month and a half, the biggest news story and scandal in the Detroit area has been the Turkia Awada Mullin story. Ms. Awada Mullin, who until last week was the new chief of Detroit Metro Airport, is a Hezbollah-supporting Shi’ite Muslim (who was born in Lebanon), a fact, no one in the Detroit news media would mention. And, upon taking the job, she got an illicit $200,000 severance payment from Wayne County (the county which encompasses Detroit) for voluntarily quitting her previous job. All of this–the airport job for which she wasn’t qualified and had no airport experience, the ridiculous “severance pay” for leaving a job to get another one, and other perks and lucre she received were the result of strings pulled by Muslim officials and a county leader, County Executive Robert Ficano, who is sleeping with a Christian Palestinian supporter of the P.L.O. and sympathizer with other Islamic terrorist groups, Jumana Judeh.

Because of the firestorm, Awada Mullin was removed from her airport job, last week, but it’s distressing that a Shi’ite Muslim with Hezbollah sympathies and no airport experience was chosen to run one of the nation’s largest and busiest airports, where security concerns arise every minute. Awada Mullin was chosen as the chief of Detroit Metro Airport, with the support of “former” Islamic terrorist, Imad Hamad, a man who fundraised for HAMAS, was a terrorist for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (and committed marriage and immigration fraud), and whose FBI award was revoked after a column I wrote in the New York Post. Federal Air Marshals working out of Detroit Metro told me they were disturbed and beyond concerned when Hamad, whom the government fought to deport for over two decades, sent a Christmas card specifically addressed to their “secret” location in the airport. With people like Awada Mullin in charge, they and others were worried about what other security information would be disclosed and compromised.

Awada Mullin secured the suspicious $200,000 cash payment when Wayne County Executive and his hand-picked deputy, Palestinian Muslim Azzam Elder, forged a phony agreement on old outdated stationery that they alleged was the reason they gave Awada Mullin the cash payment. After the news media raised questions, they admitted the 2008 date of the agreement was phony and that it was written in September after Mullin had left her employ with the county to take the top airport spot. Elder’s wife, Charlene, is a hijab-encrusted Wayne County Judge, who was appointed by then-Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm as a sop to Muslims and their cheerleader, Ficano. I am told that Judge Elder insists on having Muslim Wayne County Deputy Sheriffs guarding her courtroom. The Elders, though they received nearly $300,000 in annual salaries from Michigan taxpayers, seem to have more money than is on the books. They currently live in a big house and are building a castle-style mansion with a five-car garage on a golf course. Where did they get the money? The FBI is reportedly currently investigating Azzam Elder, and a grievance has been filed against him with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission.



Judge Charlene Elder a/k/a Mrs. Azzam Elder

Elder, who was fired last week, is just one of the many Arab and Arab Muslims hired by Ficano and making gazillions of dollars on the public dime. Ficano’s girlfriend, Jumana Judeh, a real estateappraiser (whose appraisals have come under suspicion), is a pro-Muslim Palestinian and P.L.O. supporter. She is tight with Hamad and many of the HAMAS CAIR Action Network figures in town. I’ve watched her at public forums where she harassed federal officials and badgered them over restrictions against giving charity to Islamic terrorist groups. And that’s aside from the fact that she’s one of the ugliest Palestinians alive, despite her obvious nose job. She’s gotten Ficano to hire many Muslims, including an Arab who is supposed to represent the County Water Department to the Arab community and rarely shows up for work, according to a recent television report. As I always say, the most effective form of free speech is pillow talk.



Palestinian Sharmuta/Kalbeh Jumana Judeh & Dhimmi Boytoy Robert Ficano

A lot of incestuous business relationships, including several with Arab-owned businesses, such as the Boji Group, went on to both secure Mullin her airport job and pay her salary in her previous job. The airport officials and companies who did the “search” to fill the top airport spot all had personal business dealings with Awada Mullin and/or the County, and giving her the job was a complete conflict of interest, not to mention a farce (as $50,000 was paid for the job search, and all more qualified candidates with actual experience running and airport were rejected). Awada Mullin previously ran the Wayne County Economic Development Corporation and gave principals of the search firm and companies owned by the members of the Airport Board lucrative sweetheart deals that paid them a lot, but went bust for the county. One lawyer who voted for her to get the airport job and later to keep it, Samuel Nouhan, is an Arab who once represented Awada Mullin when she sued her credit cardcompany. But all of the people on the Airport Commission were Ficano and Granholm appointees (appointed by Granholm at the behest of Ficano), so it’s a “packed court” for the Islamo-pandering county leader wants.

Last week, after Awada Mullin was fired from her airport job after two months on the job, she announced she’ll sue for the $709,000 severance payment under her contract. Elder was also forced to resign, after it became clear he was behind the forged document and the $200,000 severance pay to Awada Mullin. But his boss, Ficano, is behind it, too. And he remains on the job, while under FBI investigation.

