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12 February 2010

Copt killed by a policeman in Menoufia,Egypt

malak1(1) ملاك سعد عزيز -25 عام.jpgpic of Malak Saad Aziz -25 year - who was killed Tuesday ,feb 9 evening by a live bullet by the host security guard who believed the police turning to the Church.

In Tata Menoufia not sufficient security to prevent Christians from praying and send the message that the majority of the usual what they are doing correctly and that a prayer Copts against the law it represents, including the encouragement of violence against the Copts, to stop them from praying, not simply by failing to protect victims of Copts as we do, but we see also see individual police officer who killed Copts by police 's weapons , live ammunition.

A young Christian martyr of the new Malak  Saad "25 years" works as a carpenter, a Coptic village, "Tata" of the Menof who have been since last Christmas holiday harassed by their neighbors and fellow Muslims when it was spread the rumor of their intention to convert the place where the practice of prayer for 15 years to Church, began boiling sectarian tension and inciting racial and all that is Christian is growing inside the village, the police came and banned Copts from the final use of a room as small as an area of forty-five meters to pray!! The security guard took them, and on Tuesday when he was martyred angel standing in front of the host and get out police recognized the Secretary-gun Miri, the owners of a bullet fired directly at his heart, killing in the heat of the moment ...

smal2201010191511.jpgOnce the martyrdom of the owners and before any investigation of the Attorney General Ministry of Interior announced that the death angel killed an error!! And that he was killed while cleaning his gun to the individual Muslim!!! Means would not be executed also killed Coptic shot directly in the heart ... even if by police'sweapon ..

And close the Security crowds Security Central Tata village and the surrounding areas and journalists from entering the village in order to besiege the Copts, to prevent their voices out

Monufia Governorate : (Arabic: المنوفية ‎) is one of the principal Governorates of Egypt. It is in the north of the country (south of Gharbia and north of cairo ) .Recent statistical stimates (2006) show that the city has a population of 0.63 million, which is 18.87% of the total population of the governorate, with a population density of 2010 persons per square kilometer .

This governorate is especially known for being the birthplace of two Egyptian  presidents: Anwar Sadat (1918-1981, born in Mit Abu al-Kum) and Hosni Mubarak (1928- , born in Kafr-El Meselha).

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