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01 October 2006

The REAL Problem With Islam

By Sally Bishai (10/01/2006)

The real problem with Islam is not the fact that it is, as some might call it, “Anti-female” or “Anti-Feminist.” (Because it could be said that protecting modesty, beauty, and the god-given role of women as care-givers and child-bearers is the most PRO-female thing out there.)

The real problem with Islam has nothing to do with the fact that one of Mohammed’s wives was 9 years old. (Because scholars can’t seem to agree on the “legal age of marriage” for the 7th Century, so it could actually have been THE thing to do.)

The real problem with Islam isn’t that some might call it a bloody religion, what with the notions of Instant Paradise and Jihad swirling through the minds of world-weary would-be terrorists. (Because many Muslims disagree with the whole “justified/excused/condoned killing” thing cited by Jihadists, Islamists, and other names ending in “ists.”)

The real problem with Islam has nothing to do with the fact that some find the consistency of Allah’s commands (to Mohammed, in the Qur’an) less than consistent.

The real problem with Islam isn’t about the lack of a centralized governing figure that ALL Muslims listen to, or even one for Shia and one for Sunni.

Neither is the real problem with Islam the lack of consensus, with regards to “which faction is the true one,” or even “which Islamic country’s level of strictness/devoutness/what-have-you-ness is the most correct in the eyes of Allah?”. (Since places such as Morocco and Algeria are (relatively) more “western” and less-constricting than are places like Saudi Arabia, among others.)

These issues could be called subjective and dismissed through discussion or other means, or else proven to be valid and correct.

But I’m no Islamic scholar, I’m not concerned with proving the truth or validity or silliness of the afore-mentioned arguments. In fact, you could say they don’t matter one bit.

Islam could be the parent of and inspiration behind some of the most generous, kind, and devout people alive.

To my mind, however, it has one shortcoming.

The real problem with Islam is that in it, Jesus Christ is reduced to the role of a mere prophet.

Not the bridge between a so-holy-He-can’t-look-at-you-in-your-unholiness type of God and a sinful, flawed and filth-ridden human who could never hope to clean his act up or work his way to heaven (on his own steam, anyway).

Not the only One with the ability to forgive us our sins and make us into new creations.

Not the Son of God.

And that, then, is the REAL problem with Islam.


As Muslims all over the world starve their bodies to feed their souls,
pray that the love of the Lord Jesus Christ feeds their hungry hearts and seeking spirits this Ramadan.


What the West can learn from Islam

Hamza Yusuf Hanson is an American convert to Islam. He is an outspoken advocate of better understanding between the Muslim world and the West.


Posted by: www.answering-christianity.com | 01 October 2006

Americans are now beginning to pay the price for sleeping through history classes, ignoring important information in the alternative media and neglecting to participate in their own political process. They find themselves in a new war--the War on Terrorism. This is a war they never asked for and never envisioned, anaesthetised as we all are by the flickering tube of distraction. It is a war predicated on the premise that a sneak attack was made on the United States on September 11, 2001.

This war on terror might well be compared to the failed War on Drugs and the nearly forgotten War on Poverty. No clear victory has yet been achieved over the misuse of drugs or the ravages of poverty within our own nation. Our prisons are overflowing with drug offenders, with no appreciable lessening of either demand or supply of illegal drugs, and our basic civil rights have been badly mauled. Just like those failed campaigns, the War on Terrorism for the foreseeable future will set us all on a costly course of restrictions on individual freedom, ever more centralised authority and omnipresent fear.

Alhamdulillah Islam gives us our true freedom and our true role in accordance with our God-given nature with respect and rights

Posted by: Bro. Hakeem | 01 October 2006

Jesus, peace be upon him, was a Muslim. It's what millions of people believe. It's what the best New Testament scholarship now suggests.

I believe we can now prove that the historically oldest Gospel verses reflecting the reported sayings of Jesus (pbuh) are entirely compatible with Islam.


Posted by: The Spirit Of Truth | 02 October 2006

if the teachings of Jesus are in line with Islam, then does that mean that i, a Christian, am going to paradise? because i do follow His teachings (as best as I can) to the letter. This is great news! being a devout Christian is the same as being a Muslim!

(you know, we must also be buddhists, because our beliefs are in line with theirs, in many cases.)

the truth is, friend, that even if everything was identical but the role of Jesus, then that would be all the difference we needed, for Christianity is based on following the teachings of Christ, and trying to be like Him. we never will attain perfection, but through His blessed and priceless sacrifice, we are allowed to be called 'children of the King," praise be to Him!


Posted by: sara ghorab | 02 October 2006

Actually, Sarah the word Christian must be used loosely. The truth of the matter is Jesus never met a Christian in his life. Christianity is a doctrine founded by Paul of Tarsus who was a devout enemy of Christianity and the murderer of Stephen whom you consider a saint.

Why did paul kill people for their belief? The prophet Muhammad killed people who had attacked him, but paul hunted and killed innocent christians in the name of Israel, not self defense.

Even the Prophet Muhammad whom you slander here on a daily basis never killed anyone who was not attacking him and certainly he never killed a saint.

You will elude my previous statements by using the age old defense of defenseless Pauline puppets by saying that Paul changed after he allegedly met Jesus on the road to Damascus. But the real question is why did no one hear the voice of Jesus except Paul? ==> ACTS 22:9 And they that were with me saw indeed the light, and were afraid; but they heard not the voice of him that spake to me.

Could that voice had possibly emanated from satan …for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light 2 Corinthians 11:14.

To make a very long story short, Paul the founder of your faith was not a trust worthy man, unless of course you trust the enemies of Jesus, the Pharisees.

Paul's words
"I am a Pharisee, the son of a Pharisee"
Acts 23:6

Jesus' words (pbuh)
"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves."
Matthew 23:15.

What would Jesus himself have thought of Paul? We must remember that Jesus never knew Paul; the two men never once met. Paul was a self proclaimed Apostle,
never was he appointed by Jesus.

Paul was carefully positioned by Satan to lead the masses astray.
The Most High allowed it as a way to test HIS people. Satan's plan
has worked out rather well for him throughout the years, thanks to
Paul the founder of your faith.

Rabbi Paul of tarsus was very aware of the Threat this new religion was posing to his status as a Jew, so he set to destroy it.He tried killing and murdering the gentiles who were following Jesus but when he no longer was able to do it by force and sword, he lent himself to ruse and treachery and proclaimed prophethood.

Paul taught that the whole function of Jesus centered on his death which released the faithful from the burden of their sins, their misery and the power of Satan. In fact not a single word Paul wrote in the Epistles gives the actual teaching of Jesus, nor does he mention even one of his parables; instead he spreads his own philosophy and his own ideas.

History shows that you can never stomp out faith with the sword, and he (Rabbi Paul of tarsus) knew that He was a learned man and this "new cult" as he called it, was threatening his standard as a chosen person ( a Jew).. so since Paul could not destroy the true teachings of Jesus by the sword he faked conversion and tried to destroy it by the pen.

Paul was nothing but a confessed liar:

but if the truth of God hath more abounded through my lie unto his glory; why yet am I also judged as a sinner? Romans 3:7 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Rom.%203:7;&version=8

Posted by: Exchristian | 02 October 2006

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