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07 March 2007

Accused cry 'Allah Akbar'

medium_0_5409264_00.jpgALLAH Akbar". With those words the nine men charged with plotting a "violent jihad" on Sydney yesterday broke their silence for the first time since their arrest 18 months ago.

Their voices echoed loudly down the corridors of Penrith Local Court as they were led down to the cells from the heavily fortified courtroom.

They repeatedly yelled out "Allah Akbar" – Arabic for "God is Great" – while smiling broadly and waving to supporters who stood near the court door being heavily guarded by sheriffs.

Echoing just as loudly was the voice of crown prosecutor Wendy Abraham QC who spent just over three hours outlining the case against the nine terror suspects.

They stand accused of conspiring to launch a deadly attack on Sydney.

Investigators spent months tracking the alleged activities of the men, including their alleged stockpiling of potentially deadly chemicals including hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, citric acid and acetone.

The men allegedly went to extreme lengths to purchase the items. Moustafa Cheikho allegedly bought 24 bottles of hydrogen peroxide from a chemist in Menai in a single go when chemists usually store just six bottles of the chemical.

Mohamed Ali Elomar is accused of stockpiling more than 28,000 rounds of ammunition – including 12,000 rounds used in SKS assault rifles and AK-47 machineguns. The court heard it would have given the men 34 hours and 38 minutes of continuous firing.

Buying the chemicals and other items from stores across Sydney was not cheap, with Mirsad Mulahalilovic allegedly commenting the PVC pipes he'd bought from Bunnings at Bankstown were "a little expensive".

The Crown alleges the pipes were being used to make pipe bombs which could pass through detectors without being caught.

Extraordinary measures and months of preparation had gone into ensuring Penrith Local Court was secure to handle the biggest joint terrorism trial in the country's history.

Police stood guard outside the court in Henry St as officers searched for bombs under parked cars, in drains and the roof of the building.

Rare glimpses of the accused revealed two were dressed in prison greens and another six in traditional Islamic robes. Bosnian Mirsad Mulahalilovic was the only one dressed in a suit and was sporting chin-length blond hair.

One of the men was also seen with his right arm in a sling.

Friends of the men crowded around the entrance to the courtroom in the hope of catching a glimpse of the suspects.

Their efforts were rewarded at the lunch break with the alleged terrorists seen smiling broadly and waving to their friends.

Workers from a nearby cafe were seen delivering boxes of sandwiches to the court which were taken down to the cells. One of the boxes was marked with the word "halal".

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While wave after wave of these vermin pound our Australian shores I can't help but daydream of how great this Island nation once was. Sure we mostly came from convicts, but none so murderous, cowardly or self-righteous than these pig-breed fanatics. Sadly our greatest enemies within this country are not these creatures but the new "thought-police" that have removed any vestige of Christianity from the public arena and replaced it with political correctness. Every single honourable institution in this nation was initially framed on a Christian basis. As a nation we have never been perfect, of course, but prior to the freewheeling communistic orgies of the sixties we would never have ever bothered to put these dogs on trial. They would have been sent back to whatever hole they crawled out of and we would not have wasted our time. Now with the advent of abortion and 100,000 Aussie children exterminated annually, paid for from the public purse, these assassin’s breed freely and occupy all the lowest levels of our society. There are desperate labour shortages in every facet of industry due to our abortion appetites and now these positions must be filled by importing people, some of whom are the carriers of "ancient hatreds" who can't bare to live in peace in any country of the world. These haters of Australians freely transmit their hatred to their offspring who then urinate like dogs on the Bible in their taxpayer funded elitist schools. The politically correct see no problem with Gay Mardi Gras, Sexpo's or late night orgies on publicly funded television but express amazement when these rabid dog packs attack our young daughters (with all the courage they can muster). With Muslim attacks against every single continent and every religion on earth, including their own, the Australian Media is terrified to report on them without removing references to Islam.
There were no "race riots" in Cronulla. Race was not the core factor. Lebanese Christians were not there. There were no Middle Eastern Christians anywhere. The only common factor was that the attackers of the young girls and the attackers of the lifeguards that rescued them where Muslim. They had been attacking Australian girls for 10 years on that beach by all reports and it took a riot to make a decade of sexual assaults newsworthy. We allow our politically correct lefty media to hide the fact that our nation has gone sex-crazed and then abortion crazed and then so damn hippy pacifist that our streets are controlled by bloodthirsty criminals that would make our convict ancestors look like Saints. One thing is for sure is that Australia and Australians must refuse to be politically correct and must return to the faith of our ancestors. If the Christian church won’t take the lead these Jihadi pigdogs will.
Jesus Christ made this country a nation worth living in and worth defending. As it stands there is not much within Australian culture worth defending at the moment. Sadly, Islam is not Australia’s greatest enemy.

Posted by: jason barndon | 29 March 2007

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