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05 February 2007

Why Would Non-Believers Lie?

medium_3300384497898080_0.6.jpgMuslims need to ask themselves, why would non-believers lie to them about Islam? No-one here is getting wealthy with booty, no-one here has any more power over anyone else, no-one is trying to get famous by posting on this subject, no-one is asking

anyone to follow him or her. No-one here is trying to run your life (Muhammad shouldn't either) For 1400 years Muslims have lived under the sword of Islam, you, " the internet generation", are the first Muslim's with the capability to hear something about Islam other than what a Mullah tells you.

The simple fact of the matter is: Islam rises or falls because of one single Man, and that is Muhammad. You have a supposed Omnipotent Hebrew God with a heritage that doesn't belong to Arabs going back to creation. .A God named Ar Rahman(A Yemeni Idol [1]) in half the Koran and Allah in the other half a proper name that isn't the Hebrews name for God. You have pagans praying to Allah you have Muslims praying to Allah[2](both can't be right if Muhammad is legit) At Medina you have Muhammad trying to convince educated Jews that he is their Messiah[3] by using a name that they know is the name of an idol in Mecca. You have inanimate objects bowing in adoration of Muhammad rather than God.(silly[4,5]). You have flying stones taking Moses' clothes while bathing so people can see his private parts. (Extremely Silly[6]). You also supposedly have an Omnipotent powerful God that created the Universe with a message for all
mankind and the message is:

1. Yes Muhammad marry a lot of wives
2. Yes Muhammad Kill Jews
3. Yes Muhammad kill Pagans
4. Yes Muhammad raid caravans
5. Obey Muhammad
6. Muhammad can do anything he likes I forgive him.
7. Yes Muhammad make money trading in slaves
8. Yes Muhammad commit incest with your son's wife.
9. Yes Muhammad Muslims are your slaves.
10. Yes Muhammad have Muslims fight for you.
11. Yes Muhammad have Muslims die for you.

This is NOT a message for all mankind, this isn't really something an all powerful deity would even bother himself with. The Ten Commandments it isn’t.

Allah is Muhammad's personal god or demon or he lied. Either way Muslims must have some damned serious questions because not questioning is no longer an option. Blind obedience is slavery and when you're a slave your life isn't yours. If God had wanted slaves he could have made them, instead he created free men. Muhammad is dead so your life doesn't belong to him either, but that hasn't stopped your Mullahs or Imams from chaining you Muslims to Muhammad's sick legacy, Muhammad's war upon all Mankind.[7]

If there is a God out there he doesn't want your submission, (he could force that) he doesn't want your fear( he could cause that), he doesn't want you tortured eternally either(that would be like people pulling wings from flies eternally, some profession for a God) God is love or nothing and frankly speaking Muhammad's God sounds like a demented alter ego designed to give Muhammad carte blanche. Issues like these are not lies dear Muslims this is your religion in a nutshell. It is up to you to deal with it as you see fit.


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"... You also supposedly have an Omnipotent powerful God that created the Universe with a message for all
mankind and the message is: ..."

This is a central problem in Islam.

Their belief in God is dependent on their perception of Muslim military strength against their enemy's,
not God's strength.

If Muslims don't consider themselves militarily stronger than their enemies, then they enter into a 'hudna'
a deceitful cease-fire, to be treacherously abolished as soon as they think they are militarily capable.

Is Allah INCAPABLE of bringing victory to Muslims except when they are strong enough for surprise attacks against those they have entered into peace agreements with?

Is this the concept of Muslim 'honor'?

Or is Muslim 'honor' reserved for an excuse for raping innocent relatives of family feuds?


Well, here is a challenge of _Faith_ to Muslims:

As it is true that the Quran,
(Koran, or however it is transliterated in English)
was authored by the Creator of the Universe, and not a fabrication of flesh and blood,
then so may it also be true that any and all the Muslim battles against non-Muslims be successful,
and as it is not true that this was authored by the Creator,
so too,
may it be not true that any and all Muslim battles against
non-Muslims be successful.

Are there any Muslims that want to defend the honor of their faith and answer Amen (or the Muslim equivalent) to this ?!


Posted by: exdemexlib | 05 February 2007

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