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24 April 2010


2944052.jpg(ANSAmed) - PARIS, APRIL 23 - A 31-year-old woman who was driving whilst wearing the niqab, the Islamic veil which covers the whole face

except the eyes, was fined 22 euros by the traffic police for "driving in uncomfortable conditions". ù The incident, said the woman, took place at the beginning of month in Nantes, in the west of France. The French woman has been wearing the niqab for nine years and was arrested by the police in a street of Nantes while at the wheel of her car: "two policemen pulled me over," said the woman, saying that she uncovered her face for identification purposes. "At that point, the policeman," continues the report, "told me that he was making a report because of my clothing. I told him that he couldn't, that it was pure and simple discrimination." The policeman said that the woman's field of vision had been limited by the niqab. President Nicolas Sarkozy decided on Wednesday in a Council of Ministers meeting that the government will proceed with a bill for the total ban of the full veil and the burkha in France by May, despite reservations expressed by the Council of State and criticism that the law would appear to be difficult to apply. Meanwhile, daily newspaper Le Parisien has reported that one of the authors of the bill, chief whip of the majority party (UMP), Jean-Francois Copé, has been under escort since January following repeated threats. His closest collaborators say that the threats and the decision to provide him with protection were "more or less linked to the burkha". (ANSAmed).

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