Also under investigation is one of the sources of Awada’s pay while she headed the Wayne County Business Development Corporation. Her base bay was nearly $200,000 per year. But she was also paid $75,000 a year by a non-profit organization to which companies seeking–and obtaining–sweetheart business deals with the county paid. The non-profit was headquartered at her sister’s $2.5 million Birmingham, Michigan mansion, a mansion which sources believe was really Turkia Awada Mullin’s mansion, but bought in the name of one of her sisters, Miriam Awada, a plastic surgeon (and judging by Turkia Awada’s rodent-like post-nosejob face, I wouldn’t recommend her). The home was bought on the cheap from one of Awada Mullin’s former clients, Patrick Harrington, a man who committed mortgage fraud and was sent to federal prison.

And that leads us to Awada Mullin’s former clients, many of them Muslims, and several of them federal indictees, including Abdullah Al-Jufairi, who was charged with $85 million in mortgage fraud and Small Business Administration loan rip-offs and fled the country to Qatar, where he is a multi-millionaire developer. Read two of the Al-Jufairi Indictments: Al-Jufairi Indictment #1 and Al-Jufairi Indictment #2. (If Qatar is such a loyal U.S. ally, why won’t the country extradite Al-Jufairi to the U.S.?) Al-Jufairi, some other Muslims, and Harrington, the previous owner of the Awada Birmingham mansion, conspired together in some of the fraud. Awada Mullin simultaneously represented buyers and sellers of gas stations in bad deals, and didn’t require them to sign conflict of interest letters. She might not even have informed them of the conflict. She was sued by more than one of the buyers. Awada Mullin had a reputation as a terrible lawyer, and yet she was hired by Wayne County because Robert Ficano has affirmative action on steroids for Arabs and Muslims.

If you’re wondering how a Shi’ite Muslim has the last name of Mullin, Turkia Awada was once married to Patrick Mullin, a high school principal in the Dearborn Public Schools with whom she had two children. Patrick Mullin allegedly stole over $20,000 from the school to support his alleged drug habit and sexually harassed a teacher. But, instead of being fired and criminally charged, he was allowed to leave with a half a year’s to a year’s salary as severance. Awada’s other sister, Andrea Awada, is an influential principal in the Dearborn Public Schools, and for years was on the board of ACCESS–the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services–the Muslim-dominated, tax-funded Arab welfare agency which brings illegal aliens, particularly pregnant Muslim aliens, into the U.S. and helps them commit Medicaid fraud in a birth tourism scheme. After Mullin was allowed to resign with a generous severance payout from the Dearborn Public Schools, the school district’s retiring superintendent, John Artis, was hired by ACCESS in a cushy executive job. Funny how that works!

Last week, Jumana Judeh’s corrupt boytoy, Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, hired replacements for Azzam Elder and two other County employees he fired to cover up the scandal in which he participated. One of them was former U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Collins, who is in bed with the most extreme elements of the Islamic community. When terrorist Imad Hamad was named as “Michiganian of the Year” by the Detroit Newsistan, instead of bringing his wife as his date, he brought his BFF, Collins. Collins is the reason that, after 9/11, instead of FBI agents visiting Muslims’ homes as they did with all terror suspects around the country, the U.S. Attorney’s office instead sent letters to the men, warning them, which led to many of them fleeing the country.

Collins is also the man who overturned the convictions of four Islamic terrorists in the Detroit terror cell case. Collins didn’t want to embarrass his friends at ACCESS, who gave the men thousands of dollars in tax-funded job training, including commercial driver’s license and hazardous hauling materials certificate tutoring. So, instead, he went on a witch hunt against his own prosecutor, Richard Convertino, who obtained the convictions. And Collins’ integrity is further besmirched by his actions in trying to protect his friend, NBA star Chris Webber. When Convertino was prosecuting Webber, Collins–who sat on the board of Webber’s foundation–tried to stop the prosecution.

And then, there is the other appointment Ficano made. He hired Zenna Faraj Elhassan as the new Wayne County Corporation Counsel (the county’s top legal job). But Elhassan comes from Allen Brothers law firm, a firm founded by pro-Hezbollah Christian Arabs from Lebanon, one of whom sent me angry, threatening e-mails. The other is a county judge, whom Barack Obama nominated for the federal bench (but thankfully the nomination never went through).

Yup, this is the kind of corruption that happens when Muslims and Arabs and their dhimmis run a county in America. And you can expect much more of the same to come from Robert Ficano’s Wayne County.

Oh, and you can also expect the media to continue its silence on the real story here: this scam is about Muslims and Arabs and the Mid-East corruption they bring to every facet of American life.

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