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15 August 2010

Anther attack on Christians in Nag Hammadi

breadsks4.jpgA young Christian who loses his life a line for bread and the reasons unknown!! 15/08/2010

  Was a young Christian named "Sameh Bidaba," died Sunday morning in the village of "pacifism" of the "Nag Hammadi", and that while waiting to "queue" to buy bread.

In a telephone call to the newspaper "The Copts are united" with Grace "Saint Cyril" bishop of the Nag Hammadi confirmed to us that the health and death of the young man said, but pointed at the same time that the cause of death is unknown and will be clear after the autopsy young deceased, who has been in hospital, "Nag Hammadi, General ".

Death and accounts for "Bidaba" said HG - "Saint Cyril" - that there is a team says that the young man Baghtth sudden cardiac arrest, while others believed he died after a group of Muslim youth was beaten to death

Naj Hammadi is 40 miles (64km) from Luxor, southern Egypt's biggest city.

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I found this blog very informative.

Posted by: MBA Dessertation | 24 August 2010

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