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03 May 2009

Dutch Girls Stoned by Muslim Gang in The Netherlands

This is the same thread that runs through the Islamic "culture" and much of the same of what "inspires"  the depraved barbarity in this video (second one down).

Today there is this article in the Dutch Newspaper "Algemeen Dagblad":

In the city of Gouda, which is already known for the attacks of muslim youth on bus drivers, ambulance helpers, fire workers and police officers, now 2 Moroccans are arrested because of stoning Dutch girls.

Monday afternoon, two girls riding on their bicycles were first verbally attacked and called "cancer-ho" and other insulting illnesses by islamic youth. They started bicycling faster to get away from that area, but the muslims followed them and caused them to stop. They then started throwing stoned at them, hitting the heads of the girls. They also took the bicycles from the girls and threw these on the girls.

At least 5 muslim boys were involved, but only 2 young ones were arrested by the police in the age of 13 and 15.

Comment: After the already going on violence of Muslims in The Netherlands, by assaulting ambulance workers and fire workers, putting cars on fire, is it now going to be a common "ritual" in the Dutch streets that Dutch girls are going to be publicly stoned?

'Stenigen' zusjes 'wel heel bizar'
(hat tip Dutch Wolf)


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dutch people deserve this cuz they allowed muslims to live among them

Posted by: bastawisi | 04 May 2009

It is sad to see this sort of violence. When will people learn that violence only leads to more violence. Love is the only thing that can heal. If people would respond in love, they may be surprised where that can take them.

Posted by: International Health Insurance | 28 February 2011

The cycle of violence against people because of their religious affiliation appears to be on the rise. It's very sad...

Posted by: Working Capital | 09 May 2011

Violence against women...an explosion of violence against people of different religious affiliation is on the rise.

Posted by: Business Cash Advances | 12 May 2011

I agree with the comment asking the question, when will people learn that violence only leads to violence.

Posted by: Restaurant Loans | 20 May 2011

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