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30 January 2008

A 15-year-old Christian boy is abducted and killed, possibly by organ traffickers

1b25bce15e83632226b6d1d975a6493d.jpgTwo Muslim men from Nankanna admit kidnapping and killing the Christian boy, but his body has not been found even where the self-confessed murderers said they dumped him. Like others who have disappeared, Francis Nadeem is being used to get organs to sell to the rich, says the family.

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Oslo: Muhammad most popular boy's name

d42f68300df8e2c60b3a10bb328fbdd3.jpgMuhammad, taking together all its different spellings, is the most popular boy's name in Oslo. Nationally, it's in 53rd place

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29 January 2008

Re: Why You Fight Islam?

ce333abe1e8d6232e8e929f7d920a794.jpgAli Sina is a rabid dog. Plain and simple! Or he has been suffering from mental trauma since his childhood. Maybe he has been sexually molested by some fake bearded Mullah? This rabid dog can’t realize the

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Saudi beheads Nigerian woman

d0b6c381c722f22795fad718ad138556.jpgRIYADH - A Nigerian woman and a Pakistani man were executed in the Muslim holy city of Mecca today for drug trafficking, the Saudi interior ministry said

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Muslims ‘lay siege to Australian hospital’

859837676ac0499d0b22a0afd3f0fec5.jpgAfter the death of a young Muslim man in a car crash in Sydney last month, an Islamic crowd invaded a hospital in order to stop medical tests being carried out on the body in contravention of Sharia law, according to the

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27 January 2008

Britney’s lover to sell her bizarre videos for £1 million

883a2f1f1b1afedfffbad87a89c906bc.jpgLondon: Britney Spears’ on-off paparazzo lover Adnan Ghalib has reportedly recorded six deranged video diaries of the troubled pop star and is hoping to sell them for a whopping 1 million pounds.

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7aae8d5920e3c73901f09bc607039196.jpgA Wall Street stockbroker fears for her life after she rebuffed a Brooklyn imam she met on a Muslim dating Web site

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24 January 2008

Taxi driver bailed on rape charges

20104c9ed6876a2f58ed16d65cb477b7.gifA taxi driver, charged with raping three women passengers, has been granted bail by a Sydney magistrate.

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FAITH UNDER FIRE Hearings begin in slaughter of 3 Christians

fab596dd6d964bc288f28bf4f0e1e161.jpgDetails about the martyrdom of three Christians at a Bible publishing house in Turkey last year are beginning to emerge as suspects testify in hearings, according to a report from Compass Direct News.

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Dutch to ban burqas in schools and government offices

9510da15b456832254296f667a11eefb.jpg(news.yahoo.com)  The Dutch government is set to impose a ban on the Muslim burqa in schools and government offices, media reported on Wednesday, in a retreat from the previous cabinet's...

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22 January 2008

The Tripartite Threat of Radical Islam to Europe

d560d00e409c77aecfaa1250868efce5.jpgAfter the 2004 Madrid bombings, the 2005 London attacks, and the myriad terrorist plots thwarted over the last few years, commentators and policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic have come to the realization that Europe faces an enormous challenge from terrorism of

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