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30 November 2005

Black Muslims arrested in store attacks

Oakland police arrested two men on felony charges of vandalizing two West Oakland corner markets in attacks in which several men in suits and bow ties demanded that the outlets stop selling liquor to African Americans.

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28 November 2005

Fire hits liquor store days after trashed by vandals

(mercurynews.com) A liquor store was heavily damaged by an apparent arson fire Monday, just days after it was trashed by well-dressed vandals who told the owners to stop selling alcohol to black people, authorities said.  Police had no suspects in the fire

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Bosnia: Haven for Islamic radicals?


(iht.com)  A police raid last month on an apartment near this city's airport uncovered evidence of an imminent suicide bombing, intensifying the fears of Western

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26 November 2005

Ohio Imam Arrested for Terrorist Ties

 CLEVELAND — Federal authorities arrested an Islamic religious leader Friday as they began the process of deporting him for lying about ties to terrorist groups

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Iran: 5000 Fanatic Muslim Clerics To US Mosques

Mosques in America need more clerics. The solution? Send hard-line, fanatic clerics to the United States. Fill in the blanks: the US sleeper cells are getting more murder-hungry clerics by which to instruct neighborhood Muslims in how to rise up and take over America

by J. Grant Swank, Jr.

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25 November 2005

Oakland liquor stores under siege

Abdul Saleh owner of San Pablo Liquor store in Oakland shows bottles of liquor broken by the Black Muslims on Wednesday night. (Ray Chavez/staff)
OAKLAND — Abdul Saleh has just one question for the men — suspected by authorities to be Black Muslims — who trashed his corner store late Wednesday, terrorizing his 17-year-old son and another clerk and causing thousands of dollars in damage. why....why...  !!!!!!

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Buddhist monks are being murdered, Christian schoolchildren beheaded and dissenters blown up. Southeast Asia's peaceful co-existence among religions is under siege, from Bangkok to Jakarta. Meanwhile, politicians and military leaders are using Islamic fervor to boost their own power

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24 November 2005

Saudi books aim to divide U.S. Muslims, ‘infidels,’ Congress told

The government of Saudi Arabia is distributing books and pamphlets across the United States in an effort to recruit American Muslims to an international struggle against Christians and Jews, the director of a religious freedom organization told the Senate Judiciary Committee Nov. 8

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21 November 2005



AFGHANISTAN: The war in Afghanistan is ongoing. Since Soviet troops withdrew, various Afghan groups have tried to eliminate their rivals. Although the Taliban strengthened their position in 1998 they have not achieved their final objective.

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Three Christian girls have been beheaded and another badly injured as they walked to a Christian school in Indonesia

medium_jak09d_rtridsp_3_indonesia_reuters_alertnet.jpgThey were walking through a cocoa plantation near the city of Poso in central Sulawesi province when they were attacked.
This is an area that has a long history of religious violence between Muslims and Christians.

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Does The American Embassy In Cairo Discriminate Against Coptic Christians?

If you are a Coptic Christian, try to apply for a visa at the American Embassy in Cairo, once you pass through the gate, you will feel as if you are inside a mosque in Afghanistan. Posters of "Islam is a religions of Peace", "Islam means peace", "The life of Muslims in the US", "Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US", in addition to images of American mosques are posted everywhere in the American embassy in Cairo.

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