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24 March 2006

ISLAM IS TAKING OVER Quebec orders prayer site for Muslims

MONTREAL—The Quebec Human Rights Commission says a university-affiliated institution should try to find reasonable accommodation where its Muslim students can pray

Some students at the Ecole de technologie supérieure, affiliated with the Université du Québec, complained they had to pray in the stairwell.


The students want the school to build a separate prayer room because they are tired of kneeling on prayer mats.


A commission spokesman says the college has a responsibility to offer reasonable prayer accommodation to the Muslim students but is not obliged to offer space that is exclusive to them.


Marc-André Dowd, the commission's interim president, said a multi-faith chapel or classrooms are possibilities.


The school's "secular format doesn't exempt it from its obligation to reasonably accommodate its Muslim students," he told a news conference.


The complaint was launched on behalf of 113 students.



The commission also ruled that pictograph signs prohibiting the washing of feet in the school's sinks wasn't discriminatory against Muslims, who must perform the ritual. Witnesses testified that it's acceptable for a person to simply pass his wet hands over his feet.


Canadian Press

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Enough is enough. Imagine asking for a christian praying room in Saudi Arabia! These people (Muzlums) want to take over the world. They will always see us as infidels and therefore we must be irradicated. They will do this by breeding us out. We must stop these people.

Posted by: A Christian | 24 March 2006

Christians are naive to think that muslims are mostly good people. These people are neanderthals focused on using their pig headed attitudes to bully the world into doing what they want. They will lye to us and make us think they want to be part of the community when what they want is to take advantage of our christian countries benefits, such as unemployment benefits and pensions. These people come to our countries because we offer them free money, accomodation, healthcare, money for giving birth (Australia), unemployment and benefits etc. They nave none of this where they come from. Some will even get married then divorced many times over because they are divorced in the western country does not mean they are divorced in the law of Islam. No their many wives and chrildren can claim single parent benefits (Australia). They are litterally taught how to rort the system. And they do. And have you ever noticed what they do to a suburb when they move in? They destroy making it look like a war zone, property value goes down, the street are dirty and littered. Govts must realise that these people do nothing positive for our western society. Granted western society is not perfect but it’s alot better than hundreds of years of cival war. Is that where we’re headed now?
This is all the truth from person experience.

Posted by: An Ozi | 24 March 2006

i can't believe it ! to any christian try to have a bible and walk on street in Saudi Arabia and see what can happned to u or try to built a chruch in Egypt and see how many christians will die becouse of it..
you people ( American -Canda-EUROPE) are stuiped . you will eat shit soon you don't know what arabic and muslims mean yet..soon muslims will ask you (westen) convert to islam or leave you owen country or killed...thats not a joke keep give them freedom and when you gonna kicked out before its too late....

Posted by: christianfrom arabic country | 24 March 2006

We are not Saudi Arabia. We are Canada, a nation known for tolerance. Rememeber that Canada's culture is the composition of a Mosaic, meaning that the Muslim religion should be cosidered as important as any other religion or vice-versa. We are only trying to promote tolerance. Remeber also that Muslims represent a large fraction of the Canadian polulace.

Posted by: Julien | 05 April 2006

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Posted by: Brenda Lee | 14 April 2006

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