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27 December 2008

Muslim extremists claim Jesus Christ would have been locked up in prison

05.jpgIF JESUS were alive today, he would be behind bars, Muslim extremists are claiming.

A post on Islam4uk.com claims that the Son of God would be locked up under anti-terror laws, and would have been extradited to Palestine by the British government.

Last night Bishop Joe Aldred, chairman of Birmingham’s Council of Black Led Churches, described the rant as “political opportunism” and urged communities to work together against extremism.

The radical website is run by Anjem Choudary, aged 41, the former UK head of banned Islamist group al-Muhajiroun, and is popular with young Muslims in the Midlands.

Choudary, who once called for the Pope to be assassinated, was secretly filmed at an Alum Rock youth centre in February, preaching hatred against “unbelievers” and calling for violent Sharia law to be introduced on the streets of Birmingham.

At the bottom of the rant on the website, Choudary encourages readers to get in touch with him, and even leaves his mobile phone number.

The message, posted just days before Christmas, says: “We can envisage that if alive in the UK today, Jesus would undoubtedly have supported the struggle of the indigenous people in Afghanistan and Iraq, as opposed to the capitalist driven US-led alliance.

“As such, and being a Syrian or Palestinian refugee in the UK, he would also have been subjected to a loyalty and allegiance test to ensure that he put Britain and its Prime Minister Brown before God. He would also have been, no doubt, interned under Britain’s new terrorism laws.

“Or maybe he would have been kidnapped by MI5 or Special

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What on earth is going on here? you are talking about Jesus as if he existed in a matter-of-fact manner. This certainty is completely unwarranted. Do you have even the faintest of ideas about biblical scholarship? It seems not.

The Bible is a collection of tales that you are behaving as if have been proven to be true. There is no reason to think that these tales are anything other than fiction. There are no contemporary accounts of the existance of Jesus, the gospels were not written by eye witnesses and are hearsay at best.

No-one has ever proven a single Bible story to be true, yet millions of people seem to think that someone has.

By all means behave as the Biblical Jesus would have you behave, but to act as if the Biblical stories are real accounts of historic events is childish and dishonest.

Posted by: ConcernedAbout | 28 December 2008

What kind of nonsense is this? Of course Jesus lived. There is historical data to show that. Historians (not Christian) of the time wrote about him.

And, you are incorrect on another thing - thus far, all the archeological evidence has proven the Biblical "tales" to be true. Cities unearthed. Artifacts found.

Certainly a heck of a lot more evidence than the capitol of the djinn, that Islam speaks about. Not to mention, Muhammad believed Jesus was real, as were all the other folks he plagiarized from.

But, your assessment of yourself on your site is correct - you dont have a lot of knowledge. So, why would you be trolling a site such as this, that is clearly meant for believers? Why don't you and your ilk stay away from sites like this. They don't hurt you. But, you attempt to hurt them. Go play with your own kind and leave these folks alone. They have enough problems to deal with without adding someone like you to the mix.

Posted by: radmdau | 06 January 2009

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