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03 August 2009

Nigerians count cost after uprising by Islamic sect

G.jpgrF.jpgMAIDUGURI, Nigeria (Reuters) - Samuel Yunana's father, Fayam, was taken from his home, stabbed in the side of the stomach and told to convert to Islam. When he refused, his throat was slit.

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Airport chapels removing Christian symbols

airliner_landing.jpgATLANTA, GA  - While U.S. airports often have chapels, many of them no longer display crosses or other symbols that would make them specific to a particular faith.

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Gojra riots: Christian minority feels insecure in Pak

New York, August 3: The attack on Christian families in Gojra in central Pakistan, the culmination of several days of rioting over a claim that a Koran had been defiled, shows how insecure life is for the tiny Christian minority in the country.

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02 August 2009


images.jpgcoptics1.jpgTwo Copts wounded in Minya province over plan to use building as church venue

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Welfare money-maker for senior Bey

Hewseal.gifTo supplement his income at Your Black Muslim Bakery, founder Yusuf Bey hid his paternity of some of his 42 children so their mothers could

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Muslims Abduct Two Christian Coptic Girls in Egypt

amiramorgan.jpg(AINA) -- Mrs. Samira Markos, who lives in Alexandria, sent an appeal to Egypt4Christ advocacy, pleading with them to rescue her daughter from forced Islamization. The mother said that her daughter Amira Morgan (born 9/9/1992) was abducted on 7-18-2009 on her way to work in the plastics factory near their home.

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Girl chained for a week by father in Hyderabad

hyd-girl-chained-313.jpgHyderabad: A 17-year-old girl was chained by her stepfather to a TV stand for more than a week as her mother was fighting sickness.

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Eight Christians burned alive in Punjab

Pakistani-christians-_in_Lahore_(Punjab).jpgOne of them is a child of 7 years. Among the dead there are 4 women. Religious and militant Islamic fundamentalists were inciting the crowd. The fuel is the same as that used in the destruction of Shanti Nagar (1997); Sangla Hill (2005) and Koriyan, a day before. The police accused of negligence.

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01 August 2009

After Nearly 2 Weeks, New Albany Teen Still Missing

image_missing_teen_280.jpgCOLUMBUS, Ohio — Police on Friday were still looking for information about a central Ohio

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Man kills sister, two nieces

ISLAMABAD: A man on Friday gunned down his sister and two daughters in Koral for one of her nieces’ travel to Multan with a ‘stranger’.

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Korian Christians forced to flee after houses burnt

* Govt to act against those responsible, compensate Christian families

By Ali Usman

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