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06 August 2008

'Mohammad,' 'Allah' Seen On Lodi Plant

Signs Are 'Wake-up Call For Muslims'

LODI, Calif. -- Some are calling a zucchini plant "amazing" after the words "Allah" and "Mohammad" appeared intertwined in Arabic on its leaves.


In fact, the word Mohammad was featured three times.


"It's amazing how Allah shows the signs," said Raid Safdar, the owner of the leaves. "It's a wake-up call for the Muslims."
to Mecca last month.


Unfortunately, Safdar's father wasn't able to see the so-called miracle plants; he died while he was on his pilgrimage.


Meanwhile, back in Lodi, the imam who leads the Muslim community said the plant is a message from God for people of all faiths.


"(It's) a sign of God for all the humanity, not (just) for the Muslims," Ahmed Hashimi said. "I would say this is a very blessed city, I mean Lodi, where this thing manifested."

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