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08 March 2006

A Copt arrested in Egypt for eating Danish cheese

This is not a joke

A56 years old coptic (Christian of Egypt) was arrested in Cairo for buying and eating Danish cheese

Mokhles Tharwat was arrested by Egyptian State Security agency two weeks ago and has been detained ever since.MR Mokhles suffers from heart disease the conditions he faces in detainment especially that he faces no official accusatian may be life thereatening.

A Muslim neighbor of Mr Mokhles is beleived to be behind the arrest .most Egyptian supermarket are still boycotting Danish products after Danish newspaper published photos of the Islam prophet that Muslims considered to be " offensive "


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----(54 yrs)---------------------(9 Yrs)
[Ugly and Hairy]---[a child girl, at age to play with dolls]
{devil screwed aisha and give her his rod instead of dolls}

I eat every day a Danish Product, I drink Danish Cow milk, I made a Cartoon of Mohammed, i am not a Dhimi but a takfir from ASIA, and i m pround to be a takfir, as i dont participate in stoning, murdering, raping, prostiuting, goatf*cking and so on, but i admire art of painting, do what ever you have to do, to hell with pedophile Mohammed, to hell with Islam, if you think by your cruel acts we will get feared then forget it, u will find thosands of freelancer cartoonist like me in the way, try your best, but also remember if we come on our will then for us any Friday is a good day to teach you a lesson, what perhaps rapist mohammed forget to teach you, that who is easy target markets, temples, churches, shrines.... or perhaps a Mosque on friday, dont be stupid still you have time, if the dam of tolerance is broken from non-muslim community, we also know how to take revenge, and definately your wish to see sharia will also be completed, a revenge of each life what islam has taken including largest holocaust of world,.... still you have time you muslim's, leave this way of terrorizing people, leave the way of a mental freak named Mohammed, leave the way of a child abuser, come and accept humanity

Posted by: Proud to be takfir | 08 March 2006

I like to put my cheese danish in the microwave for a few seconds before eating.

Posted by: Fred | 09 March 2006


Posted by: fake | 17 March 2006

Not really man.

Posted by: not really | 17 March 2006

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