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10 April 2006

Muslims trawl web for wives

MUSLIM men in Australia are trawling "marriage websites" looking for second wives in what Immigration officials say is a growing illegal trade.

  And Muslim leaders have warned that men who take second wives from overseas face jail or deportation.

A Sunday Herald Sun investigation has found Muslim men are using the internet to attract second wives with promises of financial security.

Immigration officials are investigating a growing number of second marriages and say anyone found to have committed bigamy will be prosecuted.

"Muslims are required to follow the law of the land and since the law of Australia prohibits a second marriage, Islamic law will also prohibit it," Islamic Council of Australia spokesman Mohamad Abdalla said.

Victorian Women's Affairs Minister Mary Delahunty said websites that depicted women as chattels were a disgrace.

"Muslim women must be protected by Australian laws," Ms Delahunty said.

Australian men are among thousands who log on to matrimonial sites such as muslimunions.com and qiran.com to find a spouse.

The Sunday Herald Sun investigation identified 77 married men in Australia who were looking for a second wife.

A reporter registered on the sites, posing as a young Muslim woman from Pakistan, and was able to search through the profiles of potential husbands.

The men, aged between 18 and 60, promised their brides houses and financial security provided they accept male leadership and wear a hijab after the wedding.

One man, a 30-year-old officer worker from Preston who is married with three children, suggested it was possible to bring a woman into the country on a visitor's visa and marry her when she arrived.

He revealed he had been forced into an arranged marriage and was keen to find "true love".

Another man admitted he was already married, "but could afford to take on a second wife".

He said: "I have basically registered on to this website in prospects of finding a good obedient, loving housewife.

"I want my wife to cover her whole body, read Holy Koran and offer the prayers everyday. Be at home."

Another Muslim, who is "happily married, seeking a co-wife, with his wife's consent" said: "We seek a genuine, practising sister accepting polygamy in its proper context, who is willing to obey the husband . . . I promise to treat my wives fairly."

Last year, the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs had 1909 allegations of contrived marriages, including second wives, a 22 per cent increase on 2003-04.

"People should be aware that we cancel visas and in some cases take legal action which can result in imprisonment," a spokesman said

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I stumbled upon this website via Blogspirit. It is appalling! You may say that it isn't a hatred blog, but it is. It is the most virulently anti-Muslim stuff I have had the misfortune to read for a long time. That is not to say that the things you report are necessarily untrue - although their interpretation is! What is appalling is that you use the title "Christians under Attack". (a) there is a deafening silence about the way in which Muslims are under attack from so-called Christians (eg Iraq) in the wake of the anti-Muslim hysteria of post-9/11 and (b) The content, tone and action urged in this blog is absolutely and completely opposed to Jesus, whose name you claim. It is anti-Christian as well as anti-Muslim. Shame on you!

Posted by: Lawrence | 10 April 2006

Another great post! Thank you and keep up the good job!

Posted by: enzo | 12 April 2006

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