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31 January 2007

Ahmed Cowards ... reveal yourselves!!

medium_00221202.jpgYou already have a challenge against Muslims. And a Muslim and many others like DR Zakir Naik accepted and like cowards you are you are escaping...lol......

This is the way that you act? and response to you OWN challenge.? Indeed you are a joke :-)

To Ahmed

Where and when did Zakir Naik accept? Please tell us. Of course FFI will accept to conduct a written debate with the Zakir Naik. If you can convey that to Zakir please do so. We are totally and completely unaware that Zakir as accepted. Again where did you get this information that naik has accepted?



Indeed you are a total joke!, written debate? that you call a scholarly debate? This a kiddie debate. Dr Zakir challenge you in a public debate but Sina is so coward that afraid to confront this debate. He knows that he will be humiliated, or he afraid to show up by claiming a cheap statement " am afraid the Muslims" ? for God sake if Sina is able to destroy Islam ,,,well let him come Dr Zakir waiting him....written debate? loool....you are a bunch of kids

And you turned out to be a liar just like your pedophile prophet muhammed. You wrote:

And a Muslim and many others like DR Zakir Naik accepted and like cowards you are you are escaping...lol..

You said Naik had accepted, and now you make cheap excuses.

Is it not time for you to go worship your dead barbarian by now?



Idiot Sina or whoever you are i said that Dr Zakir accept and wants a PUBLIC LIVE debate not a written kiddie debate like the GAY Sina wants. He is a sissy , that's all. How stupid you are.lol. IDIOTS...Hey Sina are you a Scholar right ? ok i challenge first to show me your face or to show a personal ID that says that you are a scholar you are just an IDIOT that Insa ALLAh you will burn in hell like many like you. See you loser in the Day of Judgment !

Second Challenge: I challenge you in LIVE Debate here in my country i will pay you the ticket to come, food, hotel, everything.... Then i will humilate you in front of the Cameras and then spank you in the Debate and finally to send you home in a very badly exposed way. Are you up to? or you gona run like a gay as you did with OSama owner of answering-christianity.com and Zakir Naik and many other Muslims ? you say that you are in pakistan debating a Muslim ok...will you also accept my invitation to my country as you did in pakistan? (By the way you are a lier). Come to humilate you like Ahmed Nadir, Umar, Sami, and many other Muslims did....huh? will you come gay?

To Ahmed
Oh my illah billah Jamillah!!! I should have known ... it is the answering christianity clowns again!!!
You have been told one time and you have been told a gizillion times .... no live debates. Protect the honor of your pedophile prophet and your evil cult, and you can do that in writing as well. I am putting you on my ignore list from here on.

Bye bye.

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