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05 December 2006

Muslim boys urinated on Bible

medium_handschar-emblems_1.2.jpgTWO Muslim students have been expelled from an Islamic school in Melbourne for urinating and spitting on a Bible and setting it on fire

The explosive incident has forced the East Preston Islamic College to call in a senior imam to tell its 650 Muslim students that the Bible and Christianity must be respected.

Anxious teachers at the school have also petitioned principal Shaheem Doutie, expressing "grave concern" about an "inculcation of hatred and radical attitudes towards non-Muslims" at the school, including towards non-Muslim teachers.

The Bible desecration took place last week at a school camp held near Bacchus Marsh, about 50km west of Melbourne, attended by 33 teenage Muslim boys ranging in age from Year7 to Year 10.

A school report of the incident, obtained by The Australian, says it happened late at night and involved three students and another two watching.

"The main perpetrator (a Year 7 student) urinated on the Holy Bible, tore some pages from the Holy Book and burnt them then finally spat on the Holy Book," the report says.

The second boy, from Year 9, "tore pages from the Holy Book and burnt them", while a third student, from Year 7, "tore pages from the Holy Bible and then he rolled it up like a cigarette and pretended to smoke it".

The boys come from a variety of ethnic Muslim backgrounds -- one is believed to be an Albanian/Malaysian, another Lebanese and another Indonesian.

Mr Doutie, whose school receives about $3.9 million in state and federal government funding each year, told The Australian yesterday that both he and the school community were appalled by the Bible desecration and that he had expelled the first two boys and suspended the third.

In a letter to all staff on Monday, Mr Doutie wrote: "The school unconditionally apologises for this horrible act as conducted by some illiterate and ignorant students while under the care of EPIC teachers.

"We regard the desecration of the Bible in a very serious light and therefore we have taken serious action against the offenders.

"The Bible is an important book both for non-Muslims and Muslims and should be treated as a holy book by all religions."

Mr Doutie said he did not believe that the boys realised the significance of their act.

But to ensure it did not happen again he had called in the assistant imam of the Newport Mosque, Oman Haouli, to tell the students that the Bible was a sacred book. "My lesson to them was to respect their neighbours and respect all religions," Mr Haouli said yesterday.

But the desecration incident has shaken the nerves of the school's teachers, about half of whom are non-Muslim.

A petition signed by 22 teachers expressed "anguish and dismay at the grave incident of the desecration of the Holy Bible".

"This whole incident implies a deep hatred inculcated in the students towards the Christians/non-Muslim teachers," it says.

The petition said there had been "previous incidents of students misbehaving towards non-Muslim teachers".

It called on the school to "take steps to rectify this explosive situation" to ensure the safety of teachers.

Mr Doutie said the school had tried to contact the parents of the expelled boys to find out why they had desecrated the Bible. But he said the school had not received a response.

EPIC is an eight-year-old primary and secondary school in Melbourne's north that caters mostly to the children of working-class immigrant Somali and Lebanese families.

The Bible desecration comes at a time of heightened tension among Australia's 300,000-member Islamic community, many of whom believe their religion is being unfairly discriminated against because of terrorism fears.

Many Muslims remain angry about the public humiliation suffered by their spiritual leader, the mufti Taj Din al-Hilali, after the Sheik likened female rape victims to pieces of meat who brought the attacks on themselves.

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Thank God for the report; all people should respect other religions and the holy books. What those boys did was inexcusable. Who is teaching them to hate the Holy Book? If they believe in Gods books, they would respect them. I know Muslims who respect all of God's books, and treat them with care.

To look at it another way, what would happen if some boys urinated, spit, tore, and burned the Qur'an? If that happened in a Muslim country, those boys would be killed, probably by angry mob.

I hope that they will learn from this. Being expelled from school is a minor judgement compared to what could be done.

The commentor before is off-topic. We are speaking of the holy scriptures.

Posted by: Holy Book | 07 December 2006

The person who posted the article about the little Muslim girl is off topic, but I think I see his point. Why are we so concerned about the Bible being urinated on when so called Christians are raping little girls in Iraq on a constant basis. I am not Muslim, but I do not see any of their official armies invading America; Europe, or any other Christian land and raping little girls or flushing the Quran in the toilet.

The Muslims who committed the 911, and 7-7 attacks were lose cannons, but the U.S, soldiers who raped that poor little Muslim girl in Iraq, did so on taxpayers dollars.

Posted by: Stephen Georgio | 08 December 2006

for stephen georgio
your answer is very simple the us soldiers who raped that poor girl like you said they were acting on the owen my frined ..
** 9/11 or7/7 they not lose cannons my frined read the Quran and you will know that allah he is a big liyer and killer AND HE ASK MUSLIMS TO KILLE unbeliver(christians-jewish) i wish you can read it in arabic becouse your lose cannons make your english copy alot nicer than than the one we have here in arabic country

Posted by: new christian | 10 December 2006

It is true the Quran tells Muslims to kill unbelievers but if you had knowledge of the entire Quran you would know it was saying kill a certain group of nonbelievers, not all nonbelievers for all time. In addition you should know that the bible says kill nonbelievers in several places and it is refering to all nonbelievers not just those who agress.

