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08 November 2005

Recent bomb blasts in India highlight the living legacy of jihad on the Indian subcontinent.

MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Recent bomb blasts in India highlight the living legacy of jihad on the Indian subcontinent. The group which took credit for the attack may have ties to the Muslim jihadist group, the Lashar-e-Tayyaba, according to the AP.

Dr. Andrew Bostom is an expert on the lethal threat of militant Islam. He says that jihad terrorism is most likely behind the killings, as the Indian subcontinent has been subjected to jihad attacks since the early 8th century.
"There have been three major waves of brutal jihad campaigns, including many acts of jihad terror, since the 8th century. Within the course of five centuries, these jihads have established a permanent Muslim domination, within Hindu and Buddhist India, slaughtering, enslaving and subduing the Hindus while eliminating the Buddhists. " Bostom says.
To schedule an interview Andrew Bostom, M.D., M.S., please call Maria Sliwa at 973-272-2861
Bostom is an Associate Professor of Medicine. He has published numerous magazine and newspaper articles on Islam and has been a featured guest on WABC and WOR radio. He has recently published a major documentary history on jihad, both its theory, and actual practice, compiling for the first time in Western language an extensive history of jihad from the 7th century, through the present. The Legacy of Jihad: The Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims is a collection of eyewitness accounts, scholarly Muslim theological treatises and historical surveys.
"Professor Bostom's meticulous and cogent study is a challenge to the free world to seriously ponder the growing, lethal threat implicit in militant Islam."
-- Professor Vahkn Dadrian, pre-eminent historian of the Armenian genocide and author of The History of the Armenian Genocide (1995, 2004)

"Andrew Bostom has provided an invaluable service to both scholars and lay audiences with this comprehensive analysis of jihad."
-- Bat Ye'or, pioneering scholar and author of The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam (1996), Islam and Dhimmitude (2001), and Eurabia (2005).

"We are dependent on those like Andrew Bostom who make available for us the truths necessary for understanding the nature of the conflict with Islamic terrorism." -- Bruce Thornton, Private Papers

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