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15 July 2011

I was kidnapped by jihadists

Islamophobia.jpgThis incredible nightmare began in 1998 … August 22, and lasted longer than one year.

My brother and I were kidnapped by jihadists.

About 30 well-armed warriors of Allah surrounded us and demanded to enter the house where we had been invited to visit.

Without further discussion they began abusing us physically. Their goal was to get us to admit that my brother and I were Mossad agents in Chechnya.

“Why are you agents of Mossad?,” they asked us.

“You received a warning not to speak out against jihad, but didn’t listen,” the main jihadist, Jamal, said. “It mean that you are Jews.”

Then I remembered an article that had been published in a local newspaper. I had written that jihadism and Wahhabism were harmful to the Caucasus. Someone had actually called me and threatened me.

The physical abuse lasted for several hours — they were beating and kicking us for a few hours. During the physical abuse they shouted, “Allahu akbar!”

They said that we would be judged by Sharia law, and that we could not escape death.

We were handcuffed. One mujahid stuck a knife in my leg and said, “You will be crippled after you die.” And then he broke my brother’s arm with his rifle butt.

During the four days we were held captive together, they broke more of our bones. We told them several times that it would not be better to kill us, but rather better for them to get the ransom money, but they did not agree.

After a few days we were separated and taken to be executed. After several simulations of execution, they were told that I should go obtain a ransom for the corpse of my brother.

In fact, my brother was alive; they had moved him to Chechnya, where he was held a year before release. He was told that they had killed me. They were playing a game with our nerves

During that year I had conversations with many leaders of the jihadists in the Caucasus. They all said that we must make a confession and pay the money.

The Georgian government is under pressure from public opinion began to take effective measures, and a year later my brother was released.

The horrors of his captivity that he wrote about after his release rocked Georgia.

After the jihadists’ prisoners were tortured and killed, they furthered the humiliation by selling the dismembered bodies back to the relatives of those who had been killed.

How and where they kept prisoners is so awful that the average person cannot even imagine it.

And all of this is done in the name of Allah and Jihad.

The most important thing is that they did not hide the fact that kidnapping is one of the ways in which they finance the jihad. These prisoners are called “money bags.” With this money, they then buy weapons and kidnap new prisoners.

Some prisoners could not endure these horrors, and tried to commit suicide several times. Those who could not bring the money in installments were killed and sent home to relatives. And this is not fiction; it is true.

The most terrible cases were those of kidnapped children and women. They normally sell these people back to their relatives. If they’re not paid in time, the fingers or ears or nose of the kidnapped person will be cut off; this is shot on video and sent back to the relatives. If the jihadists are not paid for a living person, they kill him, and then bargain over the corpse. I received tapes on which my brother said that he would be killed if we do not pay.

They had a special prison to put the prisoners. There were guards and executioners. All of them said that they needed the money for their vision of jihad.

If someone says that the jihadists observe at least some human rights, do not believe them.

The Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit has been held in captivity by jihadists for five years. This is terrible. Because I know what a horror this is. The only thing that I as a former hostage can say is, Be strong, Gilad. I hope that you’ll soon be free


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