Posted by: Exchristian | 10 December 2006

New Christian, I am a Vet, let me tell you, American Perverts Pack Rape & Kill Iraqi Women. I reported it in desert storm and no one listened.

Believe me when I say that the rape of that 14 year old girl, is merely the tip of a giant iceberg of Christian depravity in Iraq that boggles the imagination. In fact it is so sickening that even as a retired combat veteran myself, this turned my stomach. After receiving the images through Jordan from women's refuges in Iraq and other sources, I agonized week after week about posting them on the Internet, before coming to the conclusion that this would be a practical impossibility, at least until one of America's own "respected" media outlets showed at least some of these disgusting torture pictures.

The rape of Iraqi women in Iraq, is just as constant as the rape of asian women by U.S, soldiers in vietnam, Korea, and lets not forget the poor school girl who was raped in the Philipines earlier this year.

Posted by: Sgt. Maury Lamont | 10 December 2006

EXchRistian, U donT Be knoe thei bIBLE!!!! i THINk knoe more thin U!!!!

Posted by: new christian | 10 December 2006

most of the ones who post on this blog with their anti-Jew comments are the ones who want to provoke a angry Christian reaction.

its just a matter of time until everyone realises that the same person (man/woman), who keeps on posting the SAME comments over time on this blog, is either linked with anti-Christian/Jew sites or just a athiest wants to rant.

Posted by: Jozka Morozov | 11 December 2006

Jozka, Jews are no better than Muslims, at least Muslims say Jesus was a Prophet most Jews say he was a liar.

Maybe the Muslims and Jews should just go to their own site.

Posted by: Kalvin Murrell | 11 December 2006

Kalvin, how about you check the history of this so-called Prophet "Jesus" that muslims just happen to mention in their "holy" books.

I think you will find that the prophet 'Jesus' the muslims talk about is NOT the same as the Lord Jesus Christ in our Holy Bible.

Posted by: Jozka Morozov | 12 December 2006

Jozka can you give me any nonreligious based proof that the Jesus of the bible ever existed? There is no record of his crucifiction in any roman records nor is there any historical documentation from the families of the dead that he supposedly raised. The only proof you have is a Bible that was written decades if not centuries after his death.

And you never did address my statement regarding the fact that the majority of Jews are rejecting Jesus totaly, why do the majority of Jews hate the man, aren't they worse than Muslim, idealogically speaking?

Posted by: Kalvin Murrell | 13 December 2006

Yeah, if Jesus raised the dead wouldn't someone had documented that besides the disciples?

Posted by: Susanna Lingberg | 13 December 2006

please put your comment no link no site no vodeo

Posted by: admin | 13 December 2006

"majority of Jews are rejecting Jesus totaly"

Based on what exactly? And on what basis are they "worse"? I reject islam, not muslims, they should be brought to the right faith, period. Democracy is a start for the middle east, Christianity will rise above all in the end.

Many Jews acknowledge he is one of the greatest Prophets. You are forgetting that many Jews loved Jesus.

If you want to debate it, then email me, otherwise, don't fill up the comment section with illrelevant comments meaningless to the topic at hand.

Posted by: Jozka Morozov | 13 December 2006

One of the finest things ever done by the mob was the Crucifixion of Christ. Intellectually it was a splendid gesture. But trust the mob to bungle the job. If I'd had charge of executing Christ, I'd have handled it differently. You see, what I'd have done was had him shipped to Rome and fed him to the lions. They could never have made a savior out of mincement!

(Rabbi Ben Hecht)

Posted by: Undisputable words from a true Jew | 13 December 2006

Hello, I think were getting a bit off topic here, and the comments should be directed toward the article, so could we please stop this current course of the conversation and stop this rambling on who's religion is right or wrong. Everyone should accept the other person with the utmost tolerance. Although I'm Christian and its my faith to believe that Jesus Christ is my savior (which I 100% do), and through Christ we will enter the kingdom of heaven, I also believe that every other religion should be respected with the most honorable respect,because if you insult a religion, no matter what religion, whether its Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, or Islam, or even paganism, which ever rocks your boat, you are insulting someones belief, which is a right that should NEVER be violated.

That is why I believe the boys who urinated on the bible, was offensive to me and upset me, but the human being is not perfect no matter what religion or race. As a Christian I must learn to forgive the sins of others to have god forgive my sins, as it says in the lords prayer.

Please forgive me if I have insulted anyone, I only mean to show my feelings, and beliefs. Thank you.

Posted by: Coptic Orthodox Christian | 15 December 2006

I am Mozlim frm Boznia. I was jus wonder if Chistian who publish this site was as concerned abot littlte boys and girl being killed in the name of Jesus by the Chistian in my country....he seem worrird abot ook made of papar. what aboy human life?

My mother and father killed by chistian and no one cared.

Posted by: Morov Ibahim | 17 December 2006

As a nonpraticing Christian I am horrified at how the church turned a blind eye in Bosnia and rwanda. My church is indeed the greatest terrorist entity on the face of the Earth... I do care Morov and I truly apologize.

Posted by: Cathy Davis | 19 December 2006

I'm sorry your parents died Morov Ibahim, and I hope God helps you and bless your current and past family. As for the Bosnia issue, Politics was the main backing behind the assault on Kosovo and Bosnia, and unfortunately they used religion to justify their cause, which is not an acceptable excuse. We also have had a 1400 year persecution in Egypt, where many Coptic Christians have been murdered, raped, abused, and taken advantage of the Coptic people. Just imagine Generation after Generation of people living in a Hostile homeland, a home is not supposed to be hostile, but rather one of the safest places on earth. Atrocities happen everyday, its inevitable while hatred still exists. I just ask that you find in your heart, the ability to forgive them in this inexcusable act, because humans are not perfect. I'm not sure if it states in the Koran, anything relating to forgiveness, (I'm a Christian), but we have a saying in our church, "Christians aren't perfect, they're just forgiven".

Actually, Cathy, the Genocide in Rwanda, was between the two tribes of Tutsi, and Hutu's. Tutsi's were catholic, and the Hutu's were a mix of mainly Sunni Muslim, Protestants, and Catholicism. It was after World war II that Rwanda became a UN trust territory, under the indirect authority of the Belgian govt. As soon as Rwandans gained their independence, the Hutu tribe took control and started a movement to enslave the Tutsi's. thus killing 800,000 known death, not including injuries, trauma, and amputations of limbs. Overall, Churches had no power to influence the decision countries would make in these two situations.

I hope I did not offend anyone, and if I did please forgive me. Pray for me.

Posted by: A Coptic Orthodox Christian | 20 December 2006

In Rwanda many priest participated in the genocide. Father Theunis was charged with inciting genocide;The Rev. Athanase Seromba, a Hutu, ordered his church demolished by bulldozers in 1994 while 2,000 ethnic Tutsi sought refuge there.

Please show me evidence that that the Hutu's were mainly Sunni Muslim. More Rwandans Embraced Islam After the Christian Genocide.

Posted by: Exchristian | 20 December 2006

In Rwanda many priest participated in the genocide. Father Theunis was charged with inciting genocide;The Rev. Athanase Seromba, a Hutu, ordered his church demolished by bulldozers in 1994 while 2,000 ethnic Tutsi sought refuge there.

Please show me evidence that that the Hutu's were mainly Sunni Muslim. More Rwandans Embraced Islam After the Christian Genocide.

Posted by: Exchristian | 20 December 2006

In Rwanda many priest participated in the genocide. Father Theunis was charged with inciting genocide;The Rev. Athanase Seromba, a Hutu, ordered his church demolished by bulldozers in 1994 while 2,000 ethnic Tutsi sought refuge there.

Please show me evidence that that the Hutu's were mainly Sunni Muslim. More Rwandans Embraced Islam After the Christian Genocide.

Posted by: Exchristian | 20 December 2006

On Friday the Pentagon released new details over the desecration of the Quran at Guantanamo Bay. It was confirmed that a soldier deliberately kicked the Muslim holy book while an interrogator stepped on a Quran and was later fired for "a pattern of unacceptable behaviour."

Posted by: Pentagon confirms Quran desecration at Guantanamo | 20 December 2006

After I met my husband I was so interested to know about Muslim culture and counrties and especially muslim women. I read Islam for about 5 years before I made the first trip to Morocco. I would talk to people and they were so happy to know that I knew the history and culture of their country plus a lot about their religion. My brother-in-law remarked that I sounded like I was already a Muslim, alhamdullilah. I remember my husband he used to pray in the bedroom and I would sit up on the bed and watch him. It was very nice to observe. At other times I would accompany him to the mosque. I would go sit in the back of the women's masjid and watch everyone praying and just wonder to myself what a wonderful practice! I felt so left out!

Meanwhile I was still reading about Islam and suddenly one day I asked my ex-husband out of the blue to teach me how to pray. He was shocked and happy at the same time. He agreed to teach me how to pray and drew illustrations and at time he was very impatient but I thank him so much for enlightening me. I declared to him that the next time we go to the mosque I was ready to take shahada. And May 96 that is exactly what happened! My ex-husband couldn't wait to call his family and everyone was so happy for me, thanks be to Allah. My own mother and sister ganged up on me and immediately accused my husband of brainwashed me, how funny. And how scary, this coming from the people you love the most. But I was adamant and wouldn't leave the fold of Islam.

And how could he have done that when I had never any religion in the first place. I was calling myself non-denominational cuz I had never been baptized. My moms was raised a Baptist but switched to being Methodist and I never quite understood what kind of Christian my father was. Anyway, I just knew that there was one God. I didn't worship Jesus (peace be upon him), after all he was only a prophet. I prayed to God before I went to bed but i never once expected God to talk back to me. I believed that God was everywhere in His knowledge, not only in my heart, and that He was a light. I think all of this helped in my transition to becoming a Muslim. It was very easy for me! Now I feel like I really belong....

Posted by: Tara Gregory | 23 December 2006

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