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29 August 2011

Witness : Nigerian Army Muslims helping boko haram massacre Christians

boko-haram.jpgMuslim extremists Boko Haram, with the alleged help of Nigerian army personnel killed 24 Christians this month in central Nigeria’s Plateau state, area sources said.

The attacks started Aug. 11 in Ratsa Foron village, where assaults that day and on Aug. 15 left six Christians dead; also on Aug. 15 in Heipang village, Muslim extremists killed nine members of one Christian family along with another Christian, the sources said.

“They were in army uniform. I even know some of them; they came along with the Boko Haram Muslims to attack us,” said a tearful Nnaji John, who lost her family in the attack. “I can swear to God Almighty that the attack was carried out with the support of the soldiers; I saw them.”

Attacks on Aug. 21 in Kwi, Loton, and Jwol villages killed six more Christians, said the sources, who added that Nigerian army soldiers participated in the assaults or at least accompanied the assailants from Boko Haram.

In the community of Chwelnyap in Jos on Aug. 14, Muslim extremists killed two Christians and injured one woman, the area sources said.

Chollom Gyangof Chwelnyap confirmed that the Aug. 14 attack on his neighborhood was carried out with the support or tacit approval of Muslims in the army’s Special Task Force (STF), a unit designed to stop sectarian attacks.

“The attackers were the very soldiers deployed to the area to ensure protection of the people,” Gyang said. “One of the victims received a call from the STF men in the area to come out and assist, only to get gunned down by them as he stepped out from his house.”

Gyang said area residents found identification cards of Muslim soldiers, berets and other pieces of their uniforms in the villages that were attacked.

Plateau Gov. Jonah Jang called for immediate withdrawal of the Nigerian army because, he said, Muslims in the army have taken sides with Boko Haram assailants.

“I am convinced that the armed forces are being polluted with the religious crisis in the country,” Jang said. “Before now, the military personnel used to stay in the barracks, but today the armed forces have started taking sides in this religious crisis, and if they are not called to order it will be dangerous for the country.”

“They were in army uniform. I even know some of them; they came along with the Muslims to attack us,” Witness Nnaji John

Boko Haram (rough translation ‘Western education is forbidden’) is a Muslim terror group believed to be associated with al-Qaeda. It was responsible for the suicide homicide bombing at the UN HQ which killed 23 yesterday – and in a call made to the BBC to claim responsibility, assert that they were ‘guided by Allah’.

Beleived to be funded from the Middle East, using the ‘Hawala’ system of money transfer, their objective is Sharia rule for the whole of Africa’s most populous nation.

They aim to achieve it by eliminating all opposition – namely, by nothing less than the genocide of the Christian population. Even prior to this story surfacing, there was supporting evidence emerging for witness Nnaji John’s claims. These latest claims add substance to those earlier reports.

And now it appears that they may have successfully infiltrated the Nigerian military.

So where is the intervention from the West? The tub-thumping speeches about ‘human rights’ by William Hague and Barack Obama? Where are the mainstream media?

It appears when there’s no prospect of securing Western oil supplies (the oil-producing Niger Delta is in the far south of this massive country) – or no Muslim ‘victims’ – the political élites simply don’t want to know.

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