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16 January 2010

Muslim Gang Rapes Man in Manchester Centre

imagesCA6TCUGA.jpgManchester a bastion of NuLabour'sinflicted multiculturalism and diversity yet again makes the 'rape jihad' news. This time a lone man was raped by an "Asian" (media code word for muslim) gang.

And from my (and others) past blogs we know there is a high incidence of rape perpetrated by muslims in Western countries - but the vast majority of these rapes are women. Two muslim gang rapes recently occurred in the Manchester area - see HERE andHERE. 

In Western countries, muslim violence against particularly lone men is common - but there have been few reported rapes of men by an "Asians" -so the statement by Det Sgt Alex Nicholson: "Crimes of this nature are very rare." which is typically used by the police in the weekly incidences of muslim perpetrated street rapes - is finally true. (Except in the cases of sexual assault of boys in a mosque setting )

This is not the case in places such as the Sudan and other muslim countries where rapes of men and boys is far more commonplace and often used as punishment for being an infidel.

But couldn't these male rapists be considered committing homosexual acts? Isn't homosexuality considered taboo by the Religion of Peace? 

"Based on the principles of the Qur'an and the Hadith, several eminent scholars of Islam, such as Imam Malik, Imam Shafi, Ahmad and Ishaaq have ruled that the person guilty of homosexuality should be stoned regardless of his married or unmarried nature.[6] " SOURCE

Iranian teens were recently hung for their homosexuality.

Yet it appears that in Islamic countries the male victim of rape is deemed a homosexual and punished as such.  Thus male rape victims are viewed with the same prejudice as female victims of rape.

Indeed - some muslim men are actually encouraged to rape men and boys so these shamed victims can then be easily turned into suicide bombers.

Thus with Islam the rape victim - male or female - is always doubly victimized - meanwhile the rapists are given a pass.





A 30-year-old man was raped in Manchester city centre in the early hours of Wednesday.

The man got into a car in Bloom Street some time after 0200 GMT. He was taken to Echo Street where three other men got in the car and he was raped.

The men are described as Asian and aged between 30 and 40.

Det Sgt Alex Nicholson said: "Crimes of this nature are very rare." He urged anyone with any information to contact Greater Manchester Police.

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