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20 March 2011

Man refuses to testify; only answers to Allah

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - A man accused in the disappearance of a missing Ionia man refused to answer any questions on the witness stand in the trial of his accomplice.

Rami Saba was expected to take the stand Friday morning in federal court in the trial of Raogo Ouedraogo. Ouedraogo is charged with kidnapping and conspiracy in the disappearance of Donald Dietz in 2007. Saba goes to trial on the same charges in May.

Saba was called to the stand in court this morning, but refused to take the stand, saying that he "only answers to Allah." Attorneys offered Saba deals of immunity in his case, but Saba would still not answer any questions.

Saba is planning on representing himself in his trial. He was told by a judge in February that he would not be allowed to invoke Allah during his trial. Also by not answering questions today Saba now faces civil and criminal contempt charges.


FYI, many Arab Christians say Allah when they pray to their god. That's a fact....Allah comes from the word elah and the Aramaic elohim that means god.....I know Arabic and I have Arab Christian friends, and I have been to their church several times. And many Arab Christians have the last name Saba, so this guy could be Christian and not Muslim, except if he converted to Islam or he was born Muslim and all his family, including his parents, are Muslims too.

Posted by: Jason | 21 March 2011

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