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10 March 2006

The sudden visit of President Mubarak to EEC countries

Press Release : Copts-United
It came to the attention of the Copts-United the sudden visit of President Mubarak to EEC countries Italy, Germany and Austria, which was announced today by the Arabic Media

The Copts-United would like to draw the attention of the world and to alert all concerned to the dangerous policies president Mubarak and the Egyptian government have been pursuing for the past twenty five years.

Under Mubarak regime, Egypt has seen the worst persecution the Copts (the Christians of Egypt) in the recent history ranging from denial of Freedom to worship by denying the building of new churches to the arbitrary closure of churches by the State Security police for “security reasons” to the impunity the police give to the attacks on Christians and their properties. There has been no conviction of the perpetrators of violence against Christians in Egypt for decades.

The Egyptian law prohibits the conversion of Muslims to any other religion; converts have to go under ground to avoid mob justice or arrest under trumped up charges by police. Ridiculing Christianity and Judaism from the minarets of mosques and in books and tapes on exhibition in bookshops and on pavement is normal in Egypt

Under Mubarak regime, the Middle East has seen massive rise in Islamic fundamentalism and radicalization of the population curtsy of the Egyptian government Media and education system so that the co-existence between religions in the Middle East is becoming increasingly impossible with the spread of the Radical Wahabi Islam version which believes in assimilation by coercion and forced conversion to Islam, a new brand of fascism which is spreading in the Middle East, which is rapidly engulfing the Muslim and the whole world leading to dangerous sequences and a great threat to world peace.

President Mubarak is a protector of Islamic Fascism. When he advocates what democracy brought to the Middle East “Hamas” by radicalizing the Palestinian population; he forgets that democracy is bounded by “Liberalism” and fascist governments must not be allowed to persecute the minorities amongst the majority through the ballet box, a reminiscent of Nazism which came to power through ballot box

The Copts-United, a representative of a large group of the Copts in the Diaspora, who escaped persecution in the land of their ancestors and number approximately one and half millions worldwide would like to stress that Mr. Mubarak should promote peace and justice for the Christians in his own country first before he spends his precious time caring about others


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