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21 October 2011

Thugs massacred Copts in Abu Qurqas and kidnap his brother ... and the return of the kidnapped gone ahead after the trust receipts

954540707.jpgWrote: Imad Thomas
Said, "Makram Youssef," in a telephone conversation with "The Copts are united," that his younger brother, "Milad Youssef Hanna" -37 years old, owner of a auto parts, was slaughtered on

Friday evening, at the hands of a group of of bullying known to the people of Abu Qurqas, They are "Mustafa Charchour, Omar Hrochw and Mohammed Charchour" and known for their their trade with weapons and drugs, known to officers section, after they had threatened his brother a month ago to pay a "royalty" of $ (100) thousand pounds, as he came around (50) individual loaded in 15 "Tctouk" outside the house of his brother, and began beating him with sticks and stabbed and one of them stabbed his brother, saying, "I Hdbg Nasrani you, you dog," and tried to defend his younger brother and they kidnap him in the "Toctouk."

He added, "Makram," he went to the Investigation Department of police officer, telling him to slaughter his brother and the kidnapping of his younger brother, said to him, "officers" that "guest" here and asked him to wait for the officer to attend FBI

He added: I went to my brother injured and went him to the hospital, Abu Qurqas year, and taking (25) stitches in his neck and head, and filled the hospital with family and attended a police officer to take his words came phone to the officer says to him "Mtktbash name Mustqy in the record and type the name of Omar!". He stressed, "Makram," that the person who killed his brother is "Mustafa Charchour," and after gathering a large number of family moves detective officer, and brought the young soldier.

And on the position of the neighbors, said, "Makram," said the neighbor's Christians and Muslims Haulo intervention to defend the "birth" but the thugs Taatdkhalhm refused and told them "not de Modoekm"
He expressed "Makram" sorrow and too shy to say what the family members who watched the "uncle" is slaughtered in front of them, pointing out that his mother infected with a stroke in the brain and in a period of convalescence and saw her son before it is slaughtered.
He warned, "Makram" of his brother was kidnapped to spend trust receipts



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