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11 May 2010

Police arrests Christian husband who demanded case against rapist Muslim employer

(PCP) Shahbaz Masih, an employ in poultry farm was arrested in a fabricated case by Ferozwala Police Station officers when he went to report a rape of his wife by Mohammad Farooq

Instead of lodging rape case against accused Muslim, the police arrested Shahbaz Masih under section 301 PPC, intentions to kill Mohammad Farooq.

Shahbaz Masih, resident of Chack number 34 moved to servant quarters on a poultry farm as caretaker employee in village Chack number 45, owned by Mohammad Asghar Ali.

Mohammad Farooq, son of poultry farm owner Mohammad Asghar also used to come on farm and started sexually harassing wife of Shahbaz Masih.

Shahbaz Masih complained to his employer Mohammad Asghar about behavior of his son but Mohammad Asghar assured him that he will stop his son passing any bad remark to him or his wife.

Mohammad Farooq came on poultry farm and ordered Shahbaz Masih to go to nearby farms to work. In his absence, Mohammad Farooq went to servant quarters and raped Shahbaz Masih wife on gunpoint.

She cried and begged Mohammad Farooq but no one came for rescue. After raping Mohammad Farooq fled from seen.

When Shahbaz Masih came back on farm he found her wife unconscious and she told her husband about rape on gunpoint by Mohammad Farooq.

She along with her husband went to Ferozwala Police Station to lodge report of rape against Mohammad Farooq but police arrested he husband Shahbaz Masih on accusation of intentions to kill Farooq Mohammad.

Police produced Shahbaz Masih in court on May 6, 2010 where judge sent him to jail custody.

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