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11 February 2007

Muslim Student Union and MSA call for jihad and disrupt Dr.Pipes's talk at UC of Irvine

medium_images1000.jpgThe students at the University of California at Irvine disruption of Dr.Daniel Pipe's talk and subsequent calls for jihad revealed a level of radicalization which should cause administrators to take action immediately and cut the MSU's university funding .The organizer of

 of the disruption was Zahra Billoo, a 23 year old student at the California State University Long Beach (CSULB ) where she is advisor to the Muslim Student Association. (the campus is 20 minutes from UCI) Billoo is a virulently antisemitic inciter with years of experience in radical Islamist activities, including helping fo the terror linked ‘charity' Islamic Relief and membership in the Muslim Youth wing of the Muslim American Society (MAS) the United States arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. She recently returned from a three week Hajj trip to Saudi Arabia.

Zahra Billoo was almost driven to suicide on the train after seeing an Israeli PR poster on BART (Bay Area Regional Transport).

"Can you imagine, the dang Zionists got to BART!

I can't go to school without being assaulted by Zionist propaganda?...

Imagine if I were riding it to the airport of the East Bay? I think I would have shot myself..."

'cwzy muslimah' blogspot 1/18/07


MIM: CSULB "Multicultural Causus Speaker" and professional "anti Zionist" Zahra Billoo called for the denial of Dr. Pipes free speech rights with this message:

"Daniel Pipes is Coming to UC Irvine! Come Help the Muslim Student Union protest this racist Islamophobe!"

She can be seen on this video dressed in black with a hijab at 7:32 to 7:55 on the tape. She turns and looks bovinely into the camera and is holding a cell phone or camera" A student can be seen saying sarcastically "I see you wore your best suit".http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=51587804076319507...

Biloo can be seen apparently chatting amiably with a grey suited student advisor who is escorting the students out as she mounts the stairs next to him at approximately 55 seconds into the tape. She is http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4939925831604188...

MIM: Billoo's biography on the California State Student Association website describes her as speaker" for the "The Multicultural Caucus… an official ongoing force of the CSSA to advance and monitor the development of programs and policies regarding the maintence and enchancement of diversity within the CSU system and our communities". Billoo also straddles the Islamist - left alliance as the secretary for the CSULB a leftwing campus group .( CAIR California director Hussam Ayloush was a speaker at one of their recent events.)

Billoo is presently an advisor the the MSA at CSULB and according to her web biography uses her positions as a "means of continuing support of the Muslim community on campus , as well as bringing an awareness of Islam and Muslims and the campus community in general."


Zahra Billoo, Multi-Cultural Caucus Speaker

Zahra Billoo is a graduating senior completing a double baccalaureate degree in Human Resources Management and Public Law with a Peace Studies Certificate at California State University, Long Beach. She is currently serving as Secretary for System-wide Affairs for the Associated Students, Incorporated at CSULB and is also serving her second term as a campus representative to the California State Student Association Board of Directors. She serves on a number of campus-wide committees, advocating the students' perspective in the shared governance structure.

Zahra just completed her tenure as an executive officer of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) West, and will continue her service there as an advisor. On campus, she is involved with a number of student organizations including the Muslim Student Association and CSULB Campus Progressives Collective. In the CSULB Chapter of the MSA she was the first female to serve as President, and now serves as Treasurer, as a means of continuing her support of the Muslim community on campus, as well as bringing an awareness of Islam and Muslims to the campus community in general.


The Multicultural Caucus is an official on going force of the CSSA to advance and monitor the further development of programs and policies regarding the maintenance and enhancement of the diversity within the CSU system and our communities.

It is the mission of this caucus to undertake progressive efforts to promote multiculturalism through education, communication and action on an individual campus and statewide level.

MIM:It may be just a coincidence – but Billoo seems to have balked at the amount of "awareness" she generated as a result of organizing the disruption of Dr.Pipes talk.

Within a day after the video by by a Hillel student appeared on youtube , in which Billoo is readily identifiable in a black hijab- her picture vanished from the CSULB biography. (click link above)

On January 11th the self proclaimed "Cwrzy Muslimah" boasted on her blog about her being call for an "immediate withdrawal from Iraq" :

January 11th: the day after Bush announced his plan for a new surge of troops into Iraq.

Just another day, just another protest?

Except, I got quoted by an AP reporter AND it got picked up by 89 online news outlets.

(Stay tuned for more adventures!)

Posted by Zahra Billoo at 2:52 AM


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wow, this looks like stalking more than anything else. you're a creep dude.

Posted by: observer | 12 February 2007

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