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20 January 2009

CNN compares Obama inauguration to Islamic hajj (video)

01100.jpgJust when you think you have heard everything from the liberal media, they best their own record for ludicrous reporting. Here is a CNN report that actually compares the upcoming Presidential Inauguration to the Muslim Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca! I kid you not!

The report never mentions Obama by name, but we did not see any comparisons between President Bush’s Inauguration and the Hajj to Mecca. For the mainstream media, who take such pride in helping to get Barack Obama elected with their incredibly biased reporting, perhaps the inauguration of Barack Obama is a religious event, as they put their faith in the Messianic Obama they helped to create.

Similar in another way - Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison will have attended both (although we still don’t know who paid for his hajj), and sharia law will forbid dancing at Obama’s Islamic inaugauration gala.

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