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01 September 2010

Communication to the Attorney General for the release of Christian prisoners due to Muslim

jail.jpg Did not respond to the note of the arrest of the "backbone" of any kind of offenses his arrest, according to the law: no crime or punishment except by law.

- Capture the "backbone" contrary to the provisions of Article (66) of the Egyptian Constitution.

Wrote: Hikmat Hanna - particularly Christians Uniting
Progress, "Adib gift of Solomon" - the father of detainee, "Imad Adeeb" - filed a complaint to the Attorney General; asking him to issue a decision for the release of his son, detained since 2007.
The "writer" in his communication that his son in detention - three years ago - in its note No. (20 574) for the year 2007, issued by the State Security Investigation, which indicate the existence of a relationship between him and one of the Muslim girls. He pointed out that, since that date, despite the issuance of decisions to release him, most recently resolution dated 06.26.2010 of the circuit (18 total crimes) south of Cairo, but it was not released.
Must be released for "Imad Adeeb" After the recent amendments to the emergency law
In an exclusive statement to "The Copts are united," he said, "Peter carpenter" - Lawyer: The decision to arrest "Imad Adeeb" issued under the emergency law. Affirmed the need to release him after the recent amendments, which restricted the warrants for the crimes of terrorism and drugs. He pointed out that the note on the decision of his arrest did not respond by any of these types of crimes.
Imprisonment without the right
He explained, "carpenter" They are a crime against a citizen imprisoned unjustly, simply configure a romantic relationship with Muslim girl. He pointed out that this is a criminal matter for the Christian, even without the support of the law. He pointed out that it violates the provisions of Article (66) of the Egyptian Constitution, which affirms that the punishment is personal, not a crime or punishment except by virtue of the law and no punishment except by a space and no punishment except for acts subsequent to the enactment of the law.
He stressed, "Najjar," he had been submitting requests to the Minister of the Interior to release the "backbone" but to no avail, and he made recently at the request of the Attorney General; for release in accordance with Article (6) of the Instructions of Public Prosecution, the provisions of Article (66) of the Constitution

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