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05 April 2008

American Branch of the Muslim Brotherhood Tarnishes Dr. King's Legacy

f500a962e85c79659d55eccf34977892.jpgAn act of violence, of terrorism, shook America 40 years ago today. The assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King still reverberates as America struggles with racial politics and with terrorists - those who choose violence to achieve their political aims over King's courageous devotion to non violence

As we pause to remember King's sacrifice, we see that the Muslim American Society (MAS) has the gall to compare a committed jihadist with Dr. King. In a news release issued Wednesday, MAS called attention to a recent prison visit with convicted Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) operative Sami Al-Arian.

Al-Arian was the North American leader of the PIJ network, a group responsible for gruesome suicide bombings, stabbings and mutilations of Israelis and Americans in Israel.

Al-Arian pleaded guilty in April 2006 to conspiracy to provide goods and services to the PIJ and was sentenced to 57 months in prison, after which he would be deported. But his sentence has been frozen for much of the past year and a half by contempt citations prompted by Al-Arian's refusal to comply with a grand jury subpoena in Virginia.

Last month, Al-Arian launched a hunger strike in protest of his situation. It shouldn't be a surprise to see radical Islamist organizations rally to his defense or bend the truth and omit important facts in doing so. A recent Council on American-Islamic Relations press release includes this line:

"His attorneys say an earlier plea agreement freed him from further cooperation with the government."

Sure, Al-Arian's attorneys say that. But much more importantly, there is no sign of such a provision anywhere in the plea agreement itself or in the hearing in which the plea was entered. That's why not one, but two federal appeals courts (the 4th and the 11th circuit), have ruled otherwise. As avid followers and active participants of Al-Arian's case, CAIR is very well aware of this, and just hoping that organizations and individuals in receipt of its press releases are not.

But the Muslim American Society goes further. Its press release contains this obscene comparison:

"In the tradition of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Cesar Chavez - Dr. Al-Arian believes the hunger strike is his only way of protesting the gross miscarriage of justice that he has been subjected to…"

Needless to say, Gandhi, Dr. King or Cesar Chavez never wrote a letter soliciting funds for terrorist attacks.

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