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06 June 2008

Australians for murdering ex-Muslims

6d1126c41e2441179e37cebef3cf37e3.jpgAn Australian group of Muslims, Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia, has published its draft constitution:

Article 1

The Islamic creed (’aqeedah) constitutes the foundation of the State. Nothing is permitted to exist in the government’s structure, accountability, or any other aspect connected with the government, that does not take the creed as its source.

Article 7

The State implements the divine law on all citizens who hold citizenship of the Islamic State, whether Muslims or not, in the following manner:…

c. Those who are guilty of apostasy (murtad) from Islam are to be executed according to the rule of apostasy, provided they have themselves renounced Islam.

These death-preaching totalitarians are excused as merely “alleged extremists” by the SBS’s tenured radical, George Negus, and given a pulpit on his show. Their material is freely distributed on university campuses.

(Thanks to reader Samiam.)

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