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20 April 2008

My brother the white muslim terror recruit

8f62d81c356de274697f1082096068be.jpgEXCLUSIVE He was seen as a trophy by hate preacher Hamza

The first white British Muslim to be jailed for terrorism was flaunted at extremist rallies by hook-handed preacher Abu Hamza, his brother has revealed.

Colin Keeler, 34, told how his older brother Simon Keeler - jailed for four-and-a-half years on Friday for inciting British Muslims to kill allied troops - went from a dope-smoking layabout to an extremist disciple of Hamza.

Colin said he was horrified to witness Hamza and his 36-year-old brother together at a 2003 rally.

"I remember the look on Hamza's face, as if he had something he could put on show because he had a white convert who could convert others," he said.

"It was pretty terrifying watching Hamza in front of all those people, shouting at them to 'Join the cause'."

Colin, a former British Army soldier, said he and his brother, who changed his name to Sulayman, had a few Muslim friends - "but he never showed signs of seriously converting."

In 1999 the two brothers travelled around France, earning enough to pay for their lodging, alcohol and cannabis. But Simon suddenly flew to Morocco to "follow the word of Islam" and returned six months later with a full Muslim beard.

"When he came back he was a different person," says Colin. "It's sad. He was brainwashed to such a degree I'm not sure he even knew who he was anymore."

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