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06 April 2006

You're Not In Pakistan Anymore, Boys

Here in the West, our women can fight back and make you pay for misogynistic barbarism. Then they can flip you off as you're led away to face justice. I won, says rape victim

AFTER her four-year ordeal, Tegan Wagner had a simple message for the Pakistani-born brothers who lured her to their Sydney home to gang-rape her.

"I'd like to say, 'Have fun in prison, boys, I won'."

Admitting it felt great to finally tell her tormentors how she felt, Ms Wagner yesterday took the unusual step of waiving her right to anonymity to celebrate her victory.

Minutes earlier in the NSW Supreme Court the 18-year-old woman had given one of the men "the finger" as he was led away after being sentenced to jail for multiple rapes, which means he could spend a maximum of 28 years behind bars.

When he turned to her and said "I'm sorry", she replied: "F... you, go to hell, mate."

Atta girl, Ms. Wagner.

Then 14, Ms Wagner was raped by both MSK and MAK in a bedroom of their Ashfield home during an evening of drinking in June 2002 and has endured their many attempts to stall the legal process. "I shouted a few profanities. I've been waiting to say that to them for four years ... I felt great it's finally over."

Ms Wagner rejected the argument put forward by the brothers that their strict Muslim upbringing in provincial Pakistan had contributed to the rapes.

The truth comes out when it's a matter of sniveling to stay out of infidel jail.

Incidentally, I don't understand why the identities of these two pigs are being protected, while Ms. Wagner's is right out in the open. Anyway, who knows what might await the lads during those lonely Australian prison nights?

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