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17 January 2009

"Moderate" Muslim Ahmed Marcouch Wants Muslims Only District Of Amsterdam

0101.gifMarcouch will 'Muslim district' Amsterdam
Politician Ahmed Marcouch has plans to set up a 'city in itself' outside the ring of Amsterdam. In that district a 'flourishing Muslim community' should develop.

The Amsterdam district council chairman wrote that in an internal letter to other district council chairmen in Amsterdam-West. The PvdA - lawmaker took advantage of an ongoing discussion to shrink some districts in Amsterdam, reports De Pers.

In place of a district Marcouch wants to see a "super -district', a city unto itself: New West. 'There a flourishing Muslim community can develop with sufficient social capital.The Muslim minority is a plus point. There is a clear difference between west inside the ring and the west outside the ring' writes Marcouch.


Not everyone is happy with the plan of Marcouch." If he means to say that he wants to strengthen the Muslim community, or that he wants to create a specific Muslim district in Amsterdam I would find that very unfortunate. In a secular society the law makers may not be led by their belief" finds VVD House member and intergration spokesman Paul de Krom.

His PvdA colleague Jeroen Dijsselbloem says he doesn't understand what Marcouch means.'Muslim communities form themselves around mosques not around the borders of a city.' Read more ...
Source: Militant Islam Monitor